Will Remarriage Affect my Social Security Benefits?

married couple hugging Whether it’s a morning ceremony or an evening gala, excitement’s in the air. It’s wedding season! A time when many couples officially tie the knot. Social Security is with you throughout life’s journey, we wouldn’t miss the chance to be there after your wedding. 

If you’re getting married, along with the excitement of your impending nuptials, you may have some questions about changing the name on your Social Security card.

If you get Social Security disability or retirement benefits and you get married again, there are four ways in which remarriage may affect your benefits:

  1. If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits — If you marry, your spouse’s income and resources may change your SSI benefit. If you and your spouse both get SSI, your benefit amount will change from an individual rate to a couple’s rate.
  2. If you receive benefits as a widow, divorced widow, widower, or divorced widower — You cannot get benefits if you remarry before age 60 or if you are disabled and remarry before age 50. If you remarry before you turn 50, you will not be entitled to survivor’s benefits, unless the marriage ends.

—  If you remarry before you turn 60 and that marriage ends, you may become entitled or re-entitled to benefits on your prior deceased spouse’s earnings record. Your benefits begin the first month in which the subsequent marriage ended if all entitlement requirements are met.

  1. If you receive divorced spouse’s benefits — Generally, your benefits end if you remarry. Check out if you are divorced for more information.
  2. Benefits for a child under age 18 or student ages 18 or 19 — Benefits end if you marry. You can find more information in our page Benefits for Children.

Also, your remarriage after age 60 does not prevent you from becoming entitled to benefits on your prior deceased spouse’s Social Security earnings record. Visit our Benefit Planners for more information.


659 thoughts on “Will Remarriage Affect my Social Security Benefits?

  1. I’m 72 widower 2000 soc sec. Remarry widow 67 who is receiving 1200 soc sec. Is 1200 recalculated after 1 yr. of marriage and the widow would also get 2000 Soc Sec?

    • Hi George, thanks for using our blog. Typically, a widow or widower at full (survivors) retirement age or older generally receives 100% of the deceased worker’s amount, a widow or widower under full retirement age receives about 71 to 99 percent of the worker’s benefit amount, and a widow or widower with a child younger than age 16 receives 75 percent of the worker’s benefit amount. For more information about how much your benefit would be, visit our Survivors Planner.

  2. Friend of mine n I are having disagreements over how long do u have to be married to your deceased spouse before collecting benefits. I looked up online n it says 10 years. He says it doesn’t apply

    • Hi, Philip. If the marriage lasted for at least 10 years, an individual may be eligible for surviving divorced spouse benefits based on an ex-spouse’s earnings. Generally, a surviving spouse or widow meets this requirement, if the marriage took place no later than 9 months immediately preceding the day on which the worker died. To learn more , visit our Survivors Planner. We hope this helps.

  3. if a person is collecting her dead husbands ss and remarries does she lose his ss and go back to collecting her own. she is over 70

  4. How many years do a couple need to be married in order for the wife to be eligible to receive SS benefits if spouse passes away? I am doing a living trust and my lawyer said that a couple needs to be married for 10 years in order to be able to receive the spouses benefits. I hope to live a lot longer and stay married a lot more than 10 more years but one never knows and we really would like to know how this works.

  5. i draw disability benefits (permanent) and thinking of getting married next year,will this affect my beneifits and/or her income? she is a teacher and will retire in about 5 years

  6. My husband passed a few years ago so we applied for his benefits for my son instead of myself since I am still working. The checks come in my name since he is a minor but they are for his care until he turns 18. If I remarry does he lose those benefits?

  7. I’m still confused I am a Widow
    I got a benefit increase when my x husband died
    I now want to remarry
    Will i still keep the amount im getting now

  8. my friend & i are both widowed, receiving our spouses social security benefits. if we marry, will we revert back to what were were receiving, before our spouses died ? we are both 70 years of age

    • Hi Roy, thank you for the question. Widow(er)s that remarry after age 60 (age 50 if disabled), may continue to qualify for benefits on their deceased spouse’s Social Security record. If your new spouse is a Social Security beneficiary, you may want to apply for spouse’s benefits on that record. If that amount is higher, you may be entitled to the higher amount, based on both records. Generally, you must be married for one year before you can get spouse’s benefits. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions web page to see how marriage can affect Social Security benefits. We hope this helps!

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