292 thoughts on “Replacing Your Medicare Card – Know Before You Go (Online)

  1. Need to replace medicare card for Emilie Elda Filchner. I do not have number so I cannot get online sign in. Please advise how I can get a replacement card. I am currently in a nursing home and have limited access to a computer. My brother-in-law (Michael Waldrop) is trying to help me.

  2. I cannot find my medicare card i need to replace it and I need one . I am answering all the questions here you ask but you wont let me in to get a new card I need help please

  3. Unfortunately, the idiots require a ton of information going back a decade and, if you don’t have an idectic memory, you’re screwed. (No, I don’t recognize my old phone number or car loan provider from 2008.) Can’t write to them to request a replacement card (letters are not allowed, only phone or online), no email address for them to help with “specific problems or your personal situation” and good luck calling them. I waited over 2 hours and had to give up because I got a shoulder cramp. They go out of their way to make getting any type of assistance extremely difficult, if not impossible. Like most govt. agencies. Thanks for nothing, as usual. Our tax dollars at work.

  4. I am supplying the right information with the email address I am now using. I changed it since giving you the one I used previously. For that reason you are not verifying my information.

  5. I called total 6 times to ask for replace a new Medicare card without SS # for a year until now, but I did not received a new card yet. What is going on with my card. When I called, I provided every info that the representative requested including currently address, but I received nothing. I don’t know what is going with my status.

  6. I have not received my Medicare card and will turn 65 on May 19. I used to have an old online SS account, but it is no longer good and my e- mail has changed. My wife and I share the same e-mail address and It keeps saying it does not recognize me and kicks it back to my wife’s account. My SS# *** – ** – ***. Garland Michael Whitley, 512 Pagan Rd., Smithfield, VA 23430. All I need is my Medicare card# to set up a supplement,

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