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What You Should Know About the SSI Program

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two people hiking with a sunsetThe Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program provides cash assistance to people with limited income and few resources.

But … how much do you really know about this program?

SSI provides monthly payments to people who are age 65 or older, completely or partially blind, or considered disabled under Social Security’s strict definition of disability. Social Security pays benefits to people who aren’t able to work due to a medical condition that’s expected to last at least one year or result in death. Blind or disabled children of parents with limited income and resources can also be eligible for the program.

To qualify for SSI, you’ll need to meet strict income and resources requirements. Income is money you earn, such as wages, disability benefits, and pensions. Income can also include the value of items you get from someone else, like food and shelter. Social Security doesn’t count all of your income, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Different states also have different rules on how much income you can bring in each month and still get SSI.

Resources include the things you own, although we don’t count everything. For instance, we don’t count a house you own and live in, and we usually don’t count your car. We do count income from rental property, bank accounts, cash, stocks, and bonds. Also, to receive SSI, you must meet other program rules about residency and citizenship. You can find more information about income and resources and eligibility requirements on our website.

SSI payments are the same amount nationwide. In 2016, the basic monthly SSI payment is $733 for an individual and $1,100 for a couple. However, the amount you get may be different. It depends on your income and living arrangements. Some states also add money to the basic benefit.

If you think you may be eligible, apply now. You can contact us toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) to set up an appointment to apply for SSI at your local Social Security office. Please visit our website for more information.


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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


  1. shawn m.

