144 thoughts on “Receive Social Security Benefits? Keep Your Address Up-to-Date with my Social Security

  1. I’m having trouble finding out where to go to find my social security benefits letter. I need a copy of my letter and my husband’s.

  2. Does soc sec keep both a mailing address and a permanent residential address separately? I see only one address for