Social Security’s Definition of Disability

" "This month marks the 29th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on July 26, 1990. Disability affects millions of Americans. It can inhibit peoples’ quality of life and their ability to earn a living. Social Security is here to help you and your family, but there are strict criteria for meeting the definition of disability. The definition of disability under Social Security is also different than it is for other programs. We do not pay benefits for partial or short-term disability.

Social Security has a strict definition of disability. Social Security program rules assume that working families have access to other resources to provide support during periods of short-term disabilities, including workers’ compensation, insurance, savings, and investments.

Social Security is also required by law to review the current medical condition of people receiving disability benefits to make sure they continue to have a qualifying disability. Generally, if someone’s health hasn’t improved, or if their disability still keeps them from working, they will continue to receive benefits.

Social Security is a support system for people who cannot work because of a disability. You can learn more about Social Security’s disability program on our website and also by accessing our starter kits and checklists.


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    • I believe especially after people I have been on it for 10 years and their condition actually gets worse you’re on it for psychiatric reasons along with medical reasons are secret weather inquiries every 7 years skip. I mean making check I guess to see if you’re still going to your doctor which is something that I always do I have to do for the rest of my life and I’ve been doing it since I was 15 and I’m 42 years old now but I don’t agree with Social Security where taking their money when they clearly may have messed up and perhaps overpaid you well that’s not your fault and especially after you call them and say hey is this my money can I spend it and they say yes it’s yours to spend wow then they got you until the payment is paid off because you can fight grieve it and do whatever you want Social Security always wins.

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        • I disagree. I understand what they are saying. Grammar a bit to be desired but I understand the comment. I say leave it for others to read.

          • I totally agree with you. I understand and yes his grammar leaves little too be desired. But I just got finished fighting an overpayment that they said I was responsible for yet at the time of said overpayment SS deemed me unable to care for myself and unable to make any decisions. So I had a rep payee. When I filed again after 11 years I as homeless and living in my car. I filed a waiver eventually got the decision on the waiver and it was denied because it was not affecting my ability to pay rent or utilities. Hmmmm I’m homeless can’t work and all I receive is SSI. And I still live in my car because they don’t have anything I can afford to rent.

        • People with disabilities sometimes have a hard time typing or communicating. Why are you on here saying to remove their questions? Please stop being the grammar or communication police. Take off your badge and skip the ones you can’t understand. Better yet take a English comp class it will help you understand the subject of the question better.

          • Yes, The person communicating did so to the best of their ability, that is why it is called DISABILITY.
            Sandy Westby

          • AGREE 100%…


  1. Thanks for this information! Since 1990, my family and I sent President George H. W. Bush letters every July thanking him for signing the ADA. Our daughter was born with a cardiac disability and the Bushes always replied to our letters. They were very kind and generous people. God Bless George H.W. and Barbara Bush!

  2. I have not been able to find the answer to this question: Once the Social Security Disability benefits turn into just “normal Social Security” am I still considered disabled under the Federal definition of disabled? I received benefits for my issues with Bi-Polar and later depression. Once I turned 67 my SSI kicked in. I’m 72 now.

    • The short answer is “no”. The way the system has been—& still is, as of date (2019) — one when a “SSDI and/or “SSI beneficiary” [Note: I use “&/or”; since: “concurrent beneficiaries are rare but do exist!” —but do not “double dip” ; since their “SSI” portion is significantly reduced by their SSDI amount. Also, in some cases, one’s SSDI benefits are quite low—for many reasons of which I don’t have text space to discuss) — And the combination of their “deemed” [i.e. “countable ” income and assets [as determined, or “deemed”] by SSA federal regulations) are low enough to qualify for SSI benefits on a “needs-based” basis as well, may get a greater amount of SSI benefits (to “supplement” their income (hence, SSI = “Supplemental Security Income). When one reaches “retirement age” ; or “old age”; one’s adult SSDI/SSI turned into “retirement benefits” and one can no longer be considered/determined “disabled under [the SSA’s] rules”.
      When is full retirement/old age?
      Here is the link to “calculate” ; based on what year you were born:
      <> .


