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The uninsured rate among African Americans remains incredibly high. According to the Urban Institute, despite historic gains in coverage during the first two Affordable Care Act open enrollment cycles, 1 out of every 10 African Americans (ages 18-64 years old) still live without healthcare coverage. Health insurance coverage increases access to quality medical care. Healthier individuals are more productive in the workplace, have more stable personal lives, and are less likely to pay huge out of pocket healthcare costs.

We need to connect the remaining uninsured people with the information and resources they need to get covered and thrive.

With this in mind, Enroll America’s Get Covered Academy empowers partners through training to reach more people within the uninsured community. The Get Covered Academy helps organizations expand enrollment efforts and foster a long lasting culture of enrollment nationwide.

Enroll America developed the Get Covered Connector, a free, easy-to-use online scheduling tool that connects individuals with a local expert for free, objective, in-person assistance to help them get coverage. In fact, consumers who received individualized, in-person help were 60 percent more likely to complete their application compared with those who tried to enroll online without help.

Enrollment experts can answer questions and help families explore the options available to them. Consumers can be sure they’re enrolling in a plan that meets their needs and budget. One huge obstacle preventing African Americans from enrolling in a healthcare plan is a lack of information about the newer plans and affordable health insurance choices. For example, many consumers don’t know that there’s financial help available to lower the cost of their monthly premiums, making coverage more affordable.

Enroll America unveiled a new tool called the Get Covered Plan Explorer to help consumers estimate their total health care costs for the year. This tool shows whether the plans available in their area cover their prescription drugs and favorite doctors. By offering consumers a complete picture of their total health needs, the tool allows consumers to better understand their options and feel confident that they’re getting the best possible deal for their health care needs.

African Americans stand to benefit from the options available to them through the Affordable Care Act. Both the Get Covered Connector and the Get Covered Plan Explorer will serve as big steps forward in reducing the disparities in health coverage for African Americans.

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  1. Frsnk

    As ken said what about the other races?
    Strange how it’s called Social Security Matters.

  2. Mark

    Why is Social Security involved with Obamacare? The vast majority of SS recipients have medicare

    • Frank36

      Social Security is run by social workers who want toss money at problems they have no business being involved in…

  3. Ken

    What about the other races ? I thought this was suppose to be about all and not just one race..

  4. Kori

    I’m a single, white, American who had worked since I was 12! I have worked my whole life and have even worked two jobs half the time. I’m now living on SSD. I never thought it would happen to me but due to a very bad marriage and my health, we were thrown out of our house due to my husband’s job. I found out on a Friday and was told we had to leave by Sunday. Totally illegal to kick out a family without the proper notice. But he got away with it because what resources did we have? And now the system plays me. I received a big $35 a month in food stamps which they have taken away because I make to much. After paying my bills, rent, electric and basic cable, I’m left with about $125.00. This is suppose to feed me and any emergencies or things you need on a monthly basis like shampoo, toothpaste, cleaners, toilet paper, etc. there is none! I have Medicare and Medicaid, but at a share of cost at the right price of $1,679.00, a month!. Now how could I afford to pay that monthly so I’m covered the other 20%? I just give up! They, Social Security, Courts, DCF they have all the control and I have none! After raising three children and a granddaughter, keeping up with a house and working my whole life since I was very young until my car accident that put me in this situation, I really have no rights or benefitsand help. They seem to think I’m well off, in other words make to much money. I want to know if I make so much, how come I’m starving most the whole month????

  5. henry

    I have next to nothing to say———— just — you folks that are applying for all these freebies, try to figure out why the federal government, etc. –are pushing them down your throat. free this and that–and the other. I will give you a hint—when the government is giving the majority of its citizens everything they need to survive, it will quickly be able to make slaves out of them. hiel hitler, anyone?

    • Gloria

      Your comment make no sense? Thanks God there are programs to help Seniors and needy folks who have worked hard, paid their taxes and was born in these USA. You do not know all the people who need these services an how much their income is. These agencies can let them know. In most cases the income levels need to be lower so those that need can get assistance. Good to know U are not in need for assistance, but should not down anyone who is and has work hard for it. Look around and give to someone who needs help, give and don’t complain. In a blink of an eye you could be next.

  6. bernadette s.

    i need help with fixing my home what can you do for me? I am going to be 70 years old and my house i can use some help. i have to get food stamp so i can eat and have chronic disease.

    • Bruce M.

