Retiring Online is the Cat’s Meow

cat holding an ipad Cats rarely trip or fall, and when they jump, they always land on all four legs. We’ve always suspected that cats are smart, too. Now, we have proof!

In our public service announcements website, Social Security features a series of four videos with felines doing what they do best – showing us how to get things done the smart way. These four-legged experts talk about the benefits of retiring online and tell us how easy, convenient, and secure it is to retire using our online app. Who knows more about taking things easy than cats?

You worked hard all your life. Retirement shouldn’t be hard work as well. Like the cats in the video tell you, retiring online is ridiculously easy.

First, go to and click on Apply for Retirement. In as little as 15 minutes, you can take the first vital steps toward retirement. You can start and stop the application at any time, if you need a break for a catnap or a good stretch in the sunlight. You can always come back when you’re ready.

These cats are so smart they already checked our Retirement Estimator to get an instant estimate of their future benefit amount. They would also tell you to open a personal my Social Security account to view your Social Security Statement, verify your earnings record, and see estimates of future retirement benefits. You have to admit it; these cats know their stuff!

Follow these smart cats’ leads. Retire online today at!


78 thoughts on “Retiring Online is the Cat’s Meow


    • To what country is he sending money to that wants to kill us? If you are referring to Iran, it is their money that was frozen that they would receive …not ours. Also, COLA is for inflationary times.

      • ukraine irag afgan othrs etc thru othr secret ulterior channels which comes bak to our $$$.were always shelling out to othrs except ourselves commie pinco,fag.

      • SSA case workers sent me letter that i recieved SSA in 2008-2009. All the procedures if have to go through every year to prove non fililing tax return they know they are just making up there own SSA cutbacks. I was already at negative income but i learned to adjust to nothing new. N limitited food. It is right in SS icome statatement of taxes from the time i waws working every doller ever made. its right below there made up income that they are sending me they never put in there computer they r taking away $3400 over the next 3 years to pay them back.if any angency would just look at there statement it would show i had non taxable income of $0 in 20008=2009 plus no one will look i was in hospital 8 major surgeries to cut out gangreene out of my stomach n mersa becuase of filthy hospitals.I Flat lined 5 times but they refuse to just take one more second n look at there own records.Im starving cant afford electric for my electric wheal chair they just wont be bothered.They have cut my already negative income in half They r trying to make me homelss n starving becuse Gove. scott made u[P his own disability cutbacks

        • The SSI,SSA that Gov. I William Hall had stop that change that I was getting I stop that check before I got a increase in my pension .And l will not be sitting no pavement .You need to check your records.

    • Two points, 1.) Congress appropriates spending, not the President, 2.) COLA increases are determined by law, based on CPI, again the President has nothing to do with the increase or lack of increase.

      • Your key word is “LAW”.
        If you believe inflation numbers do not justify an increase try going to a grocery store.
        This is a direct result of law makers who are out of touch with reality.

    • yeah and he and john bohner hse spicker and rest of the pathetic bitch mcconnell idiots tht just dont care morons greed power etc.cant even pass the gd euc ext unemployment compensation bak in jan 2014 pathetic assist us less fortunates struggling thru ths stupid jwish rich illumati bs tht they all caused 12 yrs ago. prks.

      • Im being robbed , murdered , doing everthing they can to make me looose my housing. at the end of my life. Im at end of life becase of thieving murdering medicaide system. Now that ive been robbed of my SSA money cant get overpriced suppliment ins.murder is murder

  2. Do not place blame on President Obama for not raising Social Security. Consider how you voted and then find out why we did not get cost of living raise this year.

    • sure do blame –i am 78 and the president is the one that is to fault ,he screws the ederly all the time ..gets the country in a bind with other countries and and loans others our military and disregards this counrty——where have you been>>>>>>>/????

      • You got that right. The president has not been to the grocery store lately. If you vote for Hillary, you’ve got Obama again. Obama has the final say on the Cola.

        • Obama is the executive branch. It is congress that has the legislative powers and the power to levy taxes, and finances, and cut budgets

      • Betty, I think you should probably do a ‘fact check” on how our government works. Congress is to blame. They have done NOTHING but cut SS, Veteran’s Benefits, and Head Start assistance with food for needy children in this country.
        Blame lies directly on the lawmakers, lobbyists and multi million dollar corporations in this country.

  3. Seriously – “the cat’s meow?” if you want your articles to appeal to today’s retiring baby boomers, you need to stop using expressions and references that were old when our parents were young. Just because we are approaching retirement age, it does not mean we are “old timers”.

  4. I am 7 years from retirement, not an “old timer,” and I like “the cat’s meow.” This is the first appeal that got me to watch the video.

  5. Very smart and creative way of spreading the social security knowledge. COLA is the cost of living index, if there is no inflation, there is no rise in SSI. Anology with the clever cat is interesting. Thank the Govt. for giving the SSI. We worked hard for it, we paid taxes for it, but some people never worked, still get the benefit.

    • The people that never worked should not be entitled to the benefits we worked hard for and have paid for through payroll deductions!