    • The responsibility for food stamps is with your state, not SSA or the federal government. Poor communication is on your end.

  4. I was turned down twice so we went two years with no income and then when I finally got it they gave me one months back pay I had to sell everything I owned to feed my family and I mean everything how is that fair.

    • Fellow citizens like yourself often do not give credit where it is due because of a lack of understanding of the law and government. The folks you elect to Congress make the law and set the guidelines. SSA’s job is to find adequate evidence. It is certainly not a program that pays you because you can no longer do your most recent job. In fact, the law (written by the people you send to Congress) clearly states you have to not be able to do any job that you can be found to perform that exists in significant numbers in the national economy. In other words, Congress expects you to move around a job and does not guarantee a standard of living. By that definition, no doubt you had a condition or group of conditions that were not quite at the point of meeting that standard. When you were awarded the third time with only one month of retroactivity, it meant that you only recently met the standard set down by the folks you send to Congress. In addition, many cases are turned down by inadequate evidence from those that treat you. You must be found disabled by clear and convincing evidence.

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      • I totally agree with you. I understand and yes his grammar leaves little too be desired. But I just got finished fighting an overpayment that they said I was responsible for yet at the time of said overpayment SS deemed me unable to care for myself and unable to make any decisions. So I had a rep payee. When I filed again after 11 years I as homeless and living in my car. I filed a waiver eventually got the decision on the waiver and it was denied because it was not affecting my ability to pay rent or utilities. Hmmmm I’m homeless can’t work and all I receive is SSI. And I still live in my car because they don’t have anything I can afford to rent.

        • I received SSI . I use to be able to make my rent, electric, And propane tank fiil 2 X’s a yr house hold and personal items gas for vehicle and have a little Xtra lot rent always like the cost of living goes up I now use elec Heaters cut out the un used including my BD and bathroom couchin it laundry,dish, toilet paper baking soda and vinegar to clean brush my teeth no vehicle broke down, behind on trailer rent, very greatful to trailer Lord probably will also be homeless with our the shelter of my vehicle I’m as fugal as they get who can live on $783.00 a month and January I got a $22.00
          That s 22
          raise going to be 62 yrs old

  5. I have seizures, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and and manic depressive disorder. I have a very hard time keeping a job. They don’t really want to keep you when you have seizures on the job and multiple doctors appointments trying to get the treatment that you need.

    • The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects individuals who possess, or are thought to possess, a wide range of disabilities, ranging from paraplegia to Down Syndrome to autism. However, it does not force an employer to employ a worker whose disability would create an “undue hardship” onto his business (for example, a paraplegic cannot work on a construction site, and a blind person cannot be a chauffeur).[5] Similar protections have been in place for Federal employees and customers of federal agencies and contractors since 1973 under the Rehabilitation Act.

    • I applied for Fibromyalgia, heart issues and epilepsy. Then, I went back to ask about adding artery and other problems. I was told you can only apply once. Is this true?

        • You can apply as often as you like. However, if you currently have an ongoing case where a decision has not been made, you need to tell them that you have new medical information to add to your case. Do not reapply if you have applied and no decision has been made yet. It will start the process all over. Once you have been denied, you can appeal and send in the additional info with your appeal or you can simply reapply. Like I said before, tough, if you reapply instead of appealing the decision, it starts your claim over from the date you reapply and you won’t get any back pay from before.

  6. I have loss of hearing and it is getting worse. It’s hard to hear even though I ware hearing aids. Hard to get a job. Can I receive some kind SS benefit?

  7. I am a disabled police officer. I am deaf and I am receiving social security. Am I entitled to social security disability benefits?

  8. I certainly don’t begrudge those with true disability problems. But like all big governmental programs, this one has
    It’s share of fraud.

