Honoring the Beneficiaries of Social Security

woman wearing glasses Social Security is committed to the principles and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which improves the lives of our beneficiaries and our employees who have disabilities.

We also want you to see and hear from the people who rely on Social Security disability benefits to thrive as active members of our communities. Our Faces and Facts of Disability website highlights the real life stories of people who have disabilities.

One person we are featuring on our Faces and Facts of Disability website is Lynne Parks. She is an artist from Baltimore, Maryland. First diagnosed with metastatic fibrosarcoma at age 14, she has lived with this illness for nearly 35 years. It started in her face and moved to different parts of her body, including her abdomen and leg. She also has various tumors on her shoulder and arm.

Inflammatory responses, infections, and new tumors are complications that Lynne deals with every day. “Because of the tumors, I have limited use of my left arm,” Lynne said. “I have weakness in my legs. There’s fatigue because my immune system has taken such a big hit from the cancer and the cancer treatments. I get sick all the time. There might be a day that I can be at home and resting and I’ll try to make the best of it. I’ll wake up, fix breakfast and eat, and that takes a while because of my physical limitations, but also because of my first tumor that was in my face.”

Having been helped by Social Security, Lynne tries to help others. “I’m also helping people who have issues learn to cope with them, because they see in me someone as a role model, essentially. Life without Social Security benefits, it’s a horror story, because I imagine myself on the streets.”

The disability benefits Lynne receives are a crucial resource for her quality of life. Our disability programs continue to be a mainstay in the lives of many people — people just like you. Social Security disability beneficiaries are among the most severely impaired people in the country. It’s something that can happen to anyone.

We invite you to learn the facts about the disability insurance program, and see and hear these stories of hardship and perseverance at www.socialsecurity.gov/disabilityfacts.


87 thoughts on “Honoring the Beneficiaries of Social Security

  1. You have collected 8 yrs of my social security as I worked in USA from 98-2007. I am in India since 2008 and trying to get back to USA since 2012. Request you to give me Greencard / Passport and allow me to work in USA. I plan to collect my Social Security Checks during my retirement.

    • Are you an American Citizen? I ask because you’re requesting Social Security to issue green card and or passport. Good luck with that. Do you seriously think the SSA monitors these comments? Other than possibly “AKA” but they have also told you what to do. And why has your attempt to get back to this country taken so long? Five years? You’ll have to do some leg work of your own, like get a passport. I think you are also in the wrong forum. This is only for people with disabilities. You can get SSA benefits but because you only worked in the US for 9 years, the amount you’d get would not completely be enough to sustain your standard of living.

  2. My daughter has a similar story with stage 4 breast cancel that metastasized to the nerves in her right shoulder causing paralysis of the (primary) arm. She’s been managing her financial life with SSI for 2 years and we don’t know how she could have made it without the benefits. I hope Congress does not make cuts to this program – too many unfortunate Americans need it.

  3. I was on SSDI which was changed to widow’s benefits when my ex-husband passed. I live in chronic severe pain and was on opioids to control it. With all the new laws to keep bad ppl from getting them we the ppl that need them can no longer get them. With #45 threatening to cut social security and medicare I have no idea what I will do.1273 is not much when rent alone is 750. I miss dr appts because I know I can’t pay for them. Something has to be done. The poverty level needs to be increased so ppl like me can get medicaid as well.

    • #45 is NOT threatening to change Medicare or social security payments and even if he were, you are grandfathered. Your implication that he might change something politicizes the topic and is divisive. Changing the poverty level has no effect on your payments since that is not a measure of how your benefits are paid.

  4. I had received SSDI for disability. I currently get my Social Security. Am I still entitled to SSDI Benefits? And state assistance? I’m 67 yrs old and have disability.

      • Hi Donna. For those individuals receiving disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, we automatically convert their disability benefits to retirement benefits when they attain their Full Retirement Age. Generally, the benefit amount remains the same. We hope this helps!

  5. I had a massive heart attact 9 years ago and also had a widow maker. If not for SS disability my wife and me would have lost everything. They expedited my application and approved me. They have been more than kind and helpful. I turned 66 yrs full retirement this year and moved off tht disability role last month. I will always be gratefull for SS disability. Many thanks and god bless

    • I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I have a friend who had two heart attacks last November. With all due respect, a “widow maker” is a heart attack that kills you. I’ve heard of many who have had this horrible tragedy. One never knows when something like this will happen. I hope you do better in the coming years, seriously I do.