    and i dont get this whole thing that the whole country receives only 730$ lol..when i lived in ny wher ei was born and raised i was getting 768 and that was about 10 years ago and ya money is suppose to go up every month until obama came in he did not give us a raise except once oh and so nice of him for the 2$ raise this year..lol…and im batling with ssi cuz their saying i owe them 2 checks now…first it was 3 i paid 10$ a month noq this lASTONE IS A FARCE THAT A LYING LAWYER HARVERY REPHEN FROM nyc CAUSED FOR ME BY PUTTING HIS MONEY THAT HE EARNED WHICH WAS LIKE ALL OF IT FROM SUIN A DEBT COLLECTOR CUZ THATS WHT HE DOES FOR A LIVING ..IF A DEBT COLLECTOR WRITE ONE THING WRONG OR CALLS AND LEAVES A MESSAGE MENTIONING ANYTHING ABOUT DEBY OR OWED MONEY ON A MACHINE U HAVE SET UO THAT SAY ANYTHING LIKE HEY THIS IS JOHN AND LAURA NOT HERE RIGHT NOW AND THE COLLECTOR LEAVES A MESSAGE ABOUT HIS COLLLECTION AGENCY OR MONEY U OWE THATS CALLED A THIRD PART VIOLATION FRO LETTING YOU SO CALLED WIFE OR GF HEAR THAT AND THE DEBT AGENCYS SETTLE OUT OF COURT EVERY TIME..MY BROTHER GOT IN WITH HIM SOME HOW AND DOES WORK WITH HIM RECRUITING PEOPLE LIKE US WITH DEBT TO REALLY RIP US OFF IN A BIG WAY CUZ WE’RE SUPPOSE TO GET ATLEAST A GRAND AND THAT DEBT WHIPED OFF AND HE GETS TO KEEP ALL THE OTHER MONEY EVEN IF ITS 15 GRAND..AND THIS TIME HE PUT ON A TAX RETURN THING EVEN KNOW I DONT DO TAXES HE PUT THE 3500$ HE GOT OFF MY CASE INTO THE IRS TO EVADE IRS AND I NEVER GAVE HIM ANY PERMISSION TO DO SO AND NEVER TOLD HIM HE COULD USE MY SS# OR NAME..HES IN LIKE 2 VIOLATIONS..THEFT OF INFOR…TAX FRAUD…AND A COUPLE OTHERS AND I NEVER GOT 1,000 HIM AND MY BROTHER RIPPED ME OFF AND ONLY GAVE ME 500$ YEA ME A GUY TRYING TO MAKE IT ON TINY SSI..LOL…SO I CALLED HIM CUZ SSI GOUND OUT 3 YEARS LATER AND TOLD ME ABOUT IT AND I COULD NOT FIGURE WHERE I GOT 3500$ FROM 3-4 YEARS AGO NOW THEN IT CLICKED WHEN IT THE SSI GUY TOLD ME IT U=WAS UNDER MY BROTHERS ADDRESS IN NY….SAVAGES…I CALLED OLD HARVEY REPHEN WHO SITS AROUND COLLECTING ALLL THIS FREE MONEY ALLDAY AND TOLD HIM THAT THE SSI GUY SAID IT SOUND LIKE TAX FRAUD AND U NEED TO GET TO YA IRS OFFICE AND GET THE COPS OF THAT 3500 HE PUT…AND I TOLD REPHEN I WAS GOING TO DO THAT CUZ I HAD TO CUZ IF NOT SSI WAS TAKING A WHOLE MONTHS CHECK…AND ODDLY HE STARTED KISSIN MY ASS AND SAID “TELL THE IRS LADY THAT I AM REPRESENTING U AND WHEN U GET TO THE OFFICE PUT HER ON THE PHONE WITH ME AND HE SOUNDED WORRIED CUZ NOW I KNOW HE HAS BEEN DOING THIS TO ALL HIS CLIENTS AND EVADING THE IRS LOL…HE EVEN WROTE A LETTER FOR ME HAND WRITTEN SAYING TO THE SSA OFFICE THAT HE SUED BLAH BLAH AND I ONLY GOT 500$ OF THE MONEY AND HE GOT THE OTHER 3,000$ YET MY SISTER LOOKED IT ALL UP S=CUZ SHE GOT A GRAND FROM HIM AND SHE HATES MY BROTHERE CUZ HE WILL RIP HIS OWN DEAD GRANDMOTHERS CORPSE OFF…BUT THIS IS A WHOLE DIFF. KIND OF LAW AND SHE GOT A RETAINOR SHEET FROM THIS LAWYER AND IT SAY IN BOLD LETTERS THAT HE DOES NOT TAKE ANY LAW OR COURT FEES AT ALL BECAUSE THAT IS ILLEGAL IN THAT FIELD OF LAW BECAUSE THE COLLECTION AGENCY ACTUALLY HAS TO PAY THE LAWYER FEES AND COURT FEES……AND WE LOOKED IT ALL UP I CAN GET HIM IN BIG TROUBLE MAN…CUZ I HAVE THE LETTER HE WROTE SAYING THAT THE 3500 0R 3000$ HE TOOK WAS FOR HIS LEGAL FEES AND COURT FEES !!!!!!!LMAO….i have all the proofand oim gonna tell him in some way where he cant record or anthing that i want atleast the 500$ he did not give me…and how SSI did not care cuz they went by saying owe well either way u pay]id that money for the law fees..yea..so insrtead of getting money i lost a whole checkand im the only client who i know my brother stole the 500$ of mine…hes done plenty like that all his life..so i want them to know either give me 500$ or 1000 after almost giving me a heart aattack tryingto explain this whole thing to the ssa counselors at the building and they didnt wanna hear anything ..i brought stacks of paper proof and especially the one younger girl with brown hair would not listen to me would not look at not even one paper because it was like 430 and they close at 5 or something and she just wanted to leave..and i got a paper to fight this i forget the name but i filled it out and gave it to the next guy i went to see and with that papert hey are not suppose to touch a penny until its all settled by them because it even says if its 500$ or less i owe they usually always write it off and not make u pay oh but not her..but i asked for both and the main one i gave him and he even gave me a copy of they didnt care and didnt got throught the months long proceedings and made their own decision like and just sent me a letter saying “we’re taking so and so out of ya check until its paid off..i never seen that in my life so im going to have to complain aboiut that again since they should not be taking anything yet but they are…and i have been through this b4…0h and that lawyer is afraid because he knows hes done if i go back to irs with his letter he wrote them where he totally lied on it all and has been dpoing this to all his clients but i guess they did npot notice cuz they work and cant look over every claim..i need an untraceable type way to tell him either give me the 500$ u still owe me and another 500$ atleast for the mental stress and trauma and i was even put in the psych floor of the hospital at this time u animal….does anyone have any ideas of how i can write or call him about this or get a message to him without him copying it cuz hes pretty slick as u see and i have a feeling with my luck he might put it as a threat?..please tell me..thanks people..