      Hello Bernadette, Find your local USDA, Rural Development office. Ask about the “504 Single Family Housing, Home Repair Program”. This program can provide a grant of up to $7,500 for certain home repairs.

      • Gloria

        What about Reverse Mortgage? Would this be good for her, help her keep her house and get needed repairs done? Maybe your State, or County officials can assist U in this matter and not reply on any person’s word of mouth. Too many dishonest folks taking advantage of Seniors. Don’t be afraid to contact them.

    • R.F.

      Hi Bernadette, for information about the food stamps program, also called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you will need to contact your local SNAP office. You will also find a list of States that allow you to apply online. Also, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program pays benefits to people with limited income and resources who are: age 65 or older; blind; or disabled. Please read our publication about the SSI program for more information. You may be eligible to receive social services or other benefits from the state in which you live. Contact your local social services office or visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information. We hope this information helps!

  7. bernadette s.

    I would like to see get those people who are living in HAITI have big houses to make business and come to this country get all benefits because they shouldn’t have. they are costing the government a lot of money. while retired people can’t even eat, paying their bills, mortgage or fixing the house. this is my complaint.

  8. Pastor M.

    A Healthcare is important I hope finds a way to get the insurance they. What suppose is not what’s offered or you can’t afford or for safety you can’t go to the doctor right know. To much fraud SOME are not real Doctors.

    • Lori

      What??? It is pretty easy to find a “real” doctor. I guess with so many people still refusing to be forced into buying insurance, the IRS will be collecting tons of money in fines for all of these people with no insurance coverage. Into what government accounts will all of this money be deposited and who will get the benefit of it? How about making sure there are no homeless veterans on the streets of America again – EVER?? That would be an excellent use of the “fine” money.

      • Denise W.

        Excellent Comment !!!

      • Rollie

        Actually Lori the IRS will not be making this great amount as you state as they do not have the law working for them. This bill did not give them any right to come after you or any means to collect the fines other then to take it from your refund, if you have any coming back. I say do not sign up for it and let the IRS stew in this and maybe bankrupt the IRS. One can only hope.

        • Gloria

          As you said, these funds do not go to IRS. They are the only means that is being use to collect fines for those that are working for our government. Topic is about so many Black Americans have no coverage. Most of them have no jobs and on SS which does not allow them to purchase insurance because what they received monthly does not allow them to buy it after taking care of their personal finances (cost of living increases were not given for 2016 or 2017 so how in the world can they pay. If you have no job, you sure can’t pay for health insurance, so being fined is very unfair to me. This need to be corrected, Obama Administration should not have done this. This is why the Republicans are still fighting to take away the Affordable Care Health Plan (ObamaCare). Be sure you vote in the next Election for someone who cares about Social Security for Seniors, Disable, Children and needy citizens. Without SS I would be homeless, but I worked hard and paid in the system. Make due with what I get and thankful. People with children I can understand how they are just getting by. It’s rough just for one person.

          • Dameon R.

            This comment is wrong on so many levels. First of all the issue is access to care not if they can afford it, but actually knowing where and how to receive it. Additionally a LARGE majority of AMERICANS are just uneducated on how it all works. Although it APPEARS to be more prevalent in the African American community, I have first hand knowledge that’s only an assumption, and that America as a whole is uneducated, more specifically on what “Obama Care” actually is and how it most definitely helps millions of people. Once again though, if someone has only heard about it, but not actually took the time to inquire about , nor know where to obtain the coverage, what can they do? FYI, If you only receive Social Security or Disability, which is TOTALLY different from SSI (Which btw is Supplemental Security Income and is not counted as reportable income for the purposes of obtaining healthcare via the Affordable Care Act) there are several special discounts and tax credits that can be applied and very often offset the amount of the premiums all together. If one has NO income, or make less than $16,105, then they would qualify for Medicaid and would not be responsible for any premium amounts. EDUCATION AND ACCESS TO CARE ARE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES FOR ALL AMERICANS, NOT JUST THE POOR BLACK ONES

      • Mona

        Excellent. Comment. Give it to the VA and take care of those who has protected our rights God Bless America
        No free handouts to illegal immigrants

      • Mona

        Find a real doctor haha I found a dr that would see me told me I was eating too much salt. I don’t eat salt found another dr, who actually took blood work to find out I had liver problems. Lots of quacks out there

  9. Fermina

    I have nothing to say about this

  10. Jose g.


    • Ed F.

      I have nothing to say.

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