85 Years Serving the American People

We take pride in having provided vital benefits and services to this great nation for 85 years.  America has a diverse population with a variety of needs.  With our diverse population in mind, we’ve created webpages that speak directly to groups of people who may need information about our programs and services.  These pages are easy to share with friends and family or on social media.  Here are just a few that might speak to you or someone you love.

We proudly serve wounded warriors and veterans.  They made sacrifices to preserve the freedoms Americans treasure.  Many of them do not know they might be entitled to disability benefits from Social Security.  Share our resources for veterans with them to make sure they get the benefits they deserve.

Social Security plays an important role in providing economic security for women.  Nearly 55 percent of the people receiving Social Security benefits are women.  With longer life expectancies than men, women tend to live more years in retirement and have a greater chance of exhausting other sources of income.

A woman who is 65 years old today can expect to live, on average, until about 87, while a 65-year-old man can expect to live, on average, until about 84.  Also, women often have lower lifetime earnings than men, which usually means lower benefits.  Women need to plan early and wisely for retirement and we’re here to provide valuable information to help.  Share our women’s page with someone who needs this information and may need help planning for their golden years.

Do you know someone who is just starting their career?  Now is the best time for them to start preparing for retirement.  The sooner they begin to save, the more they’ll have at retirement.  Share our early career resources page with a young worker you know.

These are just a few web pages that are tailored to a specific group’s needs.  If you didn’t see your own, please check out our People Like Me home page.

As we mark our 85th anniversary, we look forward to serving America for generations to come!


70 thoughts on “85 Years Serving the American People

  1. Since trump signed off on social security and Medicare, how long before our country runs dry on these two benefits? Our poor kids , grandchildren and future generations!!
    Praying things change in November!

    • You do not understand what Trump is doing. We will not run out of funds with this very temporary tax cut that will help the working folks pay their bills and feed their families. It will also help to stimulate the economy that is a win for everyone and will get people their jobs back. Why would you think that is a bad thing?

      Really feel sorry for you if you think the socialist direction of the democrat party is going make America a better place. It will absolutely destroy life for generations of Americans.

    Social Security is a blessed program for the American people. All of us older retirees should be receiving at least twice what we receive each month for what a lifetime of working, paying into regularly, and our employers paying for our retirements. Not everyone is in the top 1%. Shame on politicians who have robbed SS and left us without our retirements. Shame, Shame! Thieves are what they are and I for one am damn tired of it!

    Diana Kirstine Hall on August 14, 2020 at 10:27 am said:
    We must control how the Government handles OUR SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY. They have been, “borrowing” from our funds in excessive amounts, and not repaying their “loans”. If we don’t do something, all of our Social Security money (that we have paid in all of our working lives), will be GONE!

      • No, you are wrong. The first president to borrow from the fund was Lyndon B. Johnson to fund the Vietnam war. The social security fund is currently owed 2.9 trillion dollars, as the government uses the money and switches it out with special issue bonds. Cruise the internet, educate yourself.

  3. how soon can i put in for disability retirement?. how much in advance?. how long does take?. when is first ss paycheck?. can i retire fist then apply for disability retirement? how much money will i get? Born 03/09/1951, retire Dec 31. 2020? 45 years federal government? i have no home computer!

    The greatest social insurance program in the world.
    Older and disabled Americans are well served.
    Looking forward to the next 85 years of protection.
    Let’s hope politicos do nothing to change principles of the program

  5. What will happen to Social Security if President Trump’s payroll tax cut goes through Which is essentially Social Security Tax?

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