    • AKA

      Staying in the hospital and being heavily medicated sounds like the answer to all your problems. Do not attempt to write anything further.

      • khronis

        These people are nuts

    • John B.

      Have you ever thought about writing a manuscript? Don’t.

  2. Kevin R.

    May concern I want to get 976 I pushed be on SSI too and I haven’t received the check in two years

  3. Barbara W.

    People on SSI get more money than I do on plain disability where I worked. Them on SSI has never worked a day in their life. Its not fair at all. Thanks

    • shawn m.

      i would have much much rather been born without the genetics that run in my family and a long long time ago in ny at age 19 mym mother took me to VESID a work program that allegedly helps pay for different training but the counsler i had their the first day took her aside and said i am not going to be able to wotk..i was home totured because of actual real social phobia with social anxiety attacks and have to isolate myself,which ofcourse caused depression and anxiety and panic she is the one who told my mother about SSI cuz i had nothing,no medicaid for atleast a psychiatrist and counselor to try AND GET BETTER SO I COULD WORK AND HAVE A LIFE…so im not some scammer like alot do these days this was alont time ago and my psychologist i was forced to go to by my mother i didn’nt even talk to for the housr session a week so it was real uncomfortable and i would get fight or flight..the brain chemicals in that arwa were offf to i still remember how i could nbot go to school they only paid 2 years for home school tutoring cuz i was bullied like hell sat myself at luch time which was the worst time of the day and i never ate food inn school because i was to afraid to get up and get food like i was frozen in panic mode..i had no life for my yourh and teenage years it wasnt fun…my brother would bring over girls that a good amount liked me but i was to “shy” they called it at the time..and i regret so much i missed in life..meds im taking now are helping and its only 2 meds paxil did work pretty good for 10 years but i had whats called an ssri burnout and had to change to another ssri effexor which really doesnt help..they only thing that finally helped was klonopijn and benzo. and then 10 years later went on to xanax whic is the only benzo for anxiety panic social phobia panic attacks that works for alot of people….but now sinc ei move to great florida they cut my check and the medicaid they have hear wont pay for dental and barely any doctors will take it unless u drive 2 hours each way and only places for people with no insurance talke medicaid mostly because medicaid pays these docs nothing thanks to our great governor rick scott who actually declined to take millions in federal funding for medicaid? and he got in some trouble for some medicaire scam plus he hides all his millions in his bank and these morons in florida voted him in again after these idiots blew up their own jail durring a bad flood inmate worker in the basement area with the food and laundry kept telling the guards they smell gas and the guards just said shut up and get back to work..all of a sudden we see on the news the whole new jail blew up and like 600 people inmates and sheriffs or guards were sent to the hospital and two inmates died…and the jail still is blown apart with plywood hangin all on it and now their taking a bunch of money to build another one because here in my town and florida they arrest u for jay walking..so they srtill have the old jail we call castle gray skull which is archaiac..and they cant fit barely anyone so they have just been outsourcing in mATES FROM MY COUNTIES TO NOT ONE BUT 3 OTHER COUNTIES…ITS ALLL ABOUT MONEY…sub morons..so i hte to say this but quit crying u would trade to keep your life over mine anyday of the week because i was getting better and going to a work help place here and able to interact with people perfect because i obviously have more of GABA imbalance which is what benzos like xanax and klonopin and valium and all equal out for people like me to feel normal like u but here in great florida after the mill mill thing in south florida even know i live all the way up top right under alabama and the pillls that were being scammed off at those pain man clinics were PAIN KILLERS SCHED. 2 which is the highest of the shcedule..sched. 1 means illegal with no medical benefit but then a year or 2 later the feds and DEA were bored cuzz their too afraid to fight the real drug issues the cartels in mexico,peru,colombia,and bolivia mainly ..so they had to find another med to attack so they sent out mass letters to the doctors here saying “wee dont want u writing any benzos anymore and if your patient needs them then refer them to a shrink” but everyone knows know psychiatrists who cost 200$ a visit want to take u and your medicaid so i reverted and had a gran mal seizeure which was th3e worst even t in my life…so i kept on looking everywhwere and finally found a couple and they know they are the only ones allowed to write benzos anow and they are afraid of the dea and feds coming after them next so most ask u what meds u take on the phone when i find one that takes my garbage insurance and when they hear a benzo they say oh we doint write those hear at all without even hearing im disabled for this issue and how much it hellped me and without it i canrt walk out the door not to mention benzos are not narcotics look it up and i hate when morons say oh thats a narcotic lol..they are in their own class and replaced the old strong barbaituate meds and are the lightest on the controlled schedule list..sched 4….lol..i mean this is a joke…so just torture me so i want to hang up and just well….cant say it hear but….its crazy…so be happy man..