      • Thank you 🌹 I need help getting back on my finances & I have a credit card I don’t want to lose my right to the point l can’t live without your help to get back on treake so I don’t like loose anymore than I already lost!? Please help me❤️

      • A widow maker does not always kill you otherwise I would not be writing this. I had a heart attack form the LAD being 99.9% blocked 7 years ago. I am also diabetic, had one knee replacement which I still have constant pain in both knees, I just had breast cancer surgery, constant pain from arthritis in the vertebrae in my neck from 40 years of typing and paperwork, neuropathy in both feet and one leg, torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder, arthritis in my back and fibromyalga. I applied for SSDI a year and a half ago and was turned down twice saying I could do some kind of work to make maybe a third of what I made as a legal secretary. I have filed an appeal but worry I will be denied again. A worker’s compensation doctor (my shoulder) says I am 33.33 percent disabled just from my shoulder, knees and an additional strain on my back and neck. I am really stressed about this.

  6. Hi I been struggling with social security for so long since 2003 till now trying to get my disability insurance because I been doing Cna work all my life since 18 I’m partially blind, spinal disease, bulge and herniated disc in back and neck , brain injury, and stroke and list goes on no income to survive everyday living I’m a U.S.citizen and I can get my disability payment why is that and I’m unable to work could some one help me please…thank you

  7. My husband payed into social security for 33 years, then became an educator for 16 years. He retired over 5 years ago, can’t walk due to neuropathy, only goes to doctor appointments, and can not collect social security disability, even though he is disabled.

    • @Roberta Whittenburg: Social Security Disability Insurance is meant to help replace your income due to becoming disabled during your working years. It’s for when you can’t work. Once you’re retired, you’re not working any more so you go onto Social Security retirement. If your husband retired “over 5 years ago,” then he wasn’t working. Also once you reach retirement age, Disability turns into retirement because that’s when your working years end anyway. This is all explained plainly in this blog, and also extensively on the website we’re on right now. No one is entitled to nor receives SSDI once they reach retirement age. It’s for DISABLED WORKERS. SSI is NOT the same program as SSDI; workers pay into Social Security towards it and it’s a part of Social Security, while SSI, although administered by the SSA for efficiency, is an entitlement program for the disabled poor.

      • Very well explained!!! I dont believe i have EVER seen such a well executed, shortened, yet easily understandable version on what all the abbreviations in the world of the “SSA” mean… Thank you for that!

  8. I am currently on disability benefits due to a heart attack and crippling chronic back pain due to disk rubbing and shifting. I can only travel by electric wheelchair and without my disability benefits I would be completely house bound not able to visit my doctors without having someone push me in a Manuel wheelchair which means at their mercy and can only go where they go. I’m currently undergoing Chemo therapy for colon cancer and a recent fall has left my left lef with blisters and rug burns which makes me undergoing bandage changes daily due to the drainage and need to check for infections. I am truly relying on my disability benefits to survive.

  9. Dear honorable administrative team.I allways beloved any difficult problem smoothly sultions working under of administrative of team
    request to resolved Issued SSN for me.

  10. Hello Social Security Team,
    This is a great wed-site…
    to inform Bay Boomers that may need to plan to retire or need it now because they are now retired.
    Note: I am now 71&1/2 and I was forced to retire over 3 years ago. I am into Social Security. It is great because my income paid for 30 or 40 years.
    I am now trying to figure out how to get into the great ….Cash For Patriots Program?
    Thanks for adding this Reply.
    Good Luck,
    Jim Myers

  11. Like myself a beneiifiscery for life I try to maintain a good outlook on what ever it is I endeavor and I try to keep my children in mind because they are always on my mind and I care about what they are doing sometimes and I want them to be happy with me and the people that are surrounding them but business is fore more greater in the community that keeps all of us together may my children learn to respect the goverrment in which they choose so others can see them as they are not as some commodities as I have learned to avoid in my self.

