Thankful for Services that Touch America

people gathering in the kitchenThanksgiving is a time to reflect and be grateful for the blessings we’ve had through the year.

Here are six of the services we, at Social Security, are most thankful for:

  1. Our Social Security Disability Insurance program — for sixty years, our disability program has provided benefits to workers with disabilities who paid into Social Security. When you can’t work due to a severe condition that is expected to last at least one year, or result in death, Social Security is there.
  2. my Social Security — there’s plenty you can do online, from a change of address to a Benefit Verification Letter, from an estimate 0f your future benefits to the start of your life as a retiree. You don’t have to leave your home, postpone the bonfire in the backyard, or change out of your jammies. Open your personal account today! It’s easy, convenient and secure.
  3. Our Compassionate Allowances — through this initiative we identify people whose medical conditions are so severe, they obviously meet our disability standards. It allows processing disability applications as quickly as possible instead of the usual process, which can take three to five months.
  4. Our Faces and Facts of Disability — we like to say that our Faces and Facts of Disability page is at the heart of what we do and who we are as an agency. On this page, we share the stories of people living with debilitating diseases and receiving Social Security benefits. You can get to know their faces and learn the facts.
  5. Online Replacement of Social Security Cards — when you lose your Social Security card, you don’t have to stand in line! Our new online version of the Application for a Replacement Social Security Card  makes it easy and stress free. It’s available in a growing number of areas, and more than 120,000 have replaced their cards through our new online system.
  6. Faster Disability Decisions for Veterans — our partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs allows us to expedite the processing of disability cases for America’s veterans. This process saves time and taxpayer’s money and allows for faster decisions.

These are just six of the many services we offer. When we say Social Security is here to secure today and tomorrow, we mean it. And that’s something to be grateful for!


47 thoughts on “Thankful for Services that Touch America

  1. Doug Walker, my name is Sharon Sanders resident in North Carolina- I just want to ask – what legislative authority does the Governor have to violate disability rights or alter any approved Social Security Benefits? In this social security case is with North Carolina Governor McCrory interfering with federally approved social security benefits for Sharon L. Sanders.

    • The Governor does not interfere with Social Security, the Governor reports the list of unemployment compensation beneficiaries to the Secretary of Labor. If this story is true the North Carolina Governor is not immune to deprivation of relief benefits under 18USC246 under XI Amendment civil rights remedies under 42USC§2000d-7 like the social security officer who restores her benefits under Sec. 204(c) of the Social Security Act 42USC404(c).

  2. Im very thankful for my Disabilty Benefits.
    Ive worked all my years from 14yrs old, then after variety of positions, a 27 year career I loved. My illnesses ,abuse,then one day a truck hit my door-passenger side& that was surgeries,permanent injuries,etc.icing on my life cake…& due to severe abuse ,finally divorce of 30 year marraige. I could not live without my disability, that is scary for me. & is a Godsend, but ‘living & medical ‘ still keeps me barely making ends meet alone. But this is how my world changed. I live on faith& my Disability amount. Life can turn on a dime. I know I earned, my disabily help,loving my career& worked all my life & was blessed raising 2 children. Politics& prior comment of the woman in NCarolina,, you do feel every day could be a slippery slope. Thats hard on your self esteem & know , if anything legally changed on political issues. Living day to day Financially, you would have no net ,to catch you… Abilities with health , changed the person I had always been able to be strong& self sustained working.. Its alot of faith & inner strength.. Not to let it drain you inside.. I am thankful every day for my ‘net’ of earned disability live& Blessed with an assistance that is there. & stay within cost of life& benefits. & Hope life stays possible with the situation that you never dreamed would be quite this way. But still, very by day

    • I applied for SSI, SSDI and SSA retirement, they changed my SSA retirement to Disability I worked hard too so my question is where is my retirement I applied for

      • Hi Franklin, please keep in mind that we apply reduction factors to retirement benefits if you start receiving them prior to your full retirement age. Disability payments, in the other hand, are established at the highest rate possible, meaning you get a higher monthly benefit amount. We automatically convert your disability benefits to retirement benefits, when you reach your full retirement age, but the amount remains the same. We hope this information helps!

      • ob a égide do Prof. Boaventura cuja produtividade também poderia ser analisada, de cah.ohni..Heme. As férias foram proveitosas… Mas há que reconhecer que o país também está proveitoso em chachada a cada passo — não pretendo com isto desvalorizar a qualidade dos textos 🙂 — JRF

  3. I feel for you as I know how it is. I have thank hod a wonderful man who took care of me ,who took me to hospital when I had pneumonia, UTI infection and wjo has stood by me,helped me with personal bathroom needs and whose 36 years with the state has given us a nice retirement. I pray a lot to thank the Lord for these blessings. I can imagine what you ho through with no one near you or to talk to. But you always have your angel that is with you. Talk to him or her,it helps. God bless and happy thanksgiving.