      • Teresa

        I read your rambling post 3 times & still not sure what your biggest issues are. I have at least 3 REAL physical illnesses that caused me to retire, after working over 30 yrs as an LPN/EMT/swim & CPR instructor, cleaning houses, waitressing & other part time jobs & never spent a day on any gov assistance. I had my daughter at age 15, in 1970 & yes, I wasn’t prepared for the world, but grew up fast. I probably spent more quality time with her than most parents….. My family was poor, but did help out some. I didn’t think it was there place to support me.. Working hard & long hours kept me from being depressed, scared or any other emotions I could have claimed. Sometimes ya just gotta suck it up, stay off of the drugs & quit depending on family, friends & the system to take responsibility for ya. But that’s just me…

        • Kathy

          You just don’t get it and probably never will, because you don’t have those issues. Apparently, being an LPN, EMT, or anything else in your life, did nothing to educate you about compassion. I worked my entire life, too, despite being physically handicapped. We were poor, too, but thankfully, my parents were educated and enlightened enough to insist on mainstreaming me (before anyone even knew what that was). Not everyone has had the education or family support system that could make all the difference. Consider yourself lucky, but don’t judge others using your background and good fortune. It irks me that there are so many people on here without so much as an ounce of compassion. Do you have any idea how hard it might have been for a person to open up and share like that. Shawn seems to be dealing with several, untreated issues, one of which is being able to open up and share his plight. So, he finally gets up the nerve and conviction to do that, most likely hoping it will be cathartic or at least allow him to receive a kind word, some empathy, perhaps even some guidance, only to have a judgmental ignoramus like you pull the rug out from under him (again)! So, congratulations on summoning up your life experience just to denegrate someone else. Do you believe in Karma? What about The Bible? Take a step back and think about what you are about to say before you open your mouth or put something in writing. Shame on you for lashing out at someone, without walking a mile in their shoes.

      • Jenny

        All things codendsrei, this is a first class post

    • John

      Then file for disability with the SS Administration.

    • John B.

      It’s fair to them, but not to us.

    • ME

      That is bias, there are plenty of individuals who have worked in the past and are receiving SSI, many just don’t qualify for anything else because of not having enough work history due to disability acquired at a younger age prior to obtaining enough work experience to put towards the other programs.

    • sherry

      That’s not true. I worked my whole life, when not raising 4 kids. I am in constant pain now and would love to work but can’t. You are wrong in your thinking.

    • Marc

      Yeah, wow, you can live like royalty on $731 a month. Why don’t you apply instead of complaining?

    • Dan'O

      That’s simply NOT true. I worked for years became disabled and was on SSDI $402.00 a month and SSI $21.00 a month tried to go back to work and was cut off. Disability never went away I just tried to ignore it and return to work so I didn’t feel like I was getting a handout. Now I am back on SSI. $735.00 after paying all my bill’s leaves me about $10.00 dollars a month and I get a Whopping $35.00 a month in Food Stamps. That doesn’t even buy 1 weeks worth of groceries. Please don’t make comments about other people until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

    • Lyn

      You sound so uneducated. I worked 10 years before marriage, I raised 3 children to adulthood which included homeschooling them K-12! I went back tow ork, the my husband was laid off after 35 years, his health started going, I began developing severe arthritis all over my body, I can’t walk or stand, and I’m on ssi now since I did not work to earn ENOUGH work credits for SSDI otherwise I would have bee
      n approved for that.

  4. keith g.

    keith germann 471 06 5054 ssi ?