    • If this was not a ‘big governmental program’, states could opt out. It has worked well, served persons well. For 7-1/2 I was completely and totally disabled, an invisible disability. Time after time I heard snide comments, “people are fakers”, or “I guess I should go apply”. I had no time for this so called ‘friend’s belittling maligned verbiage. If anyone thinks that SSDI is a windfall you are sadly mistaken. I was not denied, matter of fact, SS cancelled my review appointment as they received sufficient documentation. The benefits were not my focus, I didn’t care if I lived another day, I lived a personal hell. No one, no one, has the right to judge who should and should not receive benefits.

      I continue to struggle on a daily basis just to make it. I work in an extremely high stress/demand job. I was told that I am among a small percentage that return to work.

      • I agree with you totally. There are those who possess (invisible disabilities). None of us can say how someone is feeling inside; only the person hurting knows how they’re feeling.

        Well documented medical records, by competent Drs. should always be well respected, and if turned down, applicants are allowed to rebuff this first decision, until, or unless an SSDI judge has the final say on the applicants case. The first line SSDI case reviewers, aren’t medical professionals, and most of the cases presented to these first line employees, are turned down.

        It’s a sad but very true fact, that as we age, our bodies break down, and some break down more quickly than others.

        Many SDDI recipients have worked heavy labor, or repetitive motion jobs for 20+ years (many while standing on hard concrete, hour after long hour) this can cause a large number of debilitating spinal conditions, leaving those afflicted in such pain, that when surgery is required, it can often fail, and cause further debilitation.

        Many of these spinal conditions can’t be seen by passers by, but can certainly be felt by the inflicted patient. It isn’t anyone else’s business if, someone is on SSDI, and anyone who lumps all recipients into the category of faking, or lazy, is being very disrespectful.

  9. Well I have COPD and a bulging disc in my neck and have medical proof of these things and have been turned down twice. I can’t work because I have to take a lot of breaks and some days can’t do anything because of my breathing and pain in my neck I have no income and have to stay with a friend can’t get no help it’s crazy.

      • Doesnt help much since I to got turned down 2 times and I have COPD, Idioplathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Herniated and Bulging Disc in both neck and back and had a disability attorney and still got turned down. Pulmonogist gave me 5 years and that was 3 years ago and still not able to get disability. What the HELL???????????????????????

    • Disability is determined not by diagnosis alone, but by the ways in which your symptoms prevent you from being able to work.

    • Hello! I have Generalized Dystonia and many other health conditions and I have received benefits for years. I would definitely make some contacts to get what you need and deserve.

  10. My adult daughter sustained a significant spinal cord injury while swimming in the ocean. As a result she has Quadraplegia and is dependent on others for all her cares.
    Despite this and with the help of a voice activated computer program she was able to complete college with a double major in math and science.
    Our state, Minnesota has a program which encourages people with disabilities to work. She works parttime, often from home using technology. As a result she does not take social security payments even though she remains “eligible”.

    Her employer also has covered her medical bills which are in the thousands each year.

    Recently she went in to the social security office to renew her paperwork which states she remains eligible. Without this eligibility she would not be able to continue receiving nursing and personal care assistants in the community.

    Unfortunately she had not monitored her employee retirement plan and ended up above the limit.

    She is devastated and wondering why she even has tried to work parttime.

    What can she do to remain eligible? If she doesn’t she will lose her ability to live and work in the community.

    Every day is a battle for her with her health, obtaining caregivers and the constant worries of needing to go into a group home or nursing home. She has managed to build a life as best she can but it all can come crumbling down.

    Are there any policy changes coming up that can help with those like My daughter who only need to remain eligible?

    • I don’t know the answer in your case, but I would seek a disability lawyers advise. They work on commission usually and you can establish that on the phone when you call to speak to one to set an appointment up. If your daughter is working part time, the lawyer will work something out with you after the case is won. Look Disability Lawyers up in your area in the phone book or online. Good luck.

      • Personally, I would go to NOSSCR ( ; call the number: 1- explain your situation/ and that of your friend/relative; By the way, you want a “NOSSCR-certified attorney”. NOSSCR stands for:
        “National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives.
        Go to: ; AND: you will find the number; and 1 or 2 hyperlinks.
        Additionally, try: ; great links. click “find a lawyer” (toward the top); also, there are Live chat dialog boxes/who can recommend attorneys.