  12. Reading about disabled persons and how they cope is inspiring . I thank God for all our benefits. Am 89 years old and these stories make me proud on how a person can and do cope. Thanks for all the information published.

  13. I am always inspired to hear about other peoples stories of disabilities where they are still trying to cope and live like everybody else.

    I truly believe people on earth do the absolute best with what they have, are given each day.

    I am still working to achieve my 1st college degree, college #9, at the age of 54 next month. I have multiple disabilities, I worked in the past, and it has not been easy. I am my sole support though I know, as long as I do not give up, my dreams and goals are doable too.

    I used to hate the word disability, and was so in denial, I refused seeking services from SSA years ago, because I did not want to be a burden on society. I finally saught my benefits, which I contributed towards for years when I was able to work, just a few years ago, and all the SSA personnel in my case told me there is no shame in being disabled and seeking the services to help make your life better.

    Hearing that and receiving the wonderful services from SSA state and local, was just wonderful, and I am just so absolutely grateful SSA is here for me and millions of other Americans!

    The Social Security Administration is a Life Saving and Affirming American Social Service Institution, and is one of the Very Best!

    Thank You for helping Live in my disability proudly and still dream and work towards graduating from college one day, no matter what!

  14. The only social security disability help me to survive without that I will be on the road. I became a schizophrenic and still mentally ill and disability helping me to survive. I am divorced because of my illness and unable to work. I return $20 Saved from Social Security benefits this month return to Department of US Treasury. I do not want to abuse the system.

  15. I am 80 and have been severely hearing impaired I was told a few years ago I could not apply for Disability. Is this true?

  16. I want to know why I’m not getting the social security monthly payments that I am entitled to from the disability act that I’m entitled to. It states that people in their 50’s are entitled to the amount of 2,173-2,600. I keep telling social security repeatedly about this disability act n they say it doesn’t exist. I am entitled to this money. I need your HELP!

    • I have problems a mile long, psychological and physical. I still got denied at the appeals level. The reason I was denied originally was totally lame. I have so much documentation. However my psychiatrist doesn’t document very well. Of course he is my second and he didn’t either. As a matter of fact he lost most of my chart.
      All I can say from my experience, is if I have to see that same judge. they will have to duck tape my mouth. The judges from my experience, believe you don’t WANT to work. YOU WANT TO SIT HOME AND DO NOTHING……NOT MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME JUDGE IDIOT.


  18. I am 81 years old and have been receiving monthly checks for 16 years now. I thank God and the people who founded this program for those of us who could not possibly live without it. I am grateful for all who do the work to see that the checks come on time and I grieve for the last three years of low/no increases while food and gas and soap and prescriptions and everything we seniors need has doubled and tripled in price.
    The Congress seems to have forgotten us — or they all have parents who don’t/won’t need it as the rest of us do! I hope the powers in Washington will work to provide us with at least the equivalent of what our parents had — and not keep expecting us elderly to live on less and less comparatively — while all our necessities keep doubling and tripling in price .
    Thank you!

  19. I need to print a copy of my daughters beneficiary award letter for her SSD she receives under my claim each month. How do i get access to that?

    • Good news! If your daughter is over 18, she can now view, print, and save her benefit verification letter using my Social Security online. You can help your daughter create a mySocialSecurity account so you can get her verification of benefits letter. If she is not over 18, she will need to call or visit her local Social Security office to request her letter. Thanks!

  20. To end poverty by 2020

    A BILL

    (a) To settle on $55 billion state department and international assistance congressional budget authority + ~ $33 billion private aid = $55 billion – $88 billion US ODA, 0.28% – 0.46% of GDP > 0.17% OECD estimate FY 18.

    (b) To provide for a voluntary 1-2% of income suggested UN contribution on tax forms quarterly and April 15.

    (c) To amend the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour 2009-2017 to ‘$7.50 in 2018 and 3% more every year thereafter.’ under 29USC§206(a)(1)(D).

    (d) To provide 14 weeks of (unemployment compensation) paid Maternity Protection under ILO Convention 183 (2000).

    (e) To amend the 1.8% DI tax rate starting January 1, 2019 in Sec. 201(b)(1)(T) of the Social Security Act under 42USC§401(b)(1)(T) to either (e-1) 2.1% DI tax, or (e-2) 2.0% DI tax if OASI pays $240 billion including 2.5% interest in assets for CY09-CY15 to replicate to the extent possible revenue that would have been received if the OASDI tax had been properly adjusted by Public Law 112-96.