  5. Tom B.

    I have no faith in SSI here in CA. When I first went on SSDI I was also given a stipend of $157 a month in SSI. Over the ensuing years, politicians have whacked away at my SSI to balance their budgets. The result is that after ten year plus, I’m bringing home $57 less than I was ten years ago. Every time I’d get a small COLA, California took an axe to my SSI claiming that it was SUPPLEMENTAL, every time my SSDI managed to creep upward, my SSI was supposed to go down by a like amount. Trouble is it went down a whole faster than my SSDI was going up until finally I had no SSI at all and my SSDI was nowhere near what the combination of the two had been at the start, hence the hole I’m still in today. So I don’t get all that excited over these stories about how all these wonderful programs are there just for us elderly disabled working poor types because I know if the pols think they need that money worse than I do they’re going to take it. When I’m back to where I’m getting at least what I was getting in 2005, we can talk but at COLAs consisting of less than three dollars a year, it’s not likely to happen in what’s left of my lifetime.

    • Tom B.

      Forgot to mention, I’m 74 years old.

    • John

      Your SSI and Social Security received the appropriate COLA’s. California decided to reduce the State Supplement payment, your beef is with them.

      • Eagle

        Shiver me timbers, them’s some great inroimatfon.

    • D.H. F.

      Correct. Unfortunately, people commonly know very little about SSI or SDDI, and misinformation is common. As a result of Bill Clinton’s “reforms” besides ending actual welfare aid, the disabled/seriously ill poor became the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000.

    • Kathy

      Tom, I understand your predicament. I get just enough SSDI to be ineligible for SSI or any other assistance, such as food stamps or heating assistance. If I got less SSDI, I would have more in combined assistance. So, I now stand in line at various pantries (mostly church run and/or church funded) in need of charity to make ends meet. I guess this is what has become of “separation of church and state.” That would be funny, but it’s not. I don’t think anyone understands, until it happens to them, how devasting and depressing the situation can be. I am thankful to have what I do. I know others are finding it much more difficult to get by. However, having relatives in “poorer” countries, I also know that seniors and people with disabilities are often better off in a socialist (NOT COMMUNIST – for those of you, who have been brainwashed into being phobic) society. Why is it that the “self-proclaimed greatest country in the world” can’t do better for it’s less fortunate members? No one, who has worked all their life, all of a sudden wants a handout. We just want to be able to live with a modicum of dignity and not be made to feel like failures. The truth is, you can do everything right and still have it go terribly wrong. I wish you all the best and hope you can find some way to make things better.

    • Betsey

      Reading posts like this make surfing such a plrusaee

  6. sue c.

    How do I find out if my 87 yr old sister even receives
    SS.? I don’t see any deposits on her bank statement.

    • John

      Why don’t you ask her?

    • John B.

      Maybe she didn’t qualify.

  7. Cameron m.

    If I am legaly blind trying to submit the information to social security
    To update my health where and how do I do it the local office gives Me the run around telling me they don’t know and they don’t ask questions to there supervisors

    • Marge

      Do you have a relative or friend that you trust to help you with this? You need to make an appointment at your local Social Security office and have someone you trust to take you with your information.
      Be persistent! I have not ever found anyone to be rude or give me a hard time at Social Security.

    • Kathy

      I recommend getting a lawyer. Lawyers, who work to help people get benefits, only get paid if the case is won. Also, their payment is regulated and there is a cap on those payments. I made the mistake of trying to do it alone or with the help of familty and friends, which only delayed my approval and cost me dearly while I depleted all of my savings trying to survive.

    • Oscar

      The best one I found was Disability Law Office NW, they were good and friendly to work with, worked hard for me and my wife and won both of us benefits. We couldn’t have done it alone. 5036396666. Tell em Oscar and Tina says hi. . .

  8. Cliff W.

    I believe the maximum SSI benefit for an individual in 2017 is $735 and for a couple $1103.

    • Marge

      No, read the Email above again.

      • tonia

        Maybe you should read the email again.

    • Ray F.

      You’re right Cliff, the Supplemental Security Income or SSI payment in 2017 is $735/month for an individual and $1,103/month for a couple. See our Fact Sheet for more about the COLA, tax, benefit and earning amounts for 2017.

    • Ice

      You are incorrect.

  9. Phyllis B.

    I am unable to work and I have worked 39 years.I will sign up for snap .

    • Janet E.