  11. I’m 75 all my Dr’s say I’m disable but when I try with social security and or the Va I get no where I’m to old and I should have got disability before I got social security

    • Because of your age any social security disability would convert to regular social security benefits. You cannot collect both.

      • I have a question about this. If a person applied for early retirement because of a disability and did not know they could have applied for
        Disability instead, and that check would have been higher and stayed at that amount when it converts to retirement, why would they not be entitled to apply for the difference?

  12. Hi I am on SSI I as receiving a small sum of $ from a trust. In February of this year that has disappeared. I also would like to see if I could apply for SSDI. I suffer from depression and not able to work because of it. I belief I only could apply for SSI because of what I was getting from a small trust. I no longer have access this trust. Am I able to apply for SSDI?

    • In order to qualify for SSDI you must have enough work credits. If you haven’t been working over the past few years, you most likely won’t have enough and will continue to qualify for SSI only.
      You can go to their website to verify that info and to find out anything else you may need to know. They have a ton of information on the website.

    • Please disregard this person’s info. It is completely incorrect. You must meet employment requirements for SSI, anyone that does not may qualify for SSDI due to low income.

      • No, it is you who have it backwards. SSDI is for when you have enough work credits. SSI is for those who have not earned enough credits to qualify for SSDI.

    • Hi Manuel. The Social Security Law defines disability as being unable to work because of a physical or mental medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or end in death. You can read more about the disability benefits administered by the Social Security Administration here. We hope this helps.

  13. You said that Social Security was required BY LAW to review current medical condition to ensure that someone still has a qualifying disability.
    I work with people who are getting SSI payments and government benefits, and many of them (easily over half) are lying about their disabilities and receiving payments. They think this is “normal” behavior and that if they can fool the government it is something. To be proud of.
    My question would be: where are the checks and balances??

    • If a person is receiving SSDI (social security disability insurance) you can make up to a certain amount monthly (I think it’s $800 a month total) and still receive your benefits. Remember though, there are two types of social security disability payments.

      SSDI (social security disability insurance) is the disability payment one receives when they have PAID into Social Security through being employed and become disabled before retirement age. Payment amount is based on your earnings.

      SSDA (social security disability assistance) is the disability payments one receives when they are born with or develop a disability and have NOT paid into Social Security through being employed or have earnings. It is a standard monthly payment across the board, which I think is $760.

    • Hi Barb. Thanks for your question. Social Security takes reports of fraud very seriously. If you suspect fraud, here you will find the instructions that you need to submit a fraud report. You can also try and reach a representative on the Fraud Hotline 1-800-269-0271 (TTY 1-866-501-2101) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can also report Social Security program fraud directly to any Social Security office. We hope this helps.

  14. I have adhd, and limitation on my right ankle from throne ligaments and tendons. I also injuries my back in the miltary


    • There is a list of eligible disabilities on the website. Remember, though, you must have medical documentation.

    • Hi Ralph. You may find our listing of impairments useful. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. Disability benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. If you think you are disabled, you can apply for disability benefits. You will need to complete your application for Supplemental Security Information (SSI) disability benefits at your local Social Security office. We hope this helps!

  16. I have a ton of disabilities which have prevented me from earning the hours needed to qualify for social security disability! My husband makes too much for me to receive SSI! He is 66 & retired, I am 58 and would like to know if there is any help available for me! Thank you!

  17. Am I still eligible to receive disability if I have to take the anti rejection Drug PROGRAF for the rest of my life to curtail rejection after a liver transplant

  18. You would have been required to file for social security disability when you filled for SSI. If you are not receiving it now you are not entitled.

