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Social Security Launches New Campaign to Fight Scammers

February 13, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: August 19, 2021

" "Recently, we launched a new Public Service Announcement* campaign as our latest step to caution you about the ongoing nationwide telephone impersonation scheme. The videos feature a message from our Commissioner, Andrew Saul. Along with our Office of the Inspector General, we continue to receive reports about fraudulent phone calls and emails from people falsely claiming they’re government employees. The scammers play on emotions like fear to convince people to provide personal information or money in cash, wire transfers, or gift cards. Fraudsters are also emailing fake documents in attempts to get people to comply with their demands.

“I want every American to know that if a suspicious caller states there is a problem with their Social Security number or account, they should hang up and never give the caller money or personal information. People should then go online to report the scam call to Social Security,” said Commissioner Saul.

Commissioner Saul also addressed the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging on  January 29. He spoke frankly about these ongoing schemes and how we are educating the public about them.

You can watch the hearing or read the transcript at

Learn to protect yourself and report any suspicious calls and emails right away. If you have already been a victim of one of these scams, do not be embarrassed, and please report it so we can stop these scammers and protect other people. Please share our new Public Service Announcement video with your family and friends.*

*Note: This video is no longer available.

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Mike Korbey, Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Mike Korbey, Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. david p.

    I see YOU, the swindler. I got my disability arrearage check this week. It came with instructions that if it is still in my account on Dec 1, 2020, that it will be counted towards our, (married, wife disabled also), $3000 limit and could reduce our payments. The NEXT business day, my wife gets a letter that says because of the arrearage check I, (we) got just one day earlier, they are going to deduct a full month of our disability. Why follow your own rules, just rip people off.? THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME, this same scam was pulled on us. We fight and we win, but how many others, say mentally disabled folks, do not fight, they just get SWINDLED, by the people pretending to fight the swindlers. ” WHAT RESOURCES DO NOT COUNT FOR SSI? retroactive SSI or Social Security benefits for up to nine months after you receive them (including payments received in installments); ” we have fought this same practice with every arrearage check,

  2. retiree

    Russell Voight acting omb budget director told a house comittee talking about Trumps 2021 budget, Social security had over payments of 7billion dollars last year. These overpayments were paid to illegals.SS has a rule that if you cant speak english &you tell SS they will give you disabilty payments,what a disgrace.Trump adminastration is trying to change this.

    • Former S.

      Stop watching Fox News! Social Security has no such rule! You cannot receive Social Security or SSI benefits unless you are either a U.S. citizen or a legal alien.

  3. Maria t.

    Tnxs for consering each person how important there life matters protecing to keep all family get. Family thogher fur a better sweet home ?. Ppl health and children’s health. My blessings to all y’all and great ?? Job amazing ? team work makes it all work government United States ?? of Ami rica.

  4. Charles Y.

    been receiving phone call 2 to 3 times a day from a
    San Diego phone # saying they are from S&S
    I have and air horn ready for them

  5. Ken

    The administration should issue #’s and passwords instead of SS#’s. Banks , DMV. And almost everywhere you go your asked For soc. #
    Easy to steal. Maybe the SS I’ll do what I suggest

  6. JOANN T.

    nice to see that someone is paying attention and trying to get rid of all the nasty scammers!!! CONGRATS~!!!~

  7. Catherine

    Get these all the time I chose to report then
    And you can tell their first language is neither English American or Spanish in Texas I can tell

  8. Sharon P.

    I have reported phone calls about 6 times now and they continue to call me, so what good does it do????

    • Marc

      That’s the point. There are thousands of these groups running these scams; it’s a big business and they make millions. So every time we report one it gives the investigators one more piece of information with which to stop these people. Of course one call to report isn’t going to stop the calls; you’re not being targeted by only one, but many different scammers.

  9. John U.

    Outstanding, Thank you!

  10. Gloria G.

    caller ID said Anonymous PPP
    grandma scam

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