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Arthritis Patients Share How It Hurts

September 30, 2021 • By

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Last Updated: September 30, 2021

Ann Palmer - Arthritis FoundationAt the Arthritis Foundation, we focus on alleviating the pain and disability caused by arthritis. We have a wealth of resources and initiatives to help you navigate your specific arthritis-related issues.

Our How It Hurts report summarizes our latest findings on the impact of arthritis pain. This year’s report concentrates on three core areas: physical health, emotional and social health, and experience of care. We found that almost 90% of arthritis patients surveyed have pain that interferes with their daily lives and activities. More than two-thirds experience higher levels of fatigue than the general population.

We’re working to improve the lives of those with arthritis – both now and for future generations. Addressing chronic pain is our top priority. We encourage you to check out the following resources to help with your specific situation:

  • You’ll also want to use our Rx for Access center to help you choose the right insurance coverage, learn your rights, and appeal denials.

We also want you to know that Social Security is here for you if your arthritis is debilitating enough. Please check out their Disability Benefits page for information about their Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs. These programs could help you if your arthritis is disabling and you can’t do any type of work. If you think you may qualify for disability, please visit their website today.

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  1. John

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful and helpful content with us. Looking forward to see more good posts from you in future. https://www.gtopcars.com/

    • Shannon H.

      How do you think you can talk the pain away. You’ve taken us off our pain meds. Because of the war on drugs. But all y’all did was take away our quality of life. Which shortens out lives. And NO ONE CARES. Do you know the number of chronic pain patients who have committed suicide? Over the pain that wasn’t being treated. Or the staggering number that will be by the end of this year? Or about the number of people have turned to herion or meth? Or even alcohol just to dull the pain. I know before I ever become dependent on some one I’ll take my self out first. I’ve live with RA and Fibromyligia for 52 years and I’m just so tired of seeing doctors and getting no help. Give the doctors the right to give us our medications back. Because whatever life we have left ain’t worth living constant pain. How would you feel to watch your family member to die slowly from an inherited disease. Ask my children.

      • Debra M.

        U r million % right!! I was prescribed in VA on disability for rare bladder disease back neck kidney ailments u name it I had it.. prescribed high dosages pain meds for 10yrs then moved to ny cuz dot disability and that whole 703 month didn’t put roof over me and my boys head. Back to parents yucca! NY decided my Ulcers in my bladder aren’t painful when my urine fills with toxins and hits these opens sores. Rare disease ny drs never heard of it vut off cold turkey.. suboxkne no help for pain.. street pills all pressed with fentynal killed 2 my son’s last year.. wtf 1. To do in pain. Street chance lol with the 750 month disabikity pay check lol or kratom which I just found out about.. many don’t no bout this or how to take it
        red kratom for pain don’t get smoke stores. Fda tryn make this illegal too.. wat u want everybody miserable in pain and either gonna snap hurt themselves,, somebody else,, maybe the pharmacist or dr who says oh deal with ur pain…no u deal with this.. we want our lives back.. we don’t want this!!!! No only physically it sucks but mentally emotionally and financially. Pain disease thst who we were away no self esteem no laughter no hope and we can’t deal with people who abused system and hurt those in rwal need. My sisters buddy today goes pain mgnt sold her every psin pill he got today 90 pills 520.00 psid 0 medicaid paid and he qualifies for medicaid on disability and I don’t he makes more money than me wtf is wrong this is gone wrong for us NOT scamming the system and I’m done. Kratom works for opiate withdrawls if u know how to take it u won’t have any craving no sweats no sickness no withdrawls at all most ull have is afterc4cweeks hard time Sleeping sets in. Red hulu 6grsms mixed 2oz og approx shoot down like a shot yucchy tasting but works every 4 hours.

      • Fran

        My 75 year old friend suffers with arthritis in the hip/back area. We are trying our best to find him relief by getting stem cell injections, physical therapy, supplements for inflammation, …There is a crack down on pain meds and we understand because people abuse them but people need help in paying for the stem cell route. $900 co-pay needs to be addressed for people on fixed incomes.

      • Mary

        You are so right. It’s awful. And if I do ask for a pain med they treat me like I am a junkie. I live in a state that does not even hav medical MJ which does help with pain for a while. Since I had a transplant I can’t even take Ibuprofen so that leaves me with nothing. I did find an herb called Kratom that does help with the pain but the FDA is trying to ban it. I am like you, I don’t want to hear the BS about “ talking the pain away”

      • Lisa M.