  19. I see that questions are being answered by “Tom” & “Lori” & it looks like they are making their best efforts. But why isn’t SS answering, & providing links that the askers can follow to whatever document explains the official answers to their questions? There’s probably a government employee they can call to just say they don’t understand the language at that link & have it explained in more simple words. But anyone who thinks they’ve been mistakenly rejected needs to know that they can go see a private lawyer who specializes in SS for FREE. They can explain the situation to the lawyer, who will tell them if they have a winnable case or not, & why. It’s awful that before Obamacare, people who were too sick or injured to work couldn’t afford to see a doctor, so don’t have years of medical records to prove to SS that they’re not faking. Tell every poor disabled person you know to swallow their pride, accept any & all assistance available from local government, charities, & churches rather than getting worse by trying to work. That will only be held against them. They need to go to any free clinics in the area even if they don’t think they belong in a waiting room with addicts or mentally ill folks.
    They NEED medical records so that if they get worse instead of recovering, they’ll have the records SS expects & that a lawyer hopes they have! If a lawyer takes the case & files a successful appeal, even if it takes a ridiculous amount of time, he will be paid a percentage of the money that the government pays out for the time between the original application date & the date that the appeal succeeded. The government allows every lawyer the same percentage of the back benefits money, so there’s no negotiating. A successful appeal means that SS now accepts that the client really was disabled on the application date & still is disabled, & that medical records say that say that the disability will last for at least another year. So GO SEE A LAWYER!

    • And your issue with ‘mentally ill’ persons is…? Mental illness and chemical addiction are as much a life threatening medical condition as cancer. Studies show that a high percentage of persons with undiagnosed mental health issues self medicate and result in addiction. Behavioral health issues are not understood until it hits close to home.

  20. Unlike the ADA, in which disabled means able to work given appropriate accommodations, Social Security’s definition of disability means unable to work due to symptoms of a medical condition. The anniversary of ADA is not relevant, since ADA is all about making it possible for those with what used to be called handicaps access buildings, sidewalks, etc, and be given whatever help might enable them to work. ADA is the inverse of Social Security Disability.

  21. What a B.S. article. Created by a bureaucrat. From the title, I expected the article to define what a disability is. No such luck. Just says SSA has rules.

  22. There is so much criminal activity on the Internet regarding email and website transaction, that I can no longer determine the validity of any email or website claiming just about anything. VA and Medicare transactions have devolved into a swamp of malignant error prone transactions, (as well as others), due to either incompetency or fraud. I no longer trust such Internet transactions.

  23. David M. Bonilla, age 85 on 8/20/2019, is on Social Security, receiving $640/month. Since he had a stroke April 24, 2019, and is more unable to do his normal tasks, would he qualify for SS disability.

  24. poor article!! Heading is “Social Security’s Definition of Disability”, and you basically skirt around that very issue, not providing a definition. You state SSA assumes people will have access to other resources like WC, insurance, savings, etc. THAT has nothing to do with SSA’s definition of disability. The closest you get is to state what it is NOT……partial or short-term.
    How about stating some facts? It’s total disability. It’s expected to keep you unable to work for 12 months or more, or to result in death. It’s the inability to do substantial, gainful earnings.

  25. Sir, it is v frustrating to know we can not get some partial benefit if are unable to secure 40 points to qualify for retirement benefit. I have 28 pts but came back home here in India because of family liabilities and had to work here as I could not afford to go without money to stay and survive. Pl suggest any other way how and where to put in 3 yrs work to earn 12 points. Thanks
    Ashok K. Sharma, ssn 412313851

  26. I think SS is doing a darn good job. As two seniors 75 & 76 partially disabled, is their any assistance we can get for home chores such as yard work & inside home cleaning? I hear all kinds of opinions but most seem just that opinions not fact. Would appreciate some guidance. Thanking you in advance. John & Beverly

  27. I m in need of some advice.Im disabled,married and raising our Granddaughter.We don’t get any help with our bills and after the bills and food,we are not able to save any and if we have something break at home or one of us gets sick we fall further behind.They say at DFAC’s that I make to much to get the help I need.Im hoping maybe you can shine some light on where I might could get some help.
    A company out of Atlanta did aid me in a few things,they got me a new laptop and some dentist work and took one of the guest rooms in my house and made a bathroom bigger and also disability accessable.Making the door into the bathroom large enough for a wheelchair but not the door going out of the house,so that’s one thing I need,is a door going outside big enough for a wheelchair.

