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On Patriot Day, We Remember

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Social Security provides survivors and disability insurance for workers and their families. Through times of tragedy and despair, we’ve risen with the American spirit to provide support to those we serve. Like few other times in our history, was our agency’s presence needed more than after the terrorists’ attacks of September 11, 2001.

Fifteen years have gone by but that tragic day is still present in our memories and hearts. We remember where we were and what we were doing when our nation was forever changed. We remember the innocent lives lost. We remember the courage of the first responders who risked, and even lost their lives to save others. And at that time, we remembered our commitment to be with you through life’s journey, helping secure today and tomorrow.

Social Security’s immediate response to the terrorist attacks was to put in place special emergency procedures to provide the fastest possible service to the families of the victims of the tragedies at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania.

These procedures expedited the processing of claims for victims and their families. We amended the documents we accepted for proof of death to include things like airplane manifests, lists of employees provided by employers, and other statements that showed the worker at the scene of the attacks. Social Security employees helped families at special assistance centers opened in New York, Arlington, VA, and Pennsylvania. The strength of our nation was present in our employees’ dutiful and heartfelt service.

The first payments to surviving family members went out on October 3, 2001. Since then, our agency has been a constant support for the surviving families and disabled victims.

Today, Social Security provides more than $8 million in benefits each month to the more than 6,000 beneficiaries who were disabled, their dependents, and the survivors of those who died because of the attacks.

As we remember those we lost, let’s also keep in mind those they left behind. You can find more information about the benefits available to September 11 victims and families by visiting the Victims Compensation Fund. You can also read How Social Security Can Help When a Family Member Dies for more information on our survivors benefits.

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  1. tony

    Social Security disability fraud is rampant among Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. Medical insurance companies are getting doctors to uncode medical records to make the patients condition more severe than what it is to get more money from Medicaid and Medicare. These fake severe diagnosis makes it easier to get disability approved for the claimants and makes it easier for them to continue benefits.

    The psychiatrists and psychologists don’t care if people are malingering. They will give a severe mental disorder diagnosis, so they can continue to bill Medicaid and Medicare for the ongoing treatment. There is so much competition and they make very little money per patients that they won’t turn away anyone even if they know they are malingering.

    I get the free disability money for a mental illness. I am to lazy to work. I don’t even need to worry about malingering because the psychiatrist and psychologist doesn’t even care. They will even coach you on what to say for the diagnosis they give you.

    I got additional mental disorder diagnosis but I said I don’t need them because I wasn’t approved for those diagnosis. It is easy to get a bunch of mental disorder on your application for Social Security disability. Most psychiatrist are getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies, so they will diagnosis multiple mental disorders in order to prescribe multiple medications.

    • tony

      The SSA proposed rules to expand “Acceptable Medical Source”. The SSA must be planning to approve more fraud cases.

      The professional are committing fraud. The sub-professional are even worse because they will do what the patients say in order to keep them as a patient.

      The fraudsters doesn’t use the sub-professional because they are not acceptable medical source. You are just making it cheaper and easier for the fraudsters to obtain an acceptable medical source.

      They will have a bigger doctors shopping list.

      The SSA already has too many people on disability and has to go to Congress for more money to pay beneficiaries. Now the SSA wants to propose a new rule to make it even easier for more beneficiaries to get approved.

    • Sheila

      Where are you getting your information from, because I seriously doubt that the majority of medical providers would be willing to risk their medical licenses to help a malingering patient commit fraud.

  2. Sheila

    Update: Mailing Delivered to AC Today. I can’t wait to find out if they will confirm receipt of delivery.
    FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 on September 13, 2016 at 11:13 am

  3. Sheila

    Update: FO manager said that he will order the folder and it should be in his office in about 1 week. He also said that he will call me when the folder comes in and let me know if the requested documents are in there. I’m almost expecting him to say that there is not a copy of the application or decision in the folder, which would not make any sense considering the application was approved and has been receiving benefits since. If that happens, I am going to ask for the manager to put that in writing because it’s unlikely true ( unless it was intentionally destroyed) in which Case SSA will need to explain.

  4. Sheila

    Update: I recieved a voicemail from the AC that they have not yet recieved the certified mailing dated 9/8/16. If it comes back to me undelivered than I will have proof that it was refused. I also spoke with the Saco ME. FO manager and he claimed to not recieve the authorization that was mailed on 9/2/16. Surprise, Surprise!!!
    I faxed him a copy today and have verification that the fax went through, but I would not be surprised if they continued to cause me problems and not send the documents requested. HOW CORRUPT IS THAT. They are still ” Pulling Out All The Stops”, so this will probably end up in civil court. ( why wouldn’t it; SSA would love to delay this for another year or two, cause me more undue stress which they seem to enjoy, and cost me upfront court fees.