        Social Security has nothing to do with pain-control medicine..Call your Senator,,or the CDC..I agree it isn’t right to punish the people who really need pain meds..I have RA-Fibromyalgia-Lupus with other ailments..Chronic pain is no fun,,and affects your life-family in many ways…Best of Luck…

      • Warren

        Wow you hit it on the head…the medical community seems to feel that they know our pain better then we do… Being tired, weak, and in pain is not really a life, it is just being here. Forty years of this crap and I am burnt. I did get disability but now argue with the wife about being home now… Can’t win… I pray all of you find some sort of relief with the pains of life…

      • Jen

        I 1000% agree. I just turned 43 last month and I feel like I am 80. I live in a Queen sized island 95% of my life because of the pain. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis (arguments that it’s RA vs. OA – Doctors are assholes) and I am a Cancer Survivor with massive nerve damage from the surgery and radiation treatments. Degenerative disks in my spine, I’ve had both herniated and bulging disks…. CFS, remissive hep c (I had the treatment and it was “cleared” after 11 years of being positive) but I will always have to deal with the fact that I had it causing damage to my body for all those years. I’m a carrier for the Epstein-Barre Virus and Cytomegalovirus both of which can cause mono and are possibly what triggered the fibromyalgia.
        most of these things have been passed on to me by my mother and her mother. I am/was a Nurse and I am 100% DISABLED. I have lost my identity and everything else I loved about life because of PAIN. IT SUCKS!!!

      • Jen

        I 1000% agree. I just turned 43 last month and I feel like I am 80. I live in a Queen sized island 95% of my life because of the pain. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis (arguments that it’s RA vs. OA – Doctors are assholes) and I am a Cancer Survivor with massive nerve damage from the surgery and radiation treatments. Degenerative disks in my spine, I’ve had both herniated and bulging disks…. CFS, remissive hep c (I had the treatment and it was “cleared” after 11 years of being positive) but I will always have to deal with the fact that I had it causing damage to my body for all those years. I’m a carrier for the Epstein-Barre Virus and Cytomegalovirus both of which can cause mono and are possibly what triggered the fibromyalgia.
        most of these things have been passed on to me by my mother and her mother. I am/was a Nurse and I am 100% DISABLED. I have lost my identity and everything else I loved about life because of PAIN. IT SUCKS!!!

  2. Jacks

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  3. Janet

    I have researched and started aqua therapy on my own for my Osteo. This consists of 3 times weekly walking, jogging, jumping jacks, squats amd lunges in the water. This can be done at any gym that has a pool, or your own pool. I am on my way to feeling better as water is easy on the joints. You should all give this a try! I hope this is a blessing to all of you.

    • Jackmash2

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  4. Mary F.

    Has anyone heard any new information on the connection between an acidic diet and Arthritis? I know wear and tear is part, but does acidic food increase the severity of arthritic spurs?

  5. Suncha M.

    I am a arthritis pain disability several years I went to osteoporosis last week they said to me I Need short my Needs and my elbows 3 short and change me $ 6700.00 which I don’t have a any money and so I had to cancel to my appointment . I was hurt several years ago and I can’t work with any jobs because I can’t stand ups 5 hrs and my elbows I can’t holding ups my Coffee cups and so I went many Jobs I can’t working .Please I Need Help SSI benefits more to support me I was working at Government USA Army kitchen with in 10 years no day’s off work and always be there’s on time’s and I was working very hard every days That’ why’s I am hurting my arms and legs .
    I was left up 500 pounds potato’s cutting every days and fall in the kitchen several times with in 10 years .
    Now I’m a disability my body I can’t working I No Help. My SSI benefits is only $ 791.00 I can’t pay my bills .my lot’ rental $660.00 a month I am paying my rental I don’t have a money to pay another bills .Please Help me…
    Suncha Moyer

    • Vonda

      Thanks for using our blog, Suncha. You may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include free meals, housekeeping help, transportation, or help with other problems. You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services office. You can also visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web page for more information. We hope this is helpful.

      • Francesca

        Vonda can’t you reach out to her via mail or something? It seems she is in dire straits! I cannot imagine living like that. The stress certainly adds to her pain ten fold! She doesn’t deserve that. Sounds like she worked her butt off to. Prayers for this poor woman I hope you or someone can help her. I’m sure there are so many people out there just like her. Our country sends billions of $$ to other countries when they should be fixing our disability system so that money can help our veterans, disabled, homeless and children (especially in poor rural like the Appalachia area and city communities !!