  28. At the end of the day, the SS decision belongs to the judge that hears your case and the mood he/she is in. Sadly, there are drug addicts receiving these benefits and those with real disabilities simply don’t quality. The judges are human, the people reading this are human and not perfect. The system long ago became besieged by fraud, lies and corruption. Asking for an overhaul of this system is pointless. Bottom line? We are on our own, people!!

  29. Hello! I have Generalized Dystonia and many other health conditions and I have received benefits for years. I would definitely make some contacts to get what you need and deserve.

  30. There was obvious SS Fraud several years ago when Many Thousands of Americans received SS Disability payments soon after their Unemployment Benefits ran out!! Are all those many fraud cases still getting those benefits??

    • You can go vigilante and make a citizen arrest since they are committing a felony. You can follow them around in public with a camera and catch them for the SSA. Turn your evidence over to the SSA for them to make an arrest.

      The SSA CDI unit is small and doesn’t have enough staff to investigate all the tips it received. You haven’t even narrowed their search to a single person.

      The SSA CDI unit is doing their job investigating tips and you want to send them on a wild goose chase.

    • [Re: “SAMUEL MARK GADDIE” posted on August 5, 2019 at 7:09 am:
      “Human traffickers still working I see.”] :
      Note: Appears in violation of the “comment policy” . Please review! Thank you!

  31. I am in a country named Chile, I don’t have medical insurance, if I go for a surgery I need probably they will charge me millions, my back is damaged and I hardly can walk, I wish I could go back. Doctors in the US are the best, it is always a solution for a handicapped.

  32. The system is broken. I have so many complaints and I’m disheartened to even begin to talk about. I served in the military for 4 years and I was injured in a car accident. I broke my fibula and tibia in both legs and it required 8 surgeries and I was denied disability 2 times before I finally saw a judge. I was homeless for 3 years and the judge didn’t award me back pay because I was only 49 years old at the time. The system is broken and it needs to be fixed. I know many people that are waiting for disability and most of them are homeless.

  33. I am going on 68 years old I had a slight heart attack and had to get two stents put into one artery which was totally blocked. I am currently receiving my Social Security benefits, I’ve been out of work since I had The Heart attack. My question is am I eligible to receive disability?

    • You can only collect from one or the other, no one gets to collect from both.
      When a person is on SSDI and hit retirement age they switch them over to Social Security retirement benefits and remove them from Disability benefits.
      If you’re already at retirement age, disabled or not, you will only be able to collect from Social Security.
      You can go to and get all the information you’re looking for.

  34. This is the most valuable part of SSA for all Americans. Should tragedy strike, it is what stands between many young people and the abyss. This insurance is expensive to purchase on the market and rarely is a benefit offered anymore. You should make Americans more aware of this underappreciated program

  35. I have worked almost all my life even with severe hearing loss from otosclerosis. As a teen I started having ear surgeries on both ears which enabled me to work.
    But now that I became older they have failed.
    And now i am totally deaf in left ear from damage from surgery and have a hearing aid that helps some in right ear which will probably go also.
    I am totally deaf without it and had to retire at 63 years old. After 25 years at Riddle Hospital.
    I want to know why I cannotget any help for my Medicare premiums. I have been frequenting to no avail.
    It is not fair. I get $1,053 from Medicare and $509.74 from my pension, and i am always having trouble paying my bills.
    Why do partially blind get help and not hear i g impaired? It is a disgraceful since I worked almost my whole life startingat a young age .
    Mental health clinic in billing for 7 years, and as a cook, etc. Many other places when my kids were small and we were having financial problems and husband on strike,etc.
    Yours truly Elaine DeMarco and thank you for listening

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  37. The information which is presented is good, but the article does not explain what is the law’s and SSA’s definition of disability. What is total and permanent disability?