      I am 71yrs.old and live on my Social Security which ritisis 1728 a month. Its not enough. To be able to afford food and pay me bills and utilities. I was on disability before they switch me over to SS when. I hit 66 years of age. I have rheuatoid art

      • John

        When you became 66 years old your payment stayed the same and now comes out of the RSI fund. What is your complaint? As far as your concerned nothing changed.

        • Kathy

          John, I wonder how old you are and whether or not you’ve ever had to deal with a chronic condition or any type of hardship. Your comment, “What is your complaint.” is obnoxious. For those of us, who worked our entire lives only to become disabled, lose all our assets and then receive less that 50% of what we had when we COULD and DID work, it is frustrating, depressing and almost unbearable. In my case, I lost my health, my job, and my husband. I now find myself having to accept charity. I have been physically handicapped since birth and never before had asked, nor expected to need to ask, for help as I do now thanks to life’s little trifecta of catastrophes. If you make it to retirement, completely unscathed, you should consider yourself very lucky. But until or unless you spend even just a day in someone else’s shoes, try not to be so condescending and judgmental. If you are foolish enough to think this will never happen to you, enjoy your blissful ignorance as long as it lasts.

          • Tennie P.

            I can identify with you! My husband and I both worked over 35 years and do without medication we need so we can buy food! We draw a little over the poverty level so do not qualify for any other help! We cannot afford supplemental insurance! While people on ssi by the way ssi comes off the working man that pays in SS and they get free medical help plus housing heat bill paid and food stamps. They get three times what the working man gets! Also women that don’t work get all their husband drawed SS! My inco me is counted when they try to determine if my husband qualifys for medical assistance and I don’t get one Nicole from him! Sounds like idiots are us working people!

          • Tennie P.

            Nicole should read Nicole!

          • Mariea


          • Mariea

            You are so right Kathy! I like your response to John! I read his comment and shook my head! Read your comment and smiled! Cheers for you young lady ?

          • Bridget

            Hey, respectfully, this guy is so obviously here to help. I don’t think he was being rude. None of his comments are feely feely, but they are all informative and professional. I honestly think he was asking for more information, because it wasn’t clear what that person wanted help with. Are you even possibly interpreting his tone wrong? It’s hard to do that with post and comments, but I think I am a fair person and I feel he was attacked unfairly.
            His comment /questions was never implieing that someone was complaining about being disabled. He asked what her complaint was. Her issue. What is her concern??? He never said she was complaining.
            I’m disabled, too. and believe me, I have been through it pysically and emotionally and I’ve lost precious people and things, too. I know your pain. So, as somebody else looking in, I just needed to say that I hope you can consider my thoughts about it. Read some of the other post. I could be totally wrong and he hates us all, but really? I think you really jumped the gun here. I understand frustration, but you were harsh on the wrong person. just saying

          • Ice


          • Candy

            Aretclis like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

      • Marge

        Your Social Security Disability Income is now just Social Security retirement due to your age. Your income amount is probably still over the poverty income level, so you would not be able to receive any other assistance from the federal government and more than likely not state assistance. But depending on which state you live, you should call your state’s Department of Health & Human Services. Also you may qualify for assistance with your electric or gas (heat and/or air) costs.

        • Kathy

          I currently receive SSDI. My monthly payment is higher than most, so I do consider myself to be fortunate in that regard. The part that is so frustrating is that, if I received just a little bit less each month, I would be elligible for other programs such as food stamps and heating cost assistance, which would result in more total funds than I get now. So glad I worked hard and excelled so that I could end up on this side getting less than others, who chose to do less along the way. I do not begrudge anyone getting assistance, but why is the system designed to give less to those, who paid in more? (Remember, we AND our employers DID pay into the system. This is not some federal program for those, who did not.)

          • whoopmaster

            I am on ssi; worked all my life at different fobs thru different times, some tax some not , but I did hard work all my life; you make do with what you get, if I can, you can; stop the ignorant eating out , playing what the hell you are’ nt

          • Harry

            I know several people in your situation, just having a hair more income than necessary to qualify for benefits. The solution is, purchase dental insurance. One person I know has two policies and NO TEETH. But, the monthly premium is used in the calculations, and it lowers the adjusted income to qualify for benefits, which far exceed the cost of the dental plan.

          • Ronald G.

            Sounds like a scam in the making. Ooooo dont you just love that free stuff!

          • Mary E.