  4. I am thankful that we now have a new President that understands the dire conditions of working and retired middle class Americans, and not one who we see every 4 years when they are looking for our votes and nothing ever happens when they are in power.
    Now I have hope that this President will clean up Washington D. C. And put an end to the corruption and criminal fraud that we have experienced for many years.
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING and give thanks for the future of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!

    • Where have you been for 8 years. Our outgoing president did everything within his power. Congress wouldn’t let him or his cabinet do but so much.

      • Yes, and he signed many needless and costly Executive Orders that are not only unconstitutional, but a fraudulent waste of taxpayer dollars that could have been better spent cleaning up the criminal activity at the Veterans Administration, purging the IRS of criminal behavior and wasted money on failed fraudulent solar ventures, by “friends” of the administration, just to name a few!!!

        • People are always complaining like you could do better. You don’t know what all President Obama had to go through. Executive Orders all of a sudden is against the law? It’s been being done long, long before he took office so stop with the nonsense. It’s very easy to say I can do better than the next one until it’s dropped in your lap to do it as we’re already seeing from The President Elect. It’s easy to run your mouth but it’s not that easy to run the U,S,A,

        • The SSA has to look out for tax payers money.

          The short form CDR is a joke and scammers know how to beat the system. The SSA sends them the first notice and they never seen the doctor since they been on disability. Now they set up 3 quick visits to the doctor while waiting for the SSA to send out the second notice in 60 days. That is plenty of time to get in 3 recent visits and post it on the short form CDR and pass. All you need is 3 recent visits and you can receive free disability money for up to 7 years without the SSA reviewing them again.

          The SSA doesn’t contact the doctors to see if the person is still disabled and send a letter out saying they will not contact your doctor now.

          • The start date of the recent doctor visit is fine, but the end date should be the date the first notice was sent out.

          • You can get them on a Group II exception for failure to follow prescribed treatment and not have to spend money on the full medical review.

            “Continuing Disability — The issue of “failure” may arise at the time of a continuing disability investigation where (1) subsequent to a prior favorable determination based on information indicating the individual was cooperating with prescribed treatment, the individual failed to follow through on such treatment or (2) treatment has been prescribed since the last determination. Such situations will require the same documentation as that outlined above to determine if “failure” exists and if it is justifiable. Benefits will be continued for 2 months after the month in which a determination of cessation occurs.”

          • Tony, is that what you do? Get 3 visits in to your doctor and then get the so called “free” disability money. The money is NOT free. People have worked to earn the social security. It just so happens it is a disability plan. Maybe Jose needs to look into sending your doctors the required letter to justify why you are STILL disabled if in fact you truly are disabled.

    • Trump wants to do away with Social Security, period. For all of us that have paid into Social Security. Don’t you just love him?

  5. Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications,
    I have been unrightfully terminated Disability Benefits by AT&T, handled by Sedgwick, who is a third party administrator who handles Long Term Benefits for AT&T. They terminated benefits July 2015 and my livelihood has spiraled downward since. My mental health is deteriorating and has been since this occurred. The Psychiatrist that was handling my healthcare was completely substandard. I have tried my health insurance company, many doctors, therapist, and nothing. This is an injustice, humiliating circumstances, lower standard of living, after being a loyal employee for many years. I have no one to turn to. I’m unable to remember things, confusion…diagnosed Bipolar II, Severe Anxiety, Severe Depression, PTSD. They denied me rightful benefits because one doctor said I could go back to work in two weeks.The doctor was handling me for med maintenance. Sir, any guidance is gratefully appreciated. There is just so much more to my lifes experience, it’s unbelievable. Sincerely.

    • Christine should file for Social Security disability online or more probably SSI locally because AT&T is a such a cell-phone bug when it comes to litigating torture compensation, and Christine is probably not a registered worker in Social Security online, after receiving private disability for such a long time, Christine needs her social security disability to quit psychiatry and try the Ticket to Work Program or learn to be a heathy homeless person because that’s all anyone can afford with the COLA benefit attrition to CPI. Don’t ever forget to take the battery out of your cell phone within miles of home or you will probably need to move for your health, private property and peace of mind.