  38. My hiusband had a stroke last sept 2018 and has been off work since then he’s hoping to get back to work in the next months the only money we have is our social security checks . He is 66 years old Can you help us his social security no is236-86-4453 and he is 66 years old phone number is 304″203-7124 or 304-844-0201 thank you

    • Robert Lee Dowdy,
      I have seen your post and another that list your Social Security Number. Please, Please remove this from here. This is not a secure site to have your Social out there for anyone to view. There are plenty of scammers looking through sites such as this to take advantage of the elderly or sick. Leave your message but remove the SS# for your safety.

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  40. Brother in law won an appeal on his disability claim in May 2019. What is the timeline he should expect on the back payout??

  41. Can a retired citizen who could not work anymore due to his doctor’s advice after heart bypass surgery receive benefits from the government?

    • Hi Frank. Thank you for your question. If you are already receiving retirement benefits and already reach your full retirement age, you may not be eligible for disability benefits. However, if you have not reach your full retirement age, then you may be eligible to apply for disability benefits. You can learn more about Social Security disability benefits here. We hope this information helps.

  42. I received a phone call from my bank that a person tried to cash a counterfeit check. I told them to close my account.
    Then I received a phone call saying my social number had been compromised. I will be checking on that today.

    • Hi Diana. Thank you for letting us know about these calls. We do not usually make random calls. If you or anyone receives calls saying that they are from Social Security, do not give out any personal information. Suspicious calls should be reported to the Office of the Inspector General at 1-800-269-0271 or online. You can also report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission through a new site specific to Social Security scams here. We hope this helps.

  43. My son applied for SSD and was turned down. He is a severe diabetic that takes insulin three times a day, so he can’t get a job. I support him, but what is he going to do once I am gone? There are lazy people getting SSD and they don’t deserve it, and those that really need it are rejected. He has to stay home and can’t do much here, so a good income would turn him around, and maybe help him get better health wise. He’s 28 years old and has never held a job because he doesn’t drive, and can’t do work that is too heavy for him. He applied before he was 22 because that’s the rule, so now he has no chance unless a doctor says he’s disabled and can’t work, and social security has to agree with the doctor.

  44. I am a 64 year old male who has worked for 34 years as a copier technician which included some physical activity like heavy lifting, bending and squatting down. Because I have back problems with a pinched nerve causing pain in my back and left leg that interferes with my job I stopped working, applied for early retirement and for disability 2 years ago. I went to my hearing a month ago and now it appears I was denied disability benefits by the ALJ. At the hearing I was asked if I took a vacation this year and I honestly answered yes. But I explained that I stopped often and stretched my back and also had my wife drive a lot. I avoided physical activities. My question is can an ALJ deny you disability benefits because you took a vacation??

  45. My names is Lisa I wanted 2. Ask I am 56 year old I wanted 2 know how I can make a appeal on my e-x husband. I am helping her . They said she can’t add or subtract in her head what’ s that got 2 do with it. She been doing it her own for 4 years I know lot of people can’t do that in there head. Can you help her and tell her what she can do. 2 get it put in her names with out haveing someone 2 help. She don’t have email. She is useing my e mail

  46. My daughter has been on SSDI for many years. When she got married her SSDI benefit amount was reduced. When she later got divorced and she then went to SS to see about her amount being increased back to what it was prior to her marriage, she says they told her it could not be done. Is that the truth??? I could see that if she was living with her ex, but she most definitely is not nor would she EVER. Would you kindly let me know if her SSDI amount should be increased back to at least her pre-marriage amounts since she definitely is single and definitely still is disabled?

  47. i have a life threatening disease and a job injury which left me totally unable to work, according to the taxes we contribute from working we paid for SSD, FICA and retirement taxes why do we only get SSD when we already paid into the system 3 insurances for disbility, we should get all 3 for the totally disabled. i am in that situation SSA does not want to give all at once.. are they violating our rights to be financially secure, i have tried to get them to give me SSD and retirement but they wont , so why are they withholding our insurance that we legally need!!!!

