Retiring Online is the Cat’s Meow

cat holding an ipad Cats rarely trip or fall, and when they jump, they always land on all four legs. We’ve always suspected that cats are smart, too. Now, we have proof!

In our public service announcements website, Social Security features a series of four videos with felines doing what they do best – showing us how to get things done the smart way. These four-legged experts talk about the benefits of retiring online and tell us how easy, convenient, and secure it is to retire using our online app. Who knows more about taking things easy than cats?

You worked hard all your life. Retirement shouldn’t be hard work as well. Like the cats in the video tell you, retiring online is ridiculously easy.

First, go to and click on Apply for Retirement. In as little as 15 minutes, you can take the first vital steps toward retirement. You can start and stop the application at any time, if you need a break for a catnap or a good stretch in the sunlight. You can always come back when you’re ready.

These cats are so smart they already checked our Retirement Estimator to get an instant estimate of their future benefit amount. They would also tell you to open a personal my Social Security account to view your Social Security Statement, verify your earnings record, and see estimates of future retirement benefits. You have to admit it; these cats know their stuff!

Follow these smart cats’ leads. Retire online today at!


78 thoughts on “Retiring Online is the Cat’s Meow

  1. Approximately how long does it take for my part B social security to be processed online? Because I understand my Medicare rates will go up in 2016 l am trying to hold off as long as possible to allow my social security benefits to increase

  2. It’s not a matter of them giving money to other countries, although, I agree they SHOULD take care of the US CITIZENS FIRST!! It makes me sick that the Seniors who built this country and fought for this country get hardly nothing!! If they apply for any help with utilities, food, etc. they can’t make over $10,000.00 a year! Who can live on that?? Its a disgrace! WE worked all our lives and paid into SS and its like pulling teeth to get a cost of living raise or any help from the Government. Your saying its not the government or Obama, I don’t care who is in charge, stop sending money to countries who hate everything about America except our MONEY! They don’t mind taking that do they? TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN FIRST!!

  3. I am looking for this question…. Do cats meows get deeper? This did not help me. Mabey You guys should post the answer to my question, hope you do.

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