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Supplemental Security Income applications now online

April 17, 2017 • By

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Last Updated: March 17, 2021

woman sitting on a laptopWe’re always looking for ways to provide you with innovative, quality services, and with our newest online enhancement, we’re proud to be doing just that. Now, if you meet certain requirements, you can file Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and disability applications online at the same time.

You can apply online if you:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • Have never been married.
  • Are a U.S. citizen residing in one of the fifty states, District of Columbia, or the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Haven’t applied for or received disability or SSI benefits in the past.

If you started another application online before April 1, but haven’t submitted it, you can take advantage of this new service option and submit a disability and SSI application together.

With this update, we are expanding service to customers with limited English proficiency by allowing them to request an appointment online for an in-person claim or teleclaim in the language of their choice.  As we provide this new service in many languages, including Spanish, we are discontinuing the separate Spanish language iClaim option.  Applicants who started and saved an iClaim in Spanish can still enter the portal and complete it for up to six months after the claim start date.

With disability, and now SSI, benefit applications online, we’re providing easier and more convenient services to support you through life’s journey.

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Eddie M.

    I am 68 years old and already retired. I need to go back to work but I can’t until I have surgeries on my feet. I can’t be on my feet for more than 15 to 20 minutes without resulting in severe pain. I want to get a part-time job to help me get by. A Medicare worker told me I should apply for SSI. Can I apply or am I to old? Any advice would be great.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Eddie. We are sorry to hear about your condition. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities, who meet the financial limits. You may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include free meals, housekeeping help, transportation, or help with other problems. To get information about services in your area and find out if you qualify, you will need to contact your state or local social services or welfare office. We hope this helps.

  2. Christopher T.

    I now recieve disability,i was approved for ssi but had to cancel the application because of a 401k plan,can i reapply now that i no longer have that plan

  3. renee s.

    I completed a SSDI application and SSI application on line
    however there was no place to sign it and no address to mail it. Can I correct this??

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Renee, thank you for using our blog to ask your question. When you apply online, you are electronically signing the application. Once you finish the online process, a Social Security representative will contact you by telephone or by mail for any additional information needed for the applications. Check out “What Happens After I Apply” for additional details.

  4. Sharon L.

    I need to apply for SSI, but am not disabled. All applications on the web are for SSI Disability. How do I apply without a disability??

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Sharon. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities, who meet the financial limits. We hope this helps.

  5. Ricky R.

    Can I apply for SSI Online now

  6. betty t.

    how do i draw spouse support n husband is still living i was told i could

  7. Scott A.

    I just recieved my answer today through the mail about my SSDI from the ALJ Dean Syrjanen 01/03/2019. With a decisive decision of Unfavorable. Not Denied or Accepted. I find it as incomplete and an incompetent answer under my due duress. And complete lack of any money to live on. Like I mentioned I am now so devastated and depressed I do not know which way to turn. I have been desperately awaiting a decision from this ALJ since 10/25/2018. And going down the gutter with no income. Help me get what I deserve.

    • Vonda V.

      Scott, we are sorry to hear about your disability. You may ask the Appeals Council to review your case within 60 days of receiving the decision from the Administrative Law Judge. You can provide additional evidence when you file for the review. If the Appeals Council decides to review the case, it will either decide the case itself or return it to an administrative law judge for further review.

      If you need help requesting a review, contact your local Social Security office, your local hearing office or call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  8. Marlene F.

    I was told to call Social Security to get an application for an Extra Help Application However I am told each time that the wait is 29 to 60 minutes! How can I get an application for this program? I need hellp with Medicare Part B premiums.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Marlene. Anyone who has Medicare can get Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Some people with limited resources and income also may be able to get Extra Help. This Extra Help will help pay for the costs, such as monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and prescription copayments.

      You can apply for Extra Help online. To schedule an appointment or to apply for Extra Help over the phone, contact us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., or contact your local Social Security office.

  9. Jennie

    I’ve seen more than one comment asking about the never been married requirement for applying online, and not one of then got any type of answer.

  10. Marsha G.

    What if I need to apply for SSI but am a widow?

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Marsha. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) gives cash assistance to people with limited income and resources who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled. Children with disabilities can get SSI, too. To find out who qualifies and how to apply, go to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits web page.

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