  48. I have a question that I was hoping someone might help with. I am 65, have been working for the same company since 2007. I recently was put on permanent restrictions by my doctor due to my COPD and the fact that my job can at times expose me to harmful chemicals and other reasons. I am looking at a possible medical layoff and was wondering if this happens does that qualify me for SSD?

  49. Try to find out,my oldest child is fixing to be 12 and he has adhd .Taking med in the morning an at night does he qualify for disability

    • Hi, Larry. Thanks for your question. Social Security has a strict definition of disability for children. The child must have a physical or mental condition(s) that very seriously limits his or her activities; and the condition(s) must have lasted, or be expected to last, at least 1 year or result in death. To more information on benefits for disabled children, check out our publication titled, Benefits for Children with Disabilities. We hope this helps.

  50. Social Security Disability Benefits and SSI benefits are hard to attain. Recipients are not given benefits because they are lazy and just don’t want to work! People are awarded benefits because they are disabled under SSA’s five step evaluation. I hear so many people tell me that they know someone who is receiving disability benefits when “nothing” is wrong with them. Please consider that many people who look perfectly healthy can have end-stage cancer, schizophrenia, heart failure and other devastating diseases.

  51. My daughter was denied disability. She is unable to fill out the proper papers. Can I help her reapply? She has MS. Her doctor says she is unable to work.

    • Hi, Freda. We are sorry to hear your daughter’s application for disability benefits did not go the way she had hoped. Social Security wants to be sure that every decision made about Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim is correct. We use the same five-step process to make a decision on each application. If your daughter does not agree with our decision, she has the right to file an appeal. She must make her request within 60 days from the date she received her notice of denial. She can file an appeal online here. If she needs help with her appeal, she can contact her local Social Security office. For more information on the appeals process, click here. We hope this helps.

  52. I have 2 sons w/ a mental health diagnosis. .Not every day is always productive. .I am thanking social security gratefully. For their support of living . As I age their SS is a blessing for me.

  53. My son’s were hospitalized and awaiting aftercare treatment. .How sad to make a person with a permanent mental health diagnosis to pay for room and board on limited benefits. . He’s still living with parents at 37 to pay his bill. This was all court ordered for his understanding of his mental health.

  54. If at Full Retirement Age – the SSDI benefits convert to retirement, what happens if one worked part-time while on SSDI and how does the amounts paid to Social Security each paycheck affect the retirement benefits? Would not the amount of benefit recieved increase?

  55. Is there anyone else leaving and/or going through these comments who has experienced and aortic aneurysm that caused a LONG aortic dissection? No one else seems to realize the gravity of this occurrence and the low survival rate, not to mention the ongoing health symptoms and mental / psychological effects. This is an event that has about a 98-to-99% mortality rate; it is what killed John Ritter and Alan Thicke, just two more notable and recognized individuals. I suffered this “attack” five years ago – less than nine years before retirement age – and it has drastically changed my life, career, and earning power, but I am still trying to get disability benefits of ANY amount for the huge financial loss that I also suffered.

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  57. It was helpful when you explained that someone should be able to receive disability benefits if they’re still unable to work. My dad sustained a bad back injury last month and doesn’t know if he’ll be able to return to work at his construction job. I’m glad I read your article so I can encourage him to discuss his situation with a local disability attorney!

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  59. My thoughts our if you plan ahead and take that LTD your employer offers , and your getting CA STD while you wait is fine. But as soon as your entitlements from your private plan , IT STOPS.. You don’t wait until CA STD runs out. Yes you paid for both but California can use that money and put it towards, say social security? I’m wondering why this has continued and this is only one thing I see why we will have a shortfall, My private LTD should of been given to me 4 months ago? But we’re waiting to deplete the states fund ? Why would this be okay but then SSDI waits and denies if your not accepted. This has to change because that person will become worse and then your going to eventually pay more in the big picture.

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  61. Am I still eligible to receive disability if I have to take the anti rejection Drug PROGRAF for the rest of my life to curtail rejection after a liver transplant

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