    Good Morning 11/24/2016 Time 11:45 am
    Receiving Monthly SSD Benefits.2002-Presently
    I am blessed to have Monthly Income Recipient: Harlem Social Security Office location, New York. N.Y I am Blessed and Thankful to see my Mid 40’s, 45 yrs, looking forward in seeing More Healthy Mental and Physically Years The 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Congratulations to the 45th President Donald Trump, 2017-2020
    Food and Hot Water Season’s Greetings
    A Safe Thanksgiving
    J Johnson
    I have all of it Good until
    December, 2063
    A Friend(7)

  7. I am so sorry for all the above people. I also am the same. I am disabled, living below the poverty level. I hurt all over every day. I have made due with what I have. And yes, sometimes I go without eating much but I am still grateful.
    Thank you for all that you do for me. Thank you, thank you.

  8. Just be THANKFUL!! I am very BLESSED to have my Benefits after a nasty fall at work which has left me with what’s called CES(Cauda EQUINA SYNDROME), Yes its, very painful but I am still BLESSED! I could give up and be a burden to my family but I can’t and won’t let this condition get the best of me, I asked the Surgeons to help me back up on my feet, and that I wouldn’t complain when the pain gets to out of control.They did save that, I still have a limp walking, but I treat it like it’s Gold. Never be so hard on yourselves, just know somewhere out in this great vast world, someone is going thru. Similar situations. I am THANKFUL TO BE WALKING AND HAVE A GREAT FAMILY WITH LOTS OF UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

  9. I and my wife are very thankful for Social Security. I hope the new President can continue to help people that truly need help. My wife and I have worked for our Social Security checks. I just hope this will continue under the new President’s administration.

    Thank-you for your Government Service work in the Social Security Administration.

      • I don’t think so. When both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were ask about the future of Social Security and Medicare none of them didn’t know what to say. One thing is for sure Social Security fund will run out in 3 years and Medicare on 2020

      • I hope Trump’s reign will be looking into increasing the maximum wage tax cap, which is now set at $250,000. Any wage over $250,000 is currently NOT taxed for social security. Making $1 million per year? The $750,000 is NOT subject to Social Security tax. Much potential funding of Social Security from Social Security tax is lost because of the maximum wage cap.

  10. I am grateful for SS , words cannot express my feelings , after 40+ years in the plumbing trade , as a contractor I started getting sick and injured ! from my spinal damaged lumbers , to my now heart condition , I cannot do my trade as I did for so long. I miss the men and construction sites badly , but unsafe if I were to try and walk the jobs, SS saved my life with medical insurance and now good doctors to help fix me up ! thank you , to the men and women that work SOCIAL SECURITY ! you are all professionals and angels to me .

    • Thank you for sharing Mr. Kessler! We value your opinion of us and look forward to many more years of serving you in the future.

  11. We need to have concern about the national benefits, such as Social Security retirement benefits long before we file for Social Security benefits. We have become largely a society that cares only when we are directly affected. If you are 50 and older, start planning for retirement and personal and government funding issues now; look into organizations such as AARP, to understand what they are doing to hold steadfast to these national benefits like Social Security benefits. I pray that the Social Security System does not become outsourced in the near future, lest we have another national catastrophe on our hands like the 2010-2011 Mortgage meltdown, the direct result of deregulated / unregulated policy policy pressure from the private sector to lend to higher risks at a higher interest rate. We cannot risk catastrophe and total meltdown to the Social Security System like we saw in the mortgage meltdown.

  12. Sanders, Tony J for Social Security Commissioner. Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2016 Hospitals & Asylums HA-6-6-16

