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Social Security Administration LogoStarting today, visitors to will experience a fresh homepage and a new design to help them find what they need more easily. is visited by over 180 million people per year and it is one of our most important tools for providing efficient and equitable access to service,” said Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration. “Whether providing service in person or online, our goal is to help people understand what they may qualify for and seamlessly transition them to an application process.” Improved self-service capability allows people to skip calling or visiting an office, which helps Social Security staff focus on those visitors who need in-person assistance.

Reimagined website prioritizes customer experience

Part of ongoing efforts to improve how the public can do business with the agency, the redesign is intended to provide a clear path to the tasks customers need to accomplish. Many of the most visited sections of are now live with a more user-friendly and task-based approach. New pages and improvements based on public feedback will continue to be unveiled in the coming months.

Visitors to can use interactive tools to:

Check eligibility for benefits

The new benefit eligibility screener is a convenient and simple way for people to learn if they might be eligible for benefits.

Save time on Social Security Number (SSN) and card online services

If a person loses their SSN card, they may not need a replacement. In most cases, simply knowing their SSN is enough. If a person does need a replacement card, they may be able to request it online by visiting our Social Security Number and Card page. Individuals can also start an application for an updated card or request an SSN for the first time. People may never need to visit an office and, if they do need to visit an office to complete the application, they will save a lot of time by starting online.

Start an application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

People can start the application process online and request an appointment to apply for SSI benefits by answering a few questions on our SSI page.

Apply for Social Security benefits and other online services

For most benefits, people can apply online or start an application online. In many cases, there are no forms to sign. The agency will review the application and reach out with questions or for more information. Visit our Online Services page to apply for retirement, disability, or Medicare.

Many Social Security services do not require the public to take time to visit an office. Using a my Social Security account, a personalized online service, people can start or change direct deposit, or request a replacement SSA-1099. For individuals already receiving Social Security benefits, they can print or download a current Benefit Verification Letter if they need proof of their benefits.

People not yet receiving benefits can use their online account to get a personalized Social Security Statement, which provides their earnings information as well as estimates of their future benefits. The portal also includes a retirement calculator and links to information about other online services. The agency encourages people without a my Social Security account to create one today on our website.

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  1. Bill H.

    New system does not work at all

  2. Josh

  3. Khanh H.

    I am US citizen living abroad for 10 yrs. How can I apply for My Social Security account, when I no longer have an US address. Thanks

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Khanh. Thanks for visiting our blog. You must have a U. S. mailing address to create or access your online account. The “my Social Security” authentication system requires address verification as one of the essential criteria for issuing an account. People with APO/FPO/DPO addresses can create an account overseas, but our system does not support registration and account creation for users with a foreign address at this time. Since you are living outside of the U.S., please contact your local Federal Benefits Unit for any assistance related to Social Security benefits. Also, our Office of International Operations home page provides more information to assist our customers living abroad. We hope this helps.



  4. Deb A.

    Maybe they could fix the mySSA website! Each time I have moved the help section says that I can update my address on mySSA. I go to that page, boom! “You cannot change your address online. Call or visit an office”. I called and gave up after waiting 67 minutes. Getting in a local office is an even worse nightmare. My old address will not forward any mail and USPS is hit or miss with my COA actually being honored. It’s 2022. You would think a government agency as large as the Social Security Administration could get someone to build a webpage that works. Oh yeah. Why is an online feature only “open” certain hours?

  5. John P.

    Hopefully, this is how/where I can ask a question. I am trying to calculate estimated taxes to pay for 2023. I just signed up for SS benefits to start in Jan 2023; first payment check in second week of Feb, per my birthdate. For December 2023, though, will the check I get in Jan 2024 (for Dec 2023) count towards 2023 earnings? The local office didn’t know.

    • Guadalupe C.

      Yes, it will.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, John. Thanks for visiting our blog. For tax questions, you will need to contact the IRS. Their toll-free number is 1-800-829-1040 or you can visit their website at We hope this helps.

  6. Marcia J.

    It’s not every one can use the internet people are still here who can’t Some people don’t even have access !! My lord can someone take a look 😳😳

  7. Thomas S.


    I am currently living overseas in Germany. I do not Medicare payments coming out of my social security payments. I do have a German Health Insurance plan that covers me. I have sent the Frankfurt Consulate an email requesting that I not be enrolled in Medicare and I do not want payments coming out of my pay. Any answers and information is requested.

    Thank You

    • Guadalupe C.

      Part B is optional, just make sure that you register with them 3 months before or 3 months after your 65th birthday. If you do not register with SS and let them know you do not want part B medicare you may be penalized.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Thomas. Thanks for visiting our blog. For your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. We encourage you to continue to work with your local Federal Benefits Unit. You can also submit feedback by visiting our Contact Social Security page. Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take you to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form where you can complete and submit a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. We hope this helps.

    • fffred

      I recently did this myself because I moved out of the US and Medicare is useless for me here. I submitted the cancellation form as per the instructions, see

      I sent it by fax rather than postal mail and this worked for me.

      I only cancelled Part B and Part D. Since I do not pay a premium for Part A I elected not to do so. Also, it seems that cancelling Part A can lead to all sorts of headaches for a US citizen; it is the “Nuclear Option” in my view so I have been very careful not to go that route (it can involve paying back lots of USD to Uncle Sam).

  8. Gordon G.

    I appreciate the revamped online appeal page for those appealing disability determinations:

    The new design is much clearer, and easier to use.

  9. Joe e.

    Just add “To My Social Security” or “For All Features” (or something similar) to your sign in button. I prefer the first.
    Don’t assume that everyone will realize that’s what they need to do.

  10. Aftab A.

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