            That a ridiculous statement if I ever heard one. The system is set up based on need, not greed. You say you get more than most? Consider yourself fortunate. And to make a blind assumption that other people chose to do less than you in their careers, indicates to me you are suffering from some kind of magical thinking syndrome if there is such a thing

      • John B.

        You are getting more than most people, so stop complaining. Just the name was changed and you get the same, but now it’s called social security benefits.

      • sherry

        I wish I would get that much. If I am approved I will get $735 a month, consider yourself lucky!

      • Sally

        Wow! 1728? You must have made a lot of money to get that much. I only get 1340 and manage to make it. It isn’t easy so you should have put some money aside. Social Security was never meant to completely be your income for retirement. It was only meant to help you have something.

      • Joseph N.

        There are limit to how much social security provides for single if your income is under $720 /month…You need to plan yourself and try meal on wheels and contact local senior help

    • D.H. F.

      In 2015, foods stamps were cut from roughly $115 per month for single disabled adults, down to $10. Food stamps are particularly vulnerable to budget-cutting measures.

    • Ray F.

      Hi Phyllis Bell, for information about the food stamps program, also called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you will need to contact your local SNAP office. Also, if you’re unable to work because of a medical condition, you may be eligible for disability benefits. The Social Security Act sets out a strict definition for disability. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. However, if a person thinks that he or she meets our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply for disability benefits when they become disabled. For more information, visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability. We hope this information helps.

  10. Karl S.

    I’m disabled collecting SSDI.
    I’m 59, too young to obtain my Social Security and Pension.
    Am I eligible for approximately 2 years of SSI payments?
    Please advise, and thank you.

    • Wayne

      Hi! I am currently on disability. Is SSI something I can apply for in Addition to SSD disability?


      • John

        If your SSDI payment before deduction for Medicare is higher than $753.00 you are not entitled to a federal payment. You should call the toll free # as stated in the article. You could be entitled to a State Supplement.

        • John

          The figure I gave is for 2016. It cutoff is now $755.00

        • Welcome

          Donnerstag, 29.11.2012Tolles Gewinnspiel da bin ich doch gern dabeiË› °_██_*。*../ .Ë›* .Ë›.*.★* *★ 。*Ë›. (´• ̮•)*˛°*/.♫.♫*Ë›.* Ë›_Π_____. * Ë›*.°( . • . ) ˛°./• ‘♫ ‘ •.Ë›*./______/~ï¼¼*. Ë›*.。˛* Ë›. *。*(…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .Â2°`”*°••°*&#82¯1;˜¯œÂ´Â¯Ëœ”*ÂË••°*”˜¯ ` ´¯˜”*°´¯˜”*°••°*”˜¯`´¯˜”

      • Marge


      • Ray F.

        Hi Wayne, remember that the Supplemental Security Income or SSI program is a needs based program that gives cash assistance to disabled individuals with limited income and resources. The amount of SSI benefits is based, in part, on the income and resources available to the individual. For SSI eligibility, we will take into consideration any income and resources available to you. If your regular disability benefit combined with any other income, is lower than the regular monthly SSI payment (of $735), then you may still be eligible for SSI. Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 for further assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks.

        • Isabelle

          Then why I am now collecting SSI. I have no income. Zero resources. Waiting for SSDI.
          So why am I who goes to be hungry

      • Isabelle

        I like to know why I can’t apply for ssi while playing the waiting game on my SSDI.
        I have worked 36 years. Now I have no income. None. I have depleted every penny. So why can’t I receive ssi.
        I have no food at times. My meds cost money. Please advise

      • Joseph N.

        Yes..after 24 months of disability you are eligible to apply for medicare which will give you medical help and SSI will provide with finance if you qualify

      • Breeanya


      • Breeanya


      • Stefanie N.

        Dear sirs, I am currently on ssi disability I was wondering if I can qualify for supplemental insurance. I did not receive back pay or a supplement after my disability kicked in. I need this.

        • Ray F.

          Hello Stephanie. Unfortunately, and because of security reasons we do not have access to personal records in this blog and cannot answer your question at this time. One of our representatives should be able to provide you with an explanation. Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later in the week. Thanks!

    • Marge

      No, you are already receiving Social Security Disability Income.

    • Marge

      Read the Email above about SSI again.