    (f) To replace the Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base under Section 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC§430 with ‘There is created in the Treasury a Supplemental Security Income Trust Fund.’ (f-1) To tax the rich the full 12.4% Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Federal Income Contribution Act (FICA) on all their income to pay 16-24 million children growing up poor SSI benefits FY18 to End Poverty by 2020.

    (g) To end benefit attrition with a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) rule every year inflation continues to run about 2.7% and the Trust Fund Ratio is greater than 20% under Sec. 215(i) of the Social Security Act 42USC§415(i). To make an exception to the rule to pay $777 mo. SSI a 5.7% COLA is needed from CY17, a 2.7% COLA CY18 followed by 3% COLA to $777 SSI CY19 and 3% COLA every year for the earnings of low income beneficiaries and workers to stay ahead of 2.7% average annual inflation.


    PS State Department being edited. Please help to prevent unlawful State Department cuts to Contributions to UN and Affiliated Agencies until I finish doing the Secretary’s homework, by admitting this Act to Congress because social security benefit attrition to 2.7% average annual inflation requires their fabrication of true law 3% COLA, due to the obstruction posed by a non-malevolent obese Commissioner, who is not believed to be physically able to do, or grade, her homework, my marathon, our disabled friendship http://www.title24uscode.org/hw.html

  21. I am terribly sorry for Lynne and I hope she can find some comfort. To live this long with this malady is a terrible curse. And I hope she can find somebody to help her

  22. It is so nice to know that the money I have put toward my “retirement” in Social Security is now a “benefit” to me. I started working when I was 12 years old and retired 4 years ago at the age of 80. In all that time I didn’t work for approximately 9 years as I gave birth to 5 children (61/2 years between oldest & youngest). 
    I would be happy if Congress were made to return the money they”borrowed” from our “benefit”. They were supposed to. But then, politicians have short memories.

  23. A cambio de que es esta propuesta por que quieren que haga eso y si yo no acepto esa propuesta en que me afecta??? Diganmelo srs

  24. I was retired 7 years ago. I’m 72 almost 73. I thouth to work on health care becouse i am medical doctor from Cuba 30 years. In USA have not my board certification .My situation isthat suffered an Stroke bye hemorragie cerebral. And left on me memories disturbies; and limltations on my rigth arm and leg.my question: For my condition have rigth applay to Social Security Desability. Beside my chek from SS is poor. I am american citizen and live at USA 19 years ago. Please i need orientation. Thanks.

    • Hi, Antonio. If a person has reached his or her full retirement age and is receiving Social Security retirement, they will not be eligible for disability benefits. The Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a needs based program that pays benefits to individuals age 65 or older. Blind or disabled children may also get SSI. Please read our publication about the SSI program for more information. To see if you’re eligible, call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks.

  25. I signed up for Survivors benefits in September. My husband passed on September 13, 2017. He was due a check for the 3rd of September but never received it. I spoke with someone from the previous facility that was getting his check and was told that it was returned to SSA, but SSA told me they have no record of it being return. I was told that the issue would be looked into and that I would receive that check but so far I have not heard anything back from SSA. Can I get an update on issue? My husbands name is, Franklin C. Jones, and his social is,*** – ** – ****

    • Thank you for contacting us, Evangeline. For security reasons, we do not have access to personal records via this blog. You may call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 for further assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sometimes it might be best to visit your local Social Security office.

  26. I have been on private disability since for 4 or 5 years now. I have been before a judge, and appealed. I have all my medical records and according to a psychiatrist, psychologist, primary care physician I can’t perform my job anymore. Also, a neuropsych evaluation supports this .
    Not to mention degenerative disc disc disease in my spine, and toe. Arthritis in my back and knees make it very painful day to day. AND YET I HAVE BEEN DENIED. MY PERSONAL LTD, IS LOOKING FOR THE BURDEN TO BE SHARED, SO IS MY FORMER EMPLOYER.

