Traveling? You Can Still Access Social Security Online Resources

June 27, 2019 • By

Last Updated: July 16, 2021

" "Summer is officially here and you might be planning a vacation or trip. Social Security is here for you when you’re traveling, whether it’s just a state away or when you’re overseas.

Our Online Services page directs you to a wide variety of useful links. Through our online services, you can:

  • Apply for Social Security benefits.
  • Get your Social Security Statement.
  • Request a replacement Social Security card.
  • Appeal a decision.
  • Find out if you qualify for benefits.

Some of these features require you to have a personal my Social Security account, which is something everyone should have no matter what stage they are at in their working life.

And if you receive Social Security benefits or Medicare, you can create or log in to your personal my Social Security account to:

Create a personal my Social Security account today to take advantage of these easy-to-use features. Also, share our online services page with friends and family, who might not know how easy and secure our website is.

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  2. wix w.

    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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    Very informative article. Spent a lot of time reading.

  5. Dr. P.

    On May 22nd, I applied by phone, because I am working in Italy and Ireland right now, to have my Social Security benefits recalculate. I should be receiving the recalculated benefit payments beginning as of January of 2019. My wife, in the U.S., received a letter requesting the documentation of the annuity cessation about the 5th of June. I sent the required documents to SS via that mailing over 8 weeks ago. When I called the Social Security office, I was told that the documents were never scanned, and that they had not arrived. I then had my wife drop off the same documents at the local Social Security office in Reno, Nevada, as well, over 4 weeks ago. Again no action or response from the Social Security administration. I have called SS by phone many times now, spending hours on hold and hundreds of dollars in overseas roaming charges. Two weeks ago I was told that my case had been given high priority. But the documents that I have submitted have still not been scanned, and I still have not heard anything from the Social Security Administration regarding the recalculation of my benefits. I have called the Reno office multiple times, and have had my call intentionally disconnect while on hold. I have left messages on the answering machines of three different individual’s answering machines including a Mr. Moore, and Ms. Lopez, but no response. I have no idea what the status of my case is. I cannot live on $351 a month and am getting desperate here in Europe. I am a Vietnam era veteran, a combat medic, and an internationally recognized climate change scientist. I expect more from the United States of America. I am in Europe, I conduct research and train students at all of three US universities and one research institute, but receive no pay. So at 71 as one of the top 10% of environmental scientists in the world (Research Gate), I am being forced to attempt to start a consulting company in Europe (because Donald Trump has ended all climate change research in the U.S. (making it the most backward nation in the world regarding knowledge of climate change) so that I can have some income (hopefully by the end of the year I might even make some money for my international company). But like my grandfather I can see that I will be working into my 80s just to survive. Pretty disgusting situation for someone from the richest nation in the world. I am now tempted to apply for citizenship here in Ireland just to receive social benefits. I am also going to make my problem public on the social media. It is clear that Social Security Administration is defunct as a governmental support agency.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Dr. Wigand. We are sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, but for your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. Since you are living outside of the U.S. you can contact your local Federal Benefits Unit for any assistance related to Social Security benefits. Also, our Office of International Operations home page provides more information to assist our customers living abroad. We have referred your concern to our Operations Staff for follow up and to take corrective action as necessary. If you would like to submit feedback, please visit our Contact Social Security page at Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take you to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form, where you can complete and submit a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. We hope this is resolved soon.

  6. Aram

    Great to know that one can open my Social Security account. Thank you!

  7. Linda O.

    I would like to have the 800 number so I could call Social security about a phone call I received (800) 828-0878.. I think its a scam but I need a number to call to check things out.

    • Ann C.

      Thanks for checking in with us, Linda. We do not usually make random calls. If anyone receives calls saying that they are from Social Security, do not give out any personal information. Suspicious calls should be reported to the Office of the Inspector General at 1-800-269-0271 or online. You can also report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission through a new site specific to Social Security scams, here. We hope this helps.


    The post was very useful
    But this requires constant access to the Internet
    thank you

  9. Heidi G.

    I need to change my address on my SS and check on a Medicare card that I never received. Do I need to make an appointment?

  10. James B.

    Or not, as the case may be…

    Online Service Not Available
    We’re sorry, but the online service you requested isn’t available right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Please return to the Social Security Online home page.

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