    • Deydalia

      My son has a developmental delay he is 7 yrs. Old he has I.E.P in school do you think I can get for him

    • Ray F.

      Hi, Karl. Thank you for your question. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits are also payable to people 65 and older without disabilities, who meet the financial limits. To be eligible for SSI, a person must have $2,000 or less in countable resources. Please visit our Understanding Supplemental Security Income webpage for more information.

      • Michael R.

        Hi I am on dialysis with kidney failure and unable to work… I applied for SSDI on Oct 10th and I applied for SSI on Dec 20. In the same day I gave the SSA a Medicare/ Medicaid renal desease papper from my doctor’s and included all my current lab results for the DDS… I couldn’t work since September 9 because of my illness. Now I’m wondering is the government betting in me to loose everything and die? I know it’s a wait but gosh I gave all the info I could. Why is it taking so long? My Medicare didn’t even go through yet. What is the issue? Haven’t received nothing from SSA yet accept a week ago I got a form which I had to how I feel and do things on a daily basis.. why do it take so long?

        • Big P.

          I got a hearing in 2yrs. And 7 months so yes it takes a while.

          • Tom

            The answer you won’t get from official channels is that the support for less government has many results. One of the big ones is loss of staff because budget cuts are made to all agencies regardless of their importance to the public. Chances are your elected officials in Congress have contributed to this. Less money to spend means less hiring. Hiring is not tied to real need so the idea that government can be like business is false. Anyone running a business would not risk doing to their customers what your elected officials are doing to you by not letting SSA hire the number of employees needed to provide the level of service you spent your whole life paying for through your taxes. This translates into longer waits for hearings, longer lines at offices, longer waits to get through on the phone, delays in getting changes made and some local offices and stations closing. Since an agency is not competing, cost savings can be made by your elected officials knowing you have no where else to go. If you want better you need to hold elected officials accountable for what you paid for.

        • sherry

          I am still waiting almost 4 years. The whole system is antiquated.. they need to work on this issue.

          • WE A.

            I waited 4 years to see a judge, but in the process the said I wasn’t insured because I haven’t worked! You can take that to the appeals counsel and then take it to federal court, It seems to me they play these games because the bottom line is! THE DON’T WANT TO PAY YOU YOUR BACK-PAY

        • Ray F.

          We apologize for the long waiting Michael. The length of time it takes to receive a decision on your disability claim can vary depending on several factors, and it could vary from case to case. We consider the nature of your disability and try to obtain medical evidence from your doctor or other medical sources as quickly as possible. Generally, Medicare entitlement for dialysis treatment begins the third month after the month a regular course of renal dialysis begins. This factsheet provides general information for dialysis patients. For information about Medicaid, you will need to contact your local Medicaid office. Please continue working with your local office if you have specific questions about your claim. You can also call our toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance. Representatives are available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday but you will generally have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. Thanks!

          • Isabelle

            We are not a car blue book. There is not always black and white. You sound phony, and I am sorry but something like a robot. By now we know ssa people are some they heartless individuals. Decisions can be made in a timely manner. You people drag it on hoping we drop off the face of the earth. So please stop with apologies. No one is being this. Instead walk the walk and talk the talk. Help people

          • Crystal

            My husband is an amuptee and was recieving benefits at one time. Then one day out the blue SS told him he was no longer considered Disabled and cut his benefits off. That was almost 9 years ago. Now, he’s been trying to regain his benefits and we would be homeless if it weren’t for family. He reapplied twice and was denied. Now, he is over due a prosthesis that should be reviewed every 1-2 years. On top of that he can no longer work because he has scar tissue from wearing the old one for so long.
            This is the third time he has reapplied and he’s been waiting a month for some kind of reply from SS. This waiting makes people give up on the system for help. His limb will never grow back (duh) but thats not considered disabled under current requirement. What is wrong with that picture.

        • Isabelle

          Yes. They take thieir sweet time hoping we all either give up or die.
          Our government does not care about their people their pockets full their family warm . Then we don’tafter. We help our politicians to get rich with our misery

        • Joseph N.

          With your renal condition,Medicare provides nursing home and special medical accommodation where where dialysis and reasonable care is provided. You got to present your case well

    • Al

      What happens after 2 yrs.

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