Replace Your Social Security Card Online

" "Need to replace your lost or misplaced Social Security card? If you live in a qualifying state, our online application makes getting a replacement card easier than ever. There’s no need to sit in traffic or visit a local office or Card Center.

As long as you’re only requesting a replacement card, and no other changes, you can use our free online service from the comfort of your home or office. All you need to do is create a my Social Security account.

Your identity and personal information matter to us. We protect your information by using strict identity verification and security features. The application process has built-in features to detect fraud and confirm your identity. Once you have a personal account, simply follow the instructions to replace your Social Security card.

In many cases, even if you lost your card, you may not need a replacement. Most of the time, simply knowing your Social Security number is enough. Visit our website to find out whether you can request your replacement Social Security card online or what the requirements are in your area on our website.


160 thoughts on “Replace Your Social Security Card Online

  1. I keep getting the message, “We’re sorry. The driver’s license or ID card information you provided doesn’t match your motor vehicle records. Please review your information and try again.” I’m literally holding the driver’s license in my hand. Everything is perfect, what information could be causing this?

    • Hi Tyler, thanks for using our blog. We are very sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing. You can call us at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance or you can contact your local Social Security office. Please look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal. We hope this information helps.

    • Hi Diane, thank you for your question. First, realize you may not need a replacement card. You will rarely need to show it. Knowing your Social Security number is what is important. However, if you must get a replacement card, you may be able to apply online. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for details on how to apply for a replacement Social Security card. If you are unable to apply online and you do not want to mail in your documents, which will be returned, you may need to wait for the offices to reopen. You can also call your local office and see if they will mail you an SSN printout instead of a replacement Social Security card. We are unable to process replacement Social Security card requests by phone at this time. Use our Social Security Office Locator to find your local office address. We hope this helps.

  2. I’m trying to get a replacement card and it asks for an activation code to set up my account. How do I get it?

    • Hi Ronald, thank you for using our blog. An activation code is provided after visiting a Social Security field office with identification. A representative in the office will verify your identity and issue you a letter containing an activation code. Our field offices are currently closed. To create a my Social Security account, click on Create New Account. We hope this helps.

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