  27. sir, I am son of wwII veteran’s my Father applied services connected of malignant malaria in 1944 in 1952 he applied at va manila it was denied for a reason not equity at that time in 1948 ,1953 he suffering the same illnesses against apply at va the same reason denied for none equity until 1980/1981/1982/1983 admitted to hospital for suffering of many illnesses cerebrovascular accident,pneumonia, sir, we can npt denied of the truth the illnesses of myfather in 1944 malignant Malaria due not cute it is constructed Another that he suffering in 1980 this all illnesses contributing to his death in 1985 cardiovascular arrests the untimely to his death in 1985.it is services connected.
    sir,I am asking can I get ssn at your offices and benefits DUE to my parents both deaths both not to received any benefit from u.s.govt. what he served during wwII when Philippine territory of America. I am the youngest son veterans at the age of 52 years old helpless. son

  28. sir,madam.
    I am asking what benefits for social security? I am a son of wwII veteran’s? I am Asking you my parent’s both die both never to received any benefit from va and your offices? they are both applied services connected and none services connected due to none equity? during yhe illnesses of father’s in 1980 I am 16 years old,attending in schools,unmarried child from 1980 up to 2012 at age of 47 years I am indigent dependents survivors son? sir I am Asking you again what benefits that I am entitled to received social security benefits ?how to get insurance claim numbers at your offices? under va xc 17315982
    aside from that how I can get unclaimed insurance at your offices?

    Please advise

    • For security reasons we do not have access to personal records in this blog and cannot answer your question. You can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Or visit your local Social Security office. If you’re living outside the United States, contact your local U.S. embassy or consulate for any assistance related to Social Security programs and benefits. Thanks!

  29. Can you or anyone help me. I’ve been on disability for 10 years and I’ve been getting my widows benefits probably seven. I have lupus and every other autoimmune disorder that exists. I also found out that I also have a blood clotting disorder which cost me to have five amputationsand end up with losing my leg above the knee yeah put my foot on the other leg so I’m in a wheelchair in a nonhandicap accessible apartment. My parents both passed away about three years ago and they left me a little bit of money and in there Will said I hope they could put it down on a house. The IRS didn’t tax me on that money but I didn’t know I couldn’t havemore than $2000 in my account. So you have taken away my disability check in it’s entirety and another $46 from my widows benefit check. Lady at Social Security said they would take a percentage of my disability check that they would take the whole check and put on my widows check how my supposed to live The money I inherited is been completely depleted and I don’t know how I’m gonna pay my bills help I didn’t appeal but I haven’t Heard anything. I need help I have like eight dollars in the bank on my bills are past due and I have no food who am I supposed to do this in there can somebody help me I don’t see how you can take entire disability check and then part of my widow benefits check at the same time. Help please

    • Hello Kathy, we apologize for the inconveniences. For security reasons, we do not have access to personal records via this blog. Please continue working with your local office. You can request to speak with the office manager to see how we can help to expedite resolution of your situation. If you are unable to visit your local servicing office, you may call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks.

  30. I did file an appeal but I didn’t hear anything back in. I don’t know what to do help me please somebody tell me what to do I’m gonna wash I have spent 2 1/2hours on hold three different times for my appeal to check on it and got nobody on the phone

  31. I was on Disability for about 12 years until the day that my Mother passed away in 1916. All the money that I inherited caused a down fall. I now have to pay for a lot of my medical expenses on my . This is a real challenge for me.
    I have such medical issues and fibromyalgia, spondylitis, fibrosis(never smoked), a hearing loss from birth with colestatoma and several ear surgery’s. My hearing loss was difficult to deal with all of my life. I ha wear very powerful hearing aids. Not those nice aids that you put into the ear and no one knows or even the ones that are r chargeable that I can not have.
    Life did not come easy and has put me into a kind of life where I as an independent person, puts all of my hopes and dreams into my every day and try to get out there and do the best I can with what I have an what mobility I have. I have learned to be the self independent person that I am. I love that I can also help other people that have health issues to cope nd feel good about their lives as well. Life is out there to be lived.

  32. It is hard for people in Minnesota to be able to stay on the extra help for your medical expenses when you are not able to work because of your medical issues such as I have that keep you from working. Once I received the inheritance money from my Mother when she died in 2016, Iwas off of the help from Medicaid for too much money. Most of the money from my Mother is invested where I am not using any of that money. County funds get cut back because of all of the above as well. I am now 66yrs .old and affordable apartment to live in are becoming more and more expensive to afford to live anywhere here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We need to let Seniors here have a right to affordable housing even if they have inherited money that puts them above the$$$ level.