      • I agree with both of you. What’s wrong with using cool cats? Since there’s an annual maximum you can put into the fund via payroll deductions, I’d recommend SSI remove the annual cap on payroll deductions.This would also help maintain the fund from running out of money. This has hurt persons who have or had the opportunity to put in more, in order to get back more when you do retire. Obviously, the cap was put in place for the rich who don’t want to continuing contributing to something they may never use. Example: one really rich guy running for president who already said he doesn’t need SSI and isn’t planning to use it. Too bad there’s no cap on taxes.

      • that is right..president loans out the money to the young who are not working and half will not ever pay back and ask yourself why is there threat to elimimation to SS ? because our retirement seems to have been borrowed-under government use -why??they had no right,,,,

      • It is sad to see how uncompassionate and selfish many Americans can be. Most people receiving SSI have disabilities, unfortunately it hasn’t been a priority of our society to support employment for those individuals. Don’t forget, there are many (mostly women) who stayed home and worked taking care of their family, never earning wages for social security benefits.

    • yeah right ,and obamanation is allowing 10000 more in nxt yr. 2 fk us ams upand get a freebie under the guise terrorist islam muslim prsltize to christian,huh sht.collecting $$ whilst killing us at same time,his homies or homos.

  6. If the country were run properly, it would not be so disappointing when there is no COLA. The cost of living has not gone down with the exception of gasoline. The past eight years have been a horror.

    • Thanks Allen, we appreciate your positive feedback! Certainly, we’ll continue trying to provide the best possible service to our customers in all forums.

      • I think the cat’s meow is cute and I am a young professional college professor at 53. I also love kitty cats and have two of them.

  7. The other day I had to go to the social security this week for my son I needed help with a paper and the lady was upset because I came in for help and you guys don’t Believe my son is disabled He works 15 hours a week you guys make me very upset

    • it is misfortunate the some SS employees are treating people this way and you keep going back and get a different person -you have you rights ..bless you

    • yeah i know whatcha mean some of dem aholes in high or low govt positions are just out and out plain uncooth un kempt and bitchy. like we r imposing on there time for foolishness.let dem feel what ts like to bdisabled and out work.they prob hav 2more yrs until retirement so make do.and then they can b bitchy at home to their spouses.or their cats ,dogs etc.but some workers r ok. so…….

  8. If we do not get a raise in Social Security – why is our insurance costs still going up? For instance – BLUE CROSS – THE RX VALUE PLAN IS RAISING MY INSURANCE BY $10.00 – THIS DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT. Can I get an answer to that???

    • you have that right I second that complaint
      like I said –treat retired like -WE DO NOT COUNT YET – we find we are robbed without a gun—-

    • this is america so day say,capitlism,or socialism whatevr they declare it is, mayb so far mayb tht ll change w trump,huh.big pahrma got obamanation in. one hand washes othr,baby,sorry to say caplist js always win anyway because of what adolf supposedly did.uve herd of less work more pay.they need their merc caddies beemers and there mansions upon da mtn in glendale.min wage goes up so do bigmacs 10.00.huh.they aint foolin nobody.

  9. The best thing you can do is contact your state health insurance assistance program (SHIP) and arrange for free Medicare counseling from registered counselors. They will provide unbiased information about the various plans and choices for Medicare in 2016. Knowledge is more valuable than opinion.

  10. Accessing your records online is fine but wouldn’t you think that after paying SS taxes all your working life you’d then be entitled to an interview with a trained SS rep who could help you through the process of filing and ensure that you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to? Evidently not, as Congress hasn’t funded Social Security with enough operational resources to staff local SS offices to assist you. It’s been over 30 years since SS stopped publishing their local office phone numbers and forced callers into an impersonal and overloaded 800# system. Failing at that now they think everyone has the wherewithal to learn all the ins-and-outs of this massive program on their own. SS management, spineless tools that they are, have participated in this massive dumbing-down of service to the public. Sad. Signed, a former SS claims rep

    • irs also u get a machine,they took out the supposedly voice and a being who used to answer.if u screw up and make a mistake all the sirens blair out and u get screwed having to pay xtra fines some jerk condiscending jerk in irs office in burbank or glendale or hollyweird,pathetic or whereever.govt.disfunctional congress and our fearful or fearless leader prez,for now. i wont say obamanations name.hes just a puppet poopetier.dangling like fr trees.nome sayin?

  11. I have my own problems. I have worked for the same company for over 12 years and they were sold this year. Now I will be out of a job at 64. Besides the age, I have limited mobility and have to use a walker. Going to job interviews with a walker has not gone well. Because SS upped the retirement age to 66, I will have a very difficult time with the reduced benefit.