    • Jeff

      Why is it at the Appeals Council? It means you haven’t proven your case in the initial claim, the reconsideration AND you had your hearing in from of a Administrative Law Judge (who are directed to award a disability case if the claimant has not worked since filing, has a decent amount of proof and/or evidence of their disability and states their case properly in front of the AJ)

      This has clearly NOT happened, you are all the way to the Appeals Council and HAVE NOT PROVED YOUR DISABILITY!

      Most likely they won’t even hear your case and you’ll end up in Federal Court….

      You want to blame the office up and down BUT you have NOT proven your disability!

  5. Sheila

    ….. And The Problems Continue.
    •No Responce Recieved to the authorization for release of record mailed on 9/2/16 to the Saco, Maine FO manager.
    •Have not recieved hearing audio recordings that were requested in July and several times thereafter.
    •Third certified Mailing (with return receipt requested) mailed to the AC on 9/8/16. Hopefully this time they will acknowledge receipt of the mailing and add to my file. I am loosing my patience with SSA’s failure to ACT. Considering filing a separate civil suit if requested records are not recieved, request for hearing audio recordings and transcript are not sent, and an answer to my request to treat my 7/31/14 application as a request to reopen is not provided promptly.
    GN 03301.045 Penalties for Violation of the Information Laws
    2. Freedom of Information Act
    The FOIA provides that agency officials found by a Federal court to have arbitrarily and capriciously withheld disclosable records may be subject to disciplinary action recommended by the Special Counsel to the Merit Systems Protection Board.
    NOTE: This provision applies to the officer or employee who was primarily responsible for withholding the record.
    3. Privacy Act
    There are several types of penalties, as well as civil liabilities, which can be imposed for violations of the Privacy Act.
    a. Civil Liabilities of the Agency
    An individual may bring a civil action against SSA in a U.S. district court whenever SSA:
    ” • refuses to permit the individual (or the individual and another person chosen by the individual) to view the record and obtain a copy of it upon request (the court may order disclosure of the record)”
” • does not notify such an individual of the provisions for judicial review”

    * determines not to amend the individual’s records as requested (the court may order SSA to amend the record) ;

    * fails to make such a determination in accordance with the PA;

    * refuses to permit the individual (or the individual and another person chosen by the individual) to view the record and obtain a copy of it upon request (the court may order disclosure of the record);

    * fails to acknowledge in writing within 20 working days after receiving the individual’s request for amendment of the record;

    * fails to promptly amend such record or fails to promptly inform the individual of the reason for the refusal of the amendment and the procedures for requesting a review of that refusal, including the name and business address of the reviewing official (the court may order amendment of the record);

    * fails to conduct such a review of a refusal to amend within 30 working days after receiving the request (unless the Commissioner extends this period for a good cause) and, if denied upon review, fails to permit an individual to file a statement for the record, setting forth the reasons for disagreement with SSA’s refusal to amend the record;

    * does not notify such an individual of the provisions for judicial review;

    * discloses disputed data about which the subject individual has filed a statement of disagreement without telling the recipient about the dispute and providing copies of the individual’s statement (SSA may, if it wishes, furnish recipients of the disputed record with a statement setting forth its reasons for not amending the record);

    * fails to maintain an individual’s record with such accuracy, relevance, timeliness and completeness as to assure fairness in any determination about entitlement to benefits or other rights that may be made on the basis of such a record, when a determination is consequently made which is adverse to the individual; and

    * fails to comply with any other provisions of the PA or any rule published thereunder, in such a way as to have an adverse effect on the individual.

    If the court determines that SSA acted intentionally or willfully, it may assess against the U.S. the attorney fees, other litigation costs and actual damages that are sustained by the individual. The court will award the plaintiff at least $1,000 in damages in such cases.

  6. Razan A.

    I am so sorry for the day off 9 September for all injuries……? I well tri y to com to my SSA can I have Appointment ? I can’t stand out to wait for …… Thanks

  7. tony

    Millions of people are faking mental illness to collect disability. Did you know that almost all psychotropic medication say that the claimants shouldn’t take the medication with alcohol. The medication is taken everyday, so they shouldn’t be drinking alcohol at all. They are not following the prescribed treatment and should be denied if they say that they drink alcohol.

  8. verica b.

    Social Security is Great fund.Helping Many who worked hard,Contributed to to his Fund.Wrote my Senator,about Increase in SS.Answer,Funds are Getting Shorter.We never here Medic-aid Funds Are Depleted,Short.Who paid Taxes,Still Paying Taxes? Those Who Work,Daily.Do Medic-aid Funds Came from Another Resources.Or Rich people Contributions? Is that why,This Fund ,we here,is never Short? So,please Explain ,what is Going on here With Our Thinking,Appropriations,Rational Behaviors.Thank You!

  9. JOSEPH B.

  10. Razan A.

    Hi : I am paying now for Doctor Visits….they says my Medicar is Expayer !!! What I do ? And I am kick my Jap. ,I am not Working Riet now …So am tired can’t work anymore ? Thanks

    • Ray F.

      Hi Razan, please contact your local Social Security office or call our toll free telephone number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and ask a representative to assist you.

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