Recognizing Those Who Make it All Possible

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Public Service Recognition Week, May 1-7, is a special time to celebrate those who serve our country as federal, state, county and local government employees. This year’s theme is “Honoring Our Public Servants.”

Public service is a part of the foundation of our great country. We are proud to be part of that foundation.   Social Security is with you through life’s journey.  Each day our more than 60,000 employees provide invaluable service to the public in communities across the country.  Each day I witness firsthand, how our staff serve the public with care and compassion. They are enduring champions for the most vulnerable in our community assisting thousands everyday with exceptional service.

From those who work in our field and hearing offices, teleservice and payment centers, to those who serve at our headquarters, our employees embody the mission of our agency.   As Acting Commissioner, I am honored and extremely proud to work side by side with our employees in serving the needs of the public.

I want to extend my personal thanks to all of our employees for their commitment and dedication as public servants.  Securing today and tomorrow would not be possible without them. I know they will continue to provide exemplary service to the public.

Please join me in taking time this week to recognize someone for their hard work, dedication and excellence in public service.  I am sure they will appreciate the acknowledgment.

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Carolyn Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security

Acting Commissioner of Social Security (February 14, 2013 - January 20, 2017)


  1. Ronald b.

    I want to thank you. I’m disabled and I want you to know. Thanks for help and all you do

  2. Dennis D.

    When I needed help getting set up for my Social Security retirement, I was quite frustrated because it often took a LONG time to get someone on the ‘phone. Considering we’re a country of over three hundred million, that is understandable! Each time I did reach someone, without fail they were patient, helpful, knowledgeable and totally professional. THANKS!!

  3. Sonny

    Lifetime jobs, Cadillac pensions, health care and no fear of getting fired…….and STILL WHINING!! All of THAT is fully funded by me (and others!) the taxpayer. I cannot fund my own retirement account and health care costs(Obamacare) are going through the roof along with the deductibles. Wake up and smell what you are shoveling!

    • Dk

      Get over it. Had it not been for the labor battles of public employees and unions, you would/would have worked 60 hr weeks, no vacation, no overtime, no sick pay, no OSHA protections, the list goes on. You…..stop your whining foe taking a free ride on the back of those who fought for what we still have. There is no middle class because the union busters were the destroyers.

  4. Min P.

    I’ve served Active Army over 10 yrs and
    Civilian service in Army 20 yrs, total served 31 years then retired in 2012.
    But I and my spouse can’t use PX and commisary privileges.
    If you request to allows these privilege to
    DOD for civilian retire who served over 20 years, please do.

    Thank you

  5. Rob

    At first I thought this article was a recognition of those who make Social Security (and Medicare, Medicaid) possible, but I see it is not that.
    I will tell you who makes it possible: Those millions of us workers and their employers who have our income reduced every paycheck to fund Social Security and Medicare taxes, THAT is who makes it possible.
    A total of 15.3% of each of our pay (7.65% employee pays, 7.65% employer pays) is removed from our paychecks to fund this program. Without us, Social Security ceases to exist.

    • Dk

      As a former State employee I paid into social security, the same as you! I’m not sure where you got your info.

      • SF

        Rob is absolutely correct. FICA employee deduction is 7.65 %. Employer matches it. Self employed pay both, making it 15.3 %. This is figured on gross income.

    • Susan

      You are living a dream. SS is a shell game. They call it “insurance”, “savings”, “retirement” etc. it is none of those things and never has been. The money we pay in goes whereever Congress decides it wants it to go, but mainly to pay IOU’s or Gov’t backed Treasuries. Gov’t backed treasuries are Treasuries the Gov’t backs with IOU’s. There is no big Savings Plan that your FICA goes to, it was set up that way, way back in the beginning until Congress started robbing it to pay whatever they wanted with more programs and more printing money out of thin air. That is a little convoluted, but this whole economy is teetering on this printing paper money out of thin air and paying IOU’s from one division of gov’t to another.

      • Sharron

        I agree with you that the SS fund should be kept separate and our gov’t should keep their hands off of it, but as far as a “shell game” I would be in big trouble if it weren’t for SS. I have worked all of my life (57 years and counting), and put money into both a retirement account through the stock market and also to SS. In 2008 when the stock market crashed, I lost close to 2/3 of my retirement. That is why I’m still working today at 75 to try to get it back up to where I can retire. Right now, if I retired today, my SS check would be 3 times what my pension check would be. Don’t knock SS. It may fail but not because the thought behind the program isn’t good – it will fail because of gov’t policies or the failure of our country to protect are not viable.

  6. Dan

    The Hard Work is Appreciated. Too Bad Our Scum Bag Politicians have Spent Our Social Security MONEY on other things. Vote TRUMP 2016 and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    • Dk

      There will be no SS with Trump. His business model is “self-insured” medical coverage. If he bankrupt a business, employees are the losers. Check out how many businesses he’s run into the ground. How many of his products are made in China. How many workers, hotel staff, are foreign visa workers. We lose with Trump!

      • Susan

        I concur, I don’t see what these people see in Trump with his failed bankrupt business history! He will bankrupt America sooner than the path it is already on. I was a Republican and when he became one of the 17 running, I changed parties to libertarian. Less government, especially in our pockets.

  7. Jim B.

    To bad Congress cuts our Social Security because we get a pension from our public job.

  8. Ellen B.

    I want to thank you for your hard work you do every day for the senior community.

    • Ray F.

      – Thank you Ellen! Social Security is committed to providing world-class customer service today and in the years to come.

      • Lisa

        Really first class customer service? I don’t call being put on hold for hours first class. I don’t call waiting to be approved for disability for more than 2 1/2’years and still not approved first class service. I have cancer and can’t get approved. Every time I call it takes the entire day only to get the run around. This Social Security System is Nothing More than a Cover Up for the Goverment to Rape the American People. Legal Criminals how do you people sleep at night. Millions of people suffering and you folks can give 2 shits about any of us. May you all get Plaged with some irreversible disease and may you suffer just as we are.I HATE YOU and the rest of the Government. You All Suck the American People Dry. Please come put me in jail so I can have a roof over my head and food to eat. I want to die because there is no help from you. Wasted tax dollars that you took out of my pay check for well over 35 years and I have no recourse because your the fucking government. You wonder why your hated so.

  9. Dallas P.

    Your labor does not go unappreciated!

    • Ray F.

      We appreciate your thoughts Dallas. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Kenneth J.

    My wife of 42 years and myself wish to thank you all for the work you do helping seniors make it through their daily lives, very much appreciated.

    • Howard L.

      Hi I am a Disable Veteran/Disabled SSD. My wife of 33 years Divorced me, due to my NECGLECT, my fault.. She is very happy remarried to first husband an back in Utah with the Morons.. I am in need help an do not know what to do ??? I am not able to drive. STROKE an am getting house bound. I will be calling a Nevada Social worker for aide. I am truly blessed to be alive an need to continue my independence!! So I have to dropdown off my pride an ask for help,!! thank God for SSA agents for their past help, to a 30 plus years as a Health Care Professional.myself…

    • Firozali A.

      It is great that some of us do the good to the wives these days the dog eat dog has left many to lonely trees jumping from one tree to another I love this story shows faith

    • Ray F.

      Thank you! We’re pleased we can help. We will continue our efforts to meet your requirements and expectations in the years to come.

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