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Update on Social Security Offices

April 24, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: March 17, 2021

Earlier this week, The White House issued national guidance regarding Opening Up America Again. We are evaluating this information as it relates to our agency and are continuing to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation across the nation. In fulfilling Social Security’s mission, when we reopen offices to the public, we will provide a safe environment for both the people we serve and our employees.

As we continue to develop our plans, our offices will remain closed to the public for face-to-face service, and our employees will continue to work remotely and provide services to the public. We will provide updates moving forward and post updated information on the status of our offices, by state, at our website. Our agency will provide these updates directly, and please disregard other sources of information regarding the status of our offices.

We will continue to provide the vital service the public relies on. Please visit our website for more information about our services during the pandemic.



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Andrew Saul, Commissioner, Social Security Administration

Commissioner of Social Security Administration (June 17, 2019 - July 9, 2021)


  1. Phyllis

    I am.not.comfortable.mailing original documents to social security. They can always say they never received them or not send them back and then that is on me. Is there a special procedure to mail these private and costly documents?

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Phyllis, thanks for using our blog. Yyou can contact your local Social Security office. Please look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal. We hope this information helps.

      • Robert J.

        Are cdr’s occuring right now, and payments being stopped during covid-19,? Cause I feel as if State is going against what is posted on the site here. I have been being put through massive fear and stress here in central california during the cdr that has been happening since March, and I had a review in my old county I moved from with no changes occuing, and a month later I have to go through the same thing, but have been being treated horrible from the administration here, they have done some pretty over the top interrogation at the beginning, have been very discouraging to me regarding my case, even to the point of being disuading. Have snarked at me because the whitehouse contacted social security for me regarding my concerens, claim they have not received the psychiatric report they had me do over zoom.. I looked on the inspector of office general website and there have been some reports of corrupt actions in the cuties social security administration in 2019, thought it doesn’t clarify which office it is in my city.? Believe me I am extremely grateful for social security and the people who oversee everything, but I can’t help but seem to feel like I am being targeted, harassed, and discriminated against horribly.. even seems as if All important documents are being hidden and not introduced into my case.. I don’t know what to do except hang on for dear life and fight this the best I can without having a nervous breakdown.. ?

  2. Peggy D.

    I am outraged at the lack of service offered from my local SSA office. I understand the Covid lockdown – I also understand that MOST other government offices are opening up with one on one service appointments for individuals with special needs. A am a senior citizen who just got married nearly 4 months ago, and I need to file for name-change. I have all the forms that are required, and was prepared to proceed on-line. But I can not go to the SS office in my town or any other town, because they are all working from home and the offices are closed!! They want me to MAIL my original documents to the office and they will try to have it done and back to me within a month. I can’t mail my original driver’s license, which is my only form of ID, because I need it for driving! And no one can give me any information for any alternative method.
    I have been paying into SS for most of my life, and now reaping the benefits. One would think that the SSA would have some respect for those of us who have supported the
    system for the support of our senior years for so many years. I was born and raised an American Citizen, and very proud of that. I have called my local SSA office many times, and written my local Representative, (Mr. Panetta) but to no avail. I am tired of being put off over and over again, with no hope of a solution. I need my name change for many legal and financial reasons, as you would of course know. I can see NO LOGICAL reason for the SS offices to remain closed for service considering the importance of the services they do. Maybe I should write to the local news and see if they would like to shed some light on this to the public. Invest in some plastic barricades in the offices and require masks, just like they do at the DMV and the Court House and every where else! Please don’t keep we the people of the USA who rely on the system to work properly, as hostages. I will continue to pursue this until I get it settled. !!
    Thank you.

  3. Jolinda

    How frustrating you are to “work” with. Apparently the information I seek, which is how many years I have worked, can only be retrieved or given by signing up on your site, of which I tried and tried. Your representative could see all the info. I put in, and it matched to what you and experian or whichever credit service you used, but she said I just seemed to vanish. Unable to help. My local office is closed, too unsafe. I work in a school 5 days a week. Tell me you cant open with a barrier on the counter and mask and shield. The news should be reporting on this.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Jolinda, we are sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing with your my Social Security account. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for instructions on how to request a Social Security Statement which includes your earnings record. We hope this helps!

  4. Frank K.

    I have been a Naturalized US citizen for 20 years. I was informed in April 2020, by the IRS that my Social Security status was never updated and I would not receive a stimulus check. This also effects my wife, who was born in the US, since we file taxes jointly. I became a US citizen, have paid taxes, worked, retired, & have a US passport…but somehow my Social Security Status still shows not eligible to work. I called the SSA and they want All my original documents so they can make a copy. But they have to be sent in the mail. Is there not a solution to this madness. Individual appointments with Mask, plexiglass, hazmat suits. This is essential. I live in a state where everything is opened and gatherings at 75%. I do not trust putting my life in the mail. I have had documents lost before and it took a Senator to straighten out that mess. Please just give us folks a timeline and a plan on opening the office. Some things cannot be done online or over the phone.

  5. TARA

    So how do parents get replacement SSN cards for children under 18? The information that they tell you over the phone is a joke cannot get medical affidavits…seriously we spoke to a live person ! The doctors office think we are nuts. I mean they are on our taxes they are in school… guess those poor people in CA who lost everything through fire are out of luck too! I hope the workers are not working from home with our personal information!!! Local government office are open you want to bet they want property tax etc. HELP I’M LEGAL AND SO ARE MY KIDS no an immigrant. Sorry frustrating…

  6. Beda

    Thank you for your reply .
    Pls. I’m lawfull immigrant through DV LOTTERY 2020 and I come to the us with my hasbund and waiting for the green card through uscis.
    We have already applied for the SS card in DS 260 at the american embassy in Jordan.
    And now since we need to work we need only the no. Of social security knowing that we have called our local office and they refused to make an appointment for us. In the same time the employee can’t employ us unless we have a ssn.
    Appreciat your reply an help.

  7. Beda

    Hi, I have been in the US since July 30 and I need to work , so I need social
    security number which the employee has requested first to employ me.
    Pls. I need an appointment .
    Knowing that I HAVE IMMIGRANT VISA
    Thank you

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Beda, thanks for using our blog. We continue to process Social Security Numbers and issue cards for certain lawful immigrants, we call these processes Enumeration at Entry (EAE) and Enumeration beyond Entry(EBE).

      If these automated processes are not available to you, we will schedule an in-office appointment for a new card request for those with a critical need. Appointment availability is based on available staff and office operating status. Please call your local office to see if an in-office appointment is necessary and possible. To contact your local office, please look for the local office telephone number at Social Security Office Locator under “Social Security Office Information” for the office you select. The toll-free “Office” number is your local office.

      • James

        I am in a similar situation. EAE failed (apparently this happens ~50% of the time according to the SSA representative I spoke to) and my local social security office will “call me back” in 4-6 weeks. The DMV, banks, employers are all open and assume that getting a SSN is quick and easy. I need a SSN faster than this.

      • Beda

        These automated processes are not available , pls. Help me to schedule an in office appointment to have a job.

  8. barbara k.

    Sick of being put off by the Social Security division! WAY past time for offices to reopen. My god, even the bars are safe these days!

  9. Kenneth W.

    I want to know how to change the bank where my SS funds are being deposited currently.

  10. Kenneth C.

    I want to change the bank where my SS funds are deposited.

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