    • Francesca

      Hi Laura I totally get where ur coming from. Some doctors just take your money but don’t help your problem. I wrote kinda backwards see the rest of my blabber!! Sorry I went off on myself!! I have osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, &stenosis/ spondylitis it is all so painful! I’ve had both knees replaced, fusion surgery at C4/5 (23 yrs ago) I’m 58 now, I just had another fusion in June at L4/5. My feet are in so much pain swollen I can’t stand for more then 20 minutes without paying for it. Doctors can’t figure out what is wrong! Can you imagine! I was told they might get better after surgery!! I understand your pain and frustration with doctor. I went to pain management doc for 10 years had every injection, nerve root burn, you name it I did it! Great insurance then, now no way!! It would be way to much even with my insurance.
      My advice you need to tell your doctor to send you for an MRI, do bloodwork etc, X-ray. Unless all that was done? How can he not believe you if he hasn’t done his due diligence? Does he at least give you some pain meds? I go to PM doctor now and I think she wants to start lowering them again bc I had the surgery!! She thinks the rest of me is just magically not in pain! It’s insane! I want to live better I have not been able to have quality of life since end of 2019 when they cut my RX by more then half I was freaking out! Pain and Restless leg episodes every other night! I thought I’d lose my mind. Anyway enough of my vomit. I hope you get help with your pain and your doctor starts to realize you need him to help you!! Prayers going your way.

  7. noor

    i am 28 years old and i was working in italian moterways i used to walk very fast and overused my knees i now canot work cannot stand longtime i just can only walk slowly and slowly i am very sad very hurt very brokedown opps i think my acl or patella hurt much but i did emergency decicion i leave job and go for sunlight and eat balance diet i hope soon it will recover

    • Francesca

      Can’t you see a specialist for your knees? I had mine both replaced at same time. Best thing I ever did. You are to young to have these issues. You must address them with a doctor or they will get worse. You don’t want that trust me. I e been dealing with arthritis since I was a teenager. Back problems to. I’m a surgical queen! Lol Not funny but I am to the point I get so frustrated and down bc I can’t enjoy my life with my family n friends. Please take care of yourself. 🙏

  8. Anthony S.

    Epsom salt bath, saline or chlorine swim treats methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Although the sterilized MRSA lesion, causing vertebral misalignment visible on x-ray, may take a week to entirely subside, this is an important lesson for local Social Security Offices to stop sending out monoclonal antibody to the sacrum and spine contaminated disability questionnaires.

    On the not so humorous topic of severe pay, Social Security Matters blog must stop altering the names of bloggers, in order to not corrupt the bank. Netspend has locked me out of my life savings and locked in two fictitious names, to prevent more than $16,200 (9/28/21), from being listed as unclaimed funds in my name. The FDIC is concerned they may be a failed bank. Can SSA help me secure either my life savings or $250,000 Depositor Insurance settlement in an ABLE Account for that retirement home I would otherwise never be able to afford? Is this why the number of disability insurance beneficiaries declined -3 percent 2020-2021?

  9. Sally O.

    I have osteoarthritis and also rheumatoid arthritis.3 back surgeries and 6 fusions. I am in pain every day, thus the need for medication. Thank God for Pfizer and their wonder drug Zeljanz, which has controlled my rheumatoid arthritis. There are several grants available from pharmaceutical companies that provide medication to you at no cost. Do your research and pay attention to your body. Keep a log daily noting any changes. Your rheumatologist will be grateful. Fatigue is the worst; rest when it flares up and you feel like you cant move. Most of all keep moving, even if you can only walk to your mailbox. Move every day. Also there are topical pain gels that work great on knees, elbows and back. I will keep all who are suffering in my prayers.

    • Barbara

      Thank you for sharing. I am not able to get knee replacement until I loose weight but I used to exercise a lot and sometimes wonder if so much exercise actually caused my knee breakdown. I have not heard of that but I certainly was not sedentary. Any ideas?

  10. Judyelliott

    Is there any programs for people with scoliosis?

    • Vonda

      Hi Judy, thanks for using our blog. Social Security pays disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more. We pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must have worked long enough and recently enough in jobs covered by Social Security (usually within the last 10 years). The SSI program is a needs based program that gives cash assistance to disabled individuals with limited income and resources. If you think you may be eligible to receive disability benefits and would like to apply, you can use our online disability application.

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