Social Security Supports People Battling Cancer

woman hugging younger girlIn 2018, more than a million people will be diagnosed with cancer around the world. This alarming statistic affects people and families everywhere. On June 3, 2018, we observed National Cancer Survivors Day in the United States. In support of this day, Social Security encourages getting checkups to provide early detection, raise awareness through education, and recognize the survivors who have gone through this battle or are still living with the disease.

Social Security supports people who are fighting cancer. We offer support to patients dealing with this disease through our disability program. People with certain cancers may be eligible for a Compassionate Allowance. Compassionate Allowances are cases where individuals have medical conditions so severe they obviously meet Social Security’s disability standards, allowing us to process the cases quickly with minimal medical information.

There’s no special application or form you need to submit for Compassionate Allowances. Simply apply for disability benefits using the standard Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application. Once we identify you as having a Compassionate Allowance condition, we’ll expedite your disability application.

Social Security establishes Compassionate Allowance conditions using information received at public outreach hearings, from the Social Security and Disability Determination Services communities, from medical and scientific experts, and from data based on our research. Visit our Compassionate Allowances website for more information, including the list of eligible conditions.

Some illnesses are more disabling than others and Social Security tries to treat everyone with equal compassion relative to their condition. If you think you qualify for disability benefits based on a Compassionate Allowances condition, please visit our website to apply for benefits.


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  1. Two years ago my wife and I received the shocking news that our eldest son had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of lymphoma. Due to the nature of his cancer he qualified for a compassionate allowance and his case was approved within 30 days. Today he is in remission and hoping to return to work within the next 12 months. Thank you to Social Security for being there for our son when he needed it.

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  3. Is there any help for an individual with leukemia, but makes 200 more than what Medicaid qualifies; therefore no treatment or transportation since then. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Medicaid has a spend-down program. Apply for that. Once he’s spent $200.00 on his condition Medicaid will pick up the rest.

  4. How is it that the Social Security can support all the other folks with our SS money, and then say it will be broke by another 20 to 30 years. All of us baby boomers who worked and paid into social security all these years. Are now being told that when that time comes that their social security would be dropped down by as much of 25 to 30 percent. Something is wrong with this picture, and the whole system if this is true at all.

  5. The compassionate allowance is a wonderful feature It is bad enough when someone gets cancer and even worse when they lose their home on top of battling illness. I personally know several people who have received an expedited determination and they were able to get treatments and avoid eviction!

    • How do I apply and where do I go? I’m already on Disability just so you know. I’ve been fighting this cancer for four years. I went into remission for 14 months. However, my Mom died followed my 14 yr old Schnauzer a month later, then my 16 yr old Chihuahua the month after that. I think the stress was a big reason the cancer came back. Anyway, I can’t afford to go to my doctors or fill many of my prescriptions. I’m about $277 over the max allowed. I would super welcome anyone’s suggestions. Thank you, and God bless you.

  6. Disallowing my wife for Disability is the MOST OUTRAGEOUS ABUSE of her rights imaginable.She has been working w/children and her breast cancer chemo-therapy makes ANY exposure to children (including our grandchildren) IMPOSSIBLE ! You TURN MY STOMACH !

      • It isn’t her being contagious. A lot of chemo medications cause suppression of the immune system. Kids are germ factories. Not to mention how tired and sick it makes a lot of people (I know everyone doesn’t get bad side effects from it, but most I know of have.) I’m not trying to be a smartass or anything so hopefully you don’t take it that way. Just hits close to home.

        I wish they had this when my dad was going through chemo and hospice. My mom and I could have used a lot more help than what their ins paid for at the time…a guy would come out once (maybe twice?) a week and sponge bath him, change his clothes, and that was it. She had the brunt of it (I know that sounds bad, but I mean was home more than me.) I literally just came off of FMLA when he went on hospice so during the day she would work from home, but he needed so much she didn’t do much. If we could have had someone come a couple nights a week, that would have helped tremendously. At the same time, I would NEVER give up that last month having him at home instead of at a hospice center.

        So, anyone who thinks certain people don’t “deserve” to be on it (mind you, my dad worked up until the day he couldn’t drive anymore), and was 64, do you consider that do be spending your money?

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  8. This is one of the best news I ever heard. Personally I don’t have medical issues, but many people do. It is a big step just to recognize the need to support the persons diagnosed with cancer or any other serious conditions. Thanks to all the persons that identified the problem and came up with a compassionate solution. God bless you all.

  9. Hello ,

    I was denied three or more times, while going through chemotherapy and radiation, and had a bulb on my left upper side for drainage from lymph nodes removed. They wouldn’t help me so I went back to work part-time while trying to heal.

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    Cancer Sec. 364: To prevent the loss of weight that precedes death, the cancer diet priority is to maintain a healthy reserve of body fat. The cancer diet treatment, with high rates of remission, is to get adequate calories to maintain a reserve of body fat with a vegan diet from organic sources.

  11. I am so grateful for people who have compassion for others. I know people who have died for lack of treatment. It is good to know some people have a heart.

