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Last Updated: December 8, 2015

A picture of the Acting Commisioner of Social Security linking to her YouTube holiday message.

Click on the picture above to watch Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin’s holiday message.

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Carolyn Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security

Acting Commissioner of Social Security (February 14, 2013 - January 20, 2017)


  1. Carolyn B.

    It’s so sad that our Government is doing what he is. We all must make the best of it as much as possible. Get the NEEDS Not the wants! America stand together, and help each other. God Bless America. Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Helen A.

    I would like to thank you for taking a day to wish everyone a year’s worth of Holiday greetings but you forgot this was the Christmas season. So “Merry Christmas” to you! You must understand that we need for your Administration to stop the robbing of our retirement accounts. You are just as responsible as the White House. Return the monies you have allowed to be stolen for at least the last 7 years.

    • karen

      7 years more live 67 years

  3. Diana B.

    Charity should start at home, Its not right the way our Gov. treats us , but of course the politicians have more than they need.
    To everyone who Is trying sooo hard, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  4. CHI-TOM

    To all ………

  5. Laura G.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year every one

  6. dianna k.

    While it is not the govt job to take care of us legal or otherwise, it is our job to care for one another. Merry Christmas. We are making due with what we have and thankfully blessed. Hope you are too. While our govt stands vigilantly overseeing our country’s national security.


    i wish everbody a merry christmas


    merry christmas

    • Bobby

      We need more inihgsts like this in this thread.

  9. Cindy s.

    I wish everyone a merry Christmas and Happy New Years

  10. Irv T.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
    No presents (entitlements) for the elderly and no COLA for retired military is a double whammy for me. Almost like a Christmas tree without presents for the kids. Thanks to the White House our bumps are going to all the immigrants flooding the USA be they legal or otherwise.

    • Larry R.

      We can’t even feed our own. Why are we allowing I migrants in and feed and take care of them.I know hungry people. I want our government to TAKE CARE OF US……FIRST!!!!

    • karen

      I’m sure she doesn’t read or care about anything anyone says so to her and her millions she will get in retirement, we have to struggle and cant even get our own money we worked hard for, hopefully in death she will get whats coming to her, this all falls on deaf ears, they don’t care about elderly or disabled American people

      • Livia

        Halljlueah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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