Extra Services For Employers

A smiling woman gardens in a nursery storeOur beneficiaries aren’t the only ones who do business with Social Security. We have a variety of online tools for employers that make managing employee information quick, easy, and secure.

Through Business Services Online (BSO), employers, as well as organizations, businesses, attorneys and non-attorneys representing Social Security applicants and third parties can exchange information with us over the Internet.

BSO offers:

  • Electronic wage reporting;
  • The ability to view and correct name and Social Security number (SSN) errors;
  • SSN verification;
  • Access to a form to update business taxpayer information; and
  • Forms submission and printing for representative payees.

After registering for BSO, you can interact directly with us through our enhanced online services to meet many of your needs.

Our three-part YouTube series, called “The Joy of Using BSO,” has helpful registration instructions and highlights our SSN verification and electronic wage reporting services.


55 thoughts on “Extra Services For Employers

  1. Phone call to change the amount of voluntary withholding from his SSA monthly check: After my husband Donald waited over 40 minutes to speak with someone at SSA, he was informed he had to wait for a form and mail it in.
    The form W-4V I was able to print out online for him, but now seems that it needs to be hand delivered to the SSA office. How else can he make this change? If he ever did have an online account he does not know it, nor ever wrote info down.

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