  12. It is a good thing that S.S.A. supports people people battling cancer. It is most welcome and good for the society.

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  14. Just a quest for some insight here. Can one apply for this if they are receiving their social security already? My mom is 72 yrs old, worked all her life, was recently hospitalized for pneumonia and 2 days later was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that has spread. She does not have Medicare part D coverage and cannot enroll in it until October. One of the medications they want to start her on is 13000.00 yes ….13 THOUSAND dollars for 21 pills. How can people afford that? They tried to qualify her for financial help through Medicaid and she doesn’t qualify. She’s most definitely disabled as the cancer is in her bones and lymph nodes as well.
    When these “program’s ” try to qualify her, they only want to know what she makes a month…not what she pays out. I mean it costs to live, (mortgage, utilities, groceries, Dr’s. )
    So just curious if this can be applied for by people who already recieve social security benefits.
    Any Info is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks and God Bless!

      • Very confusing but again looks like again….there is no help for her.
        Criminals and people who have never worked a day in their life in the end get more help than people who have worked hard all their lives. Such a shame.
        This is what we are teaching our youth, the less you work, the more kids you have, the more our government will help you! Free groceries, free medical, free dental, free vision, free money….FREE all of it FREE!
        Truly disgusting.

  15. This is a long over due benifit form SSDI, I Had my father suffer from cancer just a few years before retirement age, received no help, and I watched my sister under go treatment for breast cancer, just at her retirement age, she however by the crave of God was a survivor, and Diego on to enjoy a few good years of retirement. I realize SS is on a limited, though long needed , budget so I applause those who figured out how the system could afford this out put for those in great need. It has restored, to some extent my faith that in the burucity of government operated systems. Some 30 years to late for my family, but glad it will keep some other families from suffering the financial destruction my family experienced.

  16. In response to an email I received from social security
    “Soc Sec supports cancer victims ” I would like to speak with someone about what befits are available .
    I am currently 69 years old and receive retirement benefits. I was diagnosed with stage III non small cell cancer last Dec 2017. I have been under the care of Dr Shah at Morristown Memorial Hospital in NJ receiving Radiation, Chemo and now Immune Therapy. Am I qualified for any additional benefits from SS

  17. Except that if someone’s awarded SSDI benefits rapidly through being determined to have a compassionate allowance condition, that person STILL ISN’T entitled to Medicare coverage. The rule is: you have to be entitld to receive SSDI benefits for 24 months to become entitled to Medicare coverage. There’s a 5 month waiting period after a person is found disabled, so no cash benefits for the first 5 months after the date of onset of disability. So that means someone WITH cancer will be without Medicare coverage despite being disabled for 29 months.

    Only exception to that rule that I’m aware of is renal failure, Medicare coverage starts immediately once someone meets with that criteria.

    People disabled by a “compassionate condition” should be entitled to Medicare coverage as of the date they’re determined to meet the criteria for one of those 200 compassionate allowance conditions.

  18. Social Security is system originally set up to aide life long wage earners with their retirement by providing monetary benefits. This original benefit has been bastardized by politicians to buy votes from weak minded retirees by adding disability, medical benefits, and other superfluous bribes that should be covered by Medicare and other private insurance. That is why SS is now bankrupt, just like the US Federal government. Good job politicians!

  19. My name was Carolyn Bland, at the time, I received my disability. I was married in 2012 so my name is now Carolyn Bland-McDonald. At that time I was receiving Medicare (Disability) and Medicaid starting in December 2004.
    When I turned 65, however, my disability was dropped and I was just Medicare. Also, my Medicaid was dropped. However, my disability did not just go away because I turned 65 so why was my disability and Medicaid dropped.
    I have tried to have Medicaid reinstated, but because I got married I am told that I am no longer eligible. Both my husband and I live strictly on Social Security and it is barely enough to get by.
    On May 3, 2017, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. So I now have the original disability, Severe Chronic Depression, plus PD along with it’s many symptoms and medicine side effects.
    One of the symptoms of PD is depression which is just added to my Severe Depression that I already have. This is just one, of the many, of the major symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.
    All of this is said to let you know how wrong it is to have dropped my disability and now, when I still really need it. My medication just keeps increasing and I can not get the newer and better medicines, for my depression, because it is to expensive for me. Therefore, I am forced to stay on the older antidepressants which don’t really help me all that much.
    Can I be helped, in some way, by Social Security. I have never reported my Parkinson’s Disease and have not tried for Disability again. Could that be a possibility?

  20. My 85 year old mother died June 25,, 2018. How long do I have to stop her checks? She had some automatic withdrawals coming out of her check by the bank for bills she had setup for several years ago.
    What do I need to have to stop her checks.

    • We are sorry for your loss, Patsy. You must notify Social Security as soon as possible when someone getting benefits dies. Also, if you notify the bank, they will return payments to Social Security.
      In most cases, the funeral director will report the person’s death to Social Security. You can provide the funeral director with your mother’s Social Security number so he or she can report the death.
      See How Social Security Can Help You When A Family Member Dies for more information.
      If you need further assistance, please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally you will have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later in the week. Thanks.