    Dear Mr. President: This is the first Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old Age Survivor Disability Trust Funds and Supplemental Security Income Program for summer solstice 2016 as amended for the fall equinox 2016. The 2017 Summer Solstice Instructions shall summarize the OASDI and SSI programs in one easy to understand table. This new edition supplements the United States Code under 1USC§202(c) and amends Annual Reports under Sec. 1161 of Title 11 of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)XI-B§1320c-10 to change the deadline for the Annual Report of the Social Security and Medicare Programs from April Fool’s day to the Summer Solstice. The SSA and CMS Actuaries published their 2016 reports with summary by the Treasury, one day late on June 22, 2106. The Acting Commissioner has not submitted a 2016 annual SSI report on the federally funded SSI program, SSI program growth rates were reported in the 2015 report to be actually nearly zero, although written as 1% . Public Law regarding Social Security since 1996 has been a crime. The Administration must redress three years without COLA 2009-2011 at $674 mo. SSI with a 6% COLA in 2017 to make up for the COLA the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 drank and ensure beneficiaries receive a 3% COLA every year thereafter. Medicare Part B Premium $104.90 in 2015, $121.80 in 2016 (16.1% growth) and $149.00 in 2017 (22.3% growth) is neoplastic, and the HHS budget and Health United States 2015 are unaccountably high. SMI premium increases must again be held harmless under Sec. 1840 of the Social Security Act 42USC§1395s – $104.90 2015 rates through 2016 and until CMS agrees to a 2.5% health annuity of $107.50 if the COLA is 3% or 5% $110.20 provided there is a 6% COLA in 2017. In 2016 employee 26USC§3101 and employer §3111 tax rates and deprivation of relief benefits 18USC§246 were hacked because the 2.37% DI tax rate is not legible on paystubs. The IRS and SSA Commissioners must agree in writing to a legible tax rate of 2.4% DI 10.0% OASI in 2017 and 2.2% DI 10.2% OASI in 2018 and thereafter and ensure the public that Actuary has learned how to calculate the OASDI tax rate right for once. The 2016 report was wrong regarding the precise allocation of the revenues from the DI and OASI trust funds in 2016, although he got the apportionment right for 2017 and thereafter, the 2.37% DI tax rate is not right because it is illegible on pay-stubs and it would be irresponsible to never make a withdrawal from the OASI Trust Fund without prematurely depleting the DI trust fund, and must be made right immediately. Actuarial propaganda about raising tax rates or reducing benefits must cease. The Actuary must account for the fact that the tax on the rich will end poverty in the United States by 2020. The United States is obligated to tax the rich under 26USC§7201 to pay child SSI to 16-24 million poor children in 2017 under 18USC§228(b). Passing the Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2016 in September 2016 would have left the winner of the Presidential election an estimated $20 billion federal budget surplus in FY 2017 but beginning January 1, 2017 is only capable of paying all 16-14 million poor children growing up in the United States in 2017 and ending poverty by 2020 – The Harmless Deal.

  13. Signing Bonus HA-22-11-16

    California is recommended to reimburse $22 million that have already been taken from the rightful beneficiaries of signing bonuses from the 2000s under 18USC§246 and release Sgt. Toni Jaffe immune under Sec. 204(c) of the Social Security Act 42USC§404(c). 9,700 California Army National Guard soldiers and veterans have been ordered to repay +/-$15,000 in enlistment bonuses from the 2000s. Sgt. Toni Jaffe pleaded guilty to filing false claims for handing out more than $15 million in bonuses to ineligible soldiers and is serving a 30-month sentence. Eligibility was apparently limited to civil and intelligence officers, probably due to the hacking of the original documents, that was unlawfully retroactively interpreted to not cover grunts after 2010. To create the Naval Asylum promised in the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811 veterans commissioned the jury that initially tried US v. Thomas Fillebrown, Secretary of Commissioners of Navy Hospitals 32 US 28 7 Pet. 28 (1833) arrested, detained him, and tried him, in failing health, all the way to the Supreme Court, as cited by Justice Story in Minis v. US 40 U.S. 423 (1841) after the Retirement Home had been created in Washington DC, where Abraham Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation two decades later. Signing bonuses are a respected form of hostile fire pay under 24USC§412. The overpayment decision is unlawful under the Sec. 204(a) of the Social Security Act 42USC§404(a) because the beneficiaries are faultless and the paymaster should be immune under Sec. 204(c) of the Social Security Act 42USC§404(c). The Social Security Administration is appalled. This message was transmitted to the Armed Forces Retirement Home Trust fund under 24USC§419. The State of California must recover from an electoral meltdown that took many lives since the Democratic Primaries and created many refugees. California’s $22 million is not immune under the XI Amendment to civil rights remedies under 42USC§2000d-7. Please restore “First Amendment Privacy Protection” to Internet searches of 42USC§2000aa.

  14. it’s great to have this service. it was very helpful except i couldn’t use it to apply for a duplicate ss card for my minor child. i lost all of our ss cards in my billfold

    • Hi, Matthew. First, realize that you may not need a replacement card. You will rarely need to show it. Knowing the Social Security number is what is important. To see if you’re eligible to apply for a replacement Social Security card online or to learn more on the process and what documents you will need to get a card please visit our Social Security Number and Card page. Keep in mind all submitted documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency and must (unless otherwise indicated) have been issued within the last two years. We cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents. Once you’ve submitted all the needed documents, it can take up to 10 business days from the date we received the application to mail a replacement card. We hope this helps.

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