  12. our country may suffer the dollar collapse and true ,Obama has borrowed beyond sanityand yes some counties own us ,,,when they call there loans,,,I pray there is an answer for us,,,and the terroists are a killing threat ,….sifting thru our counrtry and where the people of threat from over the border are? —what this president left in ,,,insanity–no one under stands–letting some in without screening and some who we have locked for there crimes in USA–DOES THIS SOUND LIKE HE IS LOOKING OUT FOR OUR GOOD? GOD HELP US

    • huh,righton,like 10000 next coming unless we can get trump in to stop the influx or send dem bak to syria for one more or coming also.pathetic govt.obamanation.supposedly good harted,huh hewants his muslim homies 2 b here scrg w us. get ready for more latent terrorists,folks. no more good ol boyz,.

  13. The government helps so many people with things like welfare checks, food stamps, medicaid and so on. However, these people are often NOT PROPERLY SCREENED or have “buddies” in government offices and end up getting help when they really should not. Then you add to that the miss use of that help when you go to the grocery store for example and see grocery baskets that are overflowing with groceries and wonder where those groceries are really going? Then there are government employees (for example Social Security employees) that get paid TOP DOLLAR some of which barely have a high school diploma and put in NUMEROUS HOURS OF OVERTIME because they do not have enough time in their day to handle the work? Yet one goes and sits at the social security office and has to camp out for the day in order to get seen while you see these SS employees walking around with coffee cups in their hands chit chatting with each other! Our time is maybe not quite as valuable as theirs because we are not getting paid the overtime hours like they are, none the less to us out time is also valuable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people need to get their work done during their working day! There would not be any need for overtime (money that comes from our tax dollars) if these people were their to work and not socialize. The government is running out of the money (OUR MONEY) we have paid in thru our hard work while these people are raking it in, is that fair???????

    • these are entitlements, 2 speak.oh they do their job for awhile until they get tired exasperated and take 1hr coffee break 2hr 3 martini lunches or 4.then they sit around chatting until its time to go home and get pd mayb o/t thats why they re pd low wages. thts why. i know some one it took dpss to finally issue dem food stamps aftr cali.nev.cali.nebraska r worst states 2 get fd stamps.path govt.i gone.govt doesnt hav manpower to go check all people for fraud.they try to scare u when u sign up for fe welfare etc.w penalty of perjury etc.that staves off the supposed frauds.

  14. This has turned into the most negative forum. The world already has too much negativity without us adding more. We’re supposed to be trying to help each other here, not place blame, attack others comments and complain about everything. Doing so is just making it worse for everyone and it’s mean. Please try to be more positive with your comments…
    I wish you all the best. Good luck and goodbye.

    • You say we are being negative – that’s because we have to deal with negative situations. It’s not fun solving a social security problem you may have with SS and whatever they say about cost of living that influences our social security checks, the grocery prices are what effects us the most and should be considered when SS decides to give or not give an increase to our SS checks.

  15. OMG, Janet! Once I had scrolled down threw some of this mess, there you were, saying exactly what I was thinking! Bless U!!! In summary however, for me, this site is the best! . . . and even if some of us are unable to control our angst, perhaps too they have simply found the courage to write down the harsh thoughts which actually accomplish little else than steal some of our precious moments of living . . . so go ahead and beat the dead horse, I’ll listen, and either disagree or have a good snicker – either way, it’s all good! Take care everyone, and keep the attitudes! Awesome jabber! Love it!

    • I agree with Cynthia & Janet. Those of you who rant & rave on this forum need to 1) take a deep breath & channel that negative energy into something positive 2) check your facts before you post 3) understand what branch of government controls what 4) realize that you can get poor customer service anywhere (government or private). Maybe that person had a bad day….like some you posters seem to have had. I have had only excellent customer service from Social Security & Medicare 5) Yes, you can make an appointment & go to the SS office for assistance as well as most local libraries 6) when you post please spell at least close to correctly so we can understand what you are trying to say.

  16. Many of the above posts blame the President. The Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 states clearly that: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence (sic. spelling in the document) and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;…” Additionally, the Congress may pass a bill, if vetoed by the President, can override the veto. If you are going to criticize the functioning of the US Government, at minimum read the Constitution, don’t just blab and blog to show your ignorance to the whole world over the Internet!

    • Robert, well said. One of my four masters is in political science. You are so right, perfectly intellectually stated. I am now pursuing my PhD in management, and you are correct that Congress has the power to levy and collect taxes, provide for the common defence, general welfare, etc under article one section 8

  17. Approximately how long does it take for my part B social security to be processed online? Because I understand my Medicare rates will go up in 2016 l am trying to hold off as long as possible to allow my social security benefits to increase

  18. It’s not a matter of them giving money to other countries, although, I agree they SHOULD take care of the US CITIZENS FIRST!! It makes me sick that the Seniors who built this country and fought for this country get hardly nothing!! If they apply for any help with utilities, food, etc. they can’t make over $10,000.00 a year! Who can live on that?? Its a disgrace! WE worked all our lives and paid into SS and its like pulling teeth to get a cost of living raise or any help from the Government. Your saying its not the government or Obama, I don’t care who is in charge, stop sending money to countries who hate everything about America except our MONEY! They don’t mind taking that do they? TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN FIRST!!

  19. I am looking for this question…. Do cats meows get deeper? This did not help me. Mabey You guys should post the answer to my question, hope you do.

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