  21. hey very nice article posted by you. your article is too informative. Social Security supports people who are fighting cancer People with certain cancers may be eligible for a Compassionate Allowance. i got many new things from your article. i conceive you have mentioned some interesting points. keep posting these type of articles. if you want more information about healthy foods and herbs natural remedies you can use this healthy food and herbs for more about natural healthy life. thanks you

  22. I am confused by the various types of benefits. At age 59, I was diagnosed with stage 3 and a half breast cancer (spread thru lymph nodes). I applied for disability and was awarded RSDI. My benefits are paid on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. I will forever have to pay late fees and never have enough because of getting my benefits so late in the month. It is common for most bills, especially rent to be due on the 1st of the month. I know several people who get disability benefits who have never worked a day in their lives, several whose “disability” is alcoholism. Guess when they get their benefits – on the 1st of 3rd of the month. In addition, they got back pay from the date of application to the date benefits began. My award letter expressly noted that I would not be awarded back pay. When I reach age 65 next year, will my benefits change from disability to retirement? And will my benefits date change from the 3rd Wednesday to the 1st or 3rd of the month? I’m so confused.

  23. Saw some nice posts here they are really informative and are definitely great as these are quickly updated making us in-sync with the world.

  24. if a claimant is found disabled under a compassionate allowance, do they still have to wait the 2 years after the onset date to be eligible for Medicare?

  25. How to apply for compassionate allowances so I dont loose my place to live our my car while I’m receiving cancer treatments?

    • Hello Cynthia. Compassionate Allowances are a way to quickly identify diseases and other medical conditions that, by definition, meet Social Security’s standards for disability benefits. These conditions primarily include certain cancers, adult brain disorders, and a number of rare disorders that affect children. The CAL initiative helps us reduce waiting time to reach a disability determination for individuals with the most serious disabilities.
      Medical conditions that meet the criteria for Compassionate Allowances are expedited.
      Read more at “Compassionate Allowances“. Thanks!

  26. There is many people who are disable for doing many thing toilet is one work. For that kind people some toilet seat are available . This toilet seat make their bathroom very easy specially for disable people.

  27. Are Social Security disability benefits awarded for your lifetime? I don’t understand why someone who is diagnosed as cured and given an “all clear” to return to work continues to collect benefits. Recently a friend who has been collecting and working received a letter from the SSA telling him he was eligible for Medicaid since he’s been disabled since 2013.

  28. My husband is a 37 years worked retired steelworker who was diagnosed with stage 4 non survivable breast cancer which metastasized to his brain. Someone told me about the “Moms meals” program and with his Dementia I was wondering if he would be eligible?

    • Hi, Nancy. We are very sorry to hear about your husband’s condition. Social Security does not administer this program. However, you may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include free meals, housekeeping help, transportation, or help with other problems. To get information about services in your area and find out if you qualify, you will need to contact your state or local social services or welfare office. We hope this helps!

  29. I had a SSDI Hearing on the 21st of March. I was approved the day of my hearing, which I am told is a rare happening. How long should it take for me to receive a phone call, approval statement on, or a letter in the mail? Thank you sincerely for your time.

  30. My daughter had aides. She could not draw very much. So what is the difference from people with cancer and her with aides. It is a serious disease also. She died. Now I know someone who has cancer. I see other people with cancer who still work. I am so proud of the ones who try. But I know someone who draws over 1500.00 a month over breast cancer. She could work but does not because she draws so much. She has said this. There are older senior citizens who do good to draw 500.00 and can not make it. They would love to work. My question is Why on this. You all need to look into claims alot more then you do.

  31. What is the average time to get approved once they tell you your application will be expedited?
    My niece was diagnosed with cancer in both kidneys but Dr wont start treatment until
    her ss disability is approved. This is heartbreaking and seems inhumane to me. She is extremely ill.

  32. Many people suffer from cancer and don’t know what proper treatment and equipment to be used, most commonly for disable people. They should use disability aids for their proper recovery.

  33. My wife was diagnosed with stage four MBC almost two years ago we applied for compassionate Allowance social security BENIFITS she was denied because she has not worked for almost five years,she had to guit her job as a cashier because her lower back was in so much pain she thought it was from standing at a cash register for to many hours each day she worked at Walmart for 15 years,(Walmart Would not pay her her 90 hours of sick pay time),Social Security also said I make to much income,she paid into Social security.
    she is in Stanford Hospital Palative care they prescribe Morphine,Oxy contain for pain,and nausea medication

  34. Hello. I am a single mother of an adult son with autism spectrum. I am battling breast cancer stage 2. I am currently not working and need assistance with housing and finances.

    • Hi, Jane. We are sorry to hear about your condition and situation. You may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. To find out whether you may qualify and if you need to file a separate application call the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services at 1-800-633-4227 (TTY, 1-877-486-2048). You also can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services or welfare office. We hope this helps.

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