  33. My mother died in June 2017
    Was we suppose to get 255.00 for burial? We never seen this where did it go? MY MOTHER WAS. Kitty FayeJeffers. Deceased 6/13/2017

    • We are very sorry for your loss. You can only apply for the Lump Sum Death Payment by scheduling a phone appointment or in-office visit at your local Social Security office. You can call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) and ask to speak with one of our representatives, who are available Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

      An application for the Lump-Sum death payment must be submitted within two years of the insured person’s death. In addition, eligible family members may be able to receive monthly Survivor benefits. For more information on this, please read our publication “How Social Security Can Help You When a Family Member Dies.” Hope this helps.

  34. Hello, I can not find the rule i was told when I was approved for ssdi on my own work record at age 50 that if my spouse were to become disabled that i would be able to receive benefit from his work record because the benefit is more than on mine. Keep in mind his age at disability approval is 54 i am now 53 we have no minor children nor disabled children. Is this true and when would that become effective? Thank you for a response.

  35. My name is Shirlene Perry, Birmingham Alabama 35212.
    I need help with disability benefits. I have been fighting with this since August 2014. I am diagnosised with the following:

    1.Cervical radiculopathy Mva
    2. Systemic LUPUS Erythematosus
    3.Muscle spasms of head,neck and back Mva
    4. Complex Regional Paint Syndrome Mva
    5. Edema Mva
    6. Norbid obesity
    7. Peripheral neuropathy Mva
    8. Hypertensive disorder Mva
    9. Recurrent severe depression/PTSD Mva
    10. Migraine Mva
    11. Hyperlipidemia
    12. Writer’s cramp
    13. Blackouts Mva
    14. Dermatitis
    15. Memory impairment Mva
    16. Benign neoplasm of fibrous
    17. Chronic Mysofascial Paint Mva

    I recently was denied by a judge reeves in May 2017. I wrote in to appeals council in Baltimore Maryland to complain and Birmingham, Alabama office. They sent me right back in front of that same judge February 27, 2018. I received the exact paperwork before my hearing on May 30, 2016, that stated my medical records information has been updated up to December 2015. I gave staff member, Mr Randy my copies for the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 up to that month. He made copies for the judge before I even went in before the judge. I offered my copies to the judge when he alleged he didn’t have them and he refused my copies in May 2017. I am doing my part according to the list of requirements. When will someone produce due process according to services, procedures and duties listed in their handbooks, sworn oaths, online and written statements for policy rendered by signed or read sheets? I just received another cd and letter concerning medical information that was NEVER addressed before. This is the worst case of continued discrimination and it seems as though no matter how many people I write to, justice is NOT sought for me.

  36. I’m supposed to be able to sue for your opening up an SSD case without my consent – or without a release, doctor’s examination, or anything signed by me.

    You’ve allowed three former representative payee’s to misuse my funds (the last actually stole them), and you don’t do anything about it.

  37. I commend all the countless efforts to strive for those that live with challenges and constraints that most Americans neglect and take for granted. I do not yet receive anything yet, but I’ve learned to put my faith in patience. The impact of being isolated is in itself disabling. You think your doing great being established with good credit, nest empty so be constructive further your education to move out from current work umbrella because no room to grow, yet to be struck at a yearly Wellness exam Your sick, let’s schedule a multitude of Specialists and not give you a reason why for an entire year of visits and still not a peep nor treatment but one diagnosis after another, but here’s your AVS see you next follow up. Incyte Voices of MPN has taught us to put your nose in your business as acting Advocates in one hand, zero family support saying your a hypercondriate stop looking at Google and stayed away the entire duration, not even a call except Dad. I would not be here had I listened to the unsupportive old school folks. Close to 2017 year end, thinking there is light soon, received a letter from Baptist East Health of a phishing email attack and yes all my info including finances, ID, ECT impacted so numerous calls to officials, making appeals, complaints of the constraints of care impacted on my chart, I transferred to Norton Network, emails later, the most vital information unveils my EGD path rpt, ..because I dissected my chart referring and quoting Medlineplus or NIH,NLM etc and still to this day, my shared Drop box with registered Gov healthcare kept me consumed trying to convince the connected world the correlation tied to my chart, I now speak in circles it’s so much to digest all in one. I hope to have the privelegde to be someone’s advocate as it is meant to be.
    As I read about the extraordinary implementation of efforts of various affiliated health organizations unite together to ensure quality of care through CMS Telehealth EHR, PubMed, CDC, Chronic Care Mgmt market and the countless hours taking away from their own families is absolutely remarkable. Each and every Health Avenue has especially shown Real Time when those of us felt despaired during transitions of 2017 Health Reform. I personally can confirm numerous KY Specialists trying to manage their added patient list and be proactive of communication restructure, education and guidance despite the frustrated frowns they see each day. Not leaving out a thank you for implementation of new locations for patients as a “one Stop shop” facility to be treated for multiple illness. I hear As Great as your weekly trip to Wal-Mart. It only requires just one happy caring human to exchange the domino effect down the line and not just to consumer evolve, but to see that one smile shine because you cared enough to make a difference in the end. may your day be fullfilled with many Thanks to ALL from Louisville KY.

  38. My daughter currently receives part of her father’s retirement. She’s currently working but her income has dropped far below the retirement she receives from her father. It is becoming a financial and mental strain on her. She was getting SSI before she started working. I want to know if she can return back to SSI if she no longer works. She has been disabled since before the age of 5.

    • She may have to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits again. SSI recipients whose benefits were suspended for 12 consecutive months or longer, must reapply for SSI and again be approved.
      To see if she is eligible, she will need to speak with a Social Security representative at the local office. She can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks!

  39. I was wondering why I am not able to receive any of my Late my wife’s SSDI beneficts ? She passed away on April , 9 2017 ; now I was making more than her on SSDI does that make a different ?

    • We are sorry for your loss, Robert. While it is possible for a person to be eligible to Social Security benefits on different records at the same time (your own, widower benefits), we can only pay the highest benefit amount that person is eligible to receive.
      For those already receiving retirement benefits, you can only apply for benefits as a widow or widower if the retirement benefit you receive is less than the benefits you would receive as a survivor. We hope this information helps!

  40. Did not receive 2019 benefit statement yet. Wife got hers over a week ago. Mailing showing 2019 how much I get statement.

  41. Hey SSA, if you’re so committed to respecting the ADA, why is it that neither of the two SS offices I’ve dealt with were at all handicapped-accessible? The main one I’ve been to not only doesn’t have automated doors, it also is a block or more away from parking, and the only lot near it is a paid lot. The SSA local office info mentions neither of these things. The last time I was there my mom and I watched multiple people either in wheelchairs or with strollers struggle to get through the two sets of manual doors. I got up to get the door a couple of times but no one closer seemed interested in stepping up. For a place that deals with a large number of disabled people and/or people who may have babies or toddlers that they have to have with them, every single office should be fully accessible.

  42. I think it’s dumb that you have to have a payee if you’re married and have your husband and just because he’s not born from here don’t have papers that he was injured himself here from the other states and he can’t be my payee she’s only person I trust and anybody else and I think that Social Security is being discrimination with me that’s how I feel and they keeping all stressed out because of them I get in trouble for my doctors from losing too much weight throwing up and sick all the time and little said that Social Security is already killing me little by little it’s too much stress by then

    • Hi Leslie. If your wife is eligible for both, her own retirement benefits and benefits under your earnings record, we always pay her own benefits first. If your wife’s benefits as a surviving spouse are higher than her own retirement benefits, she will get a combination of benefits equaling the higher surviving spouse’s benefit. Visit our Benefits Planner: Survivors | Planning For Your Survivor for more information, or call our toll-free telephone number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. if you have additional questions. We hope this helps.

  43. I’m eligible for a Schedule A appointment with the Spokane Washington Social Security Administration field office. There are currently vacant positions. I’ve applied under the Schedule A recruitment. I’m well qualified for a Claims Rep or Service Rep. I’ve passed the Meet and Deal. What’s the next step? Looking forward to utilizing my Ticket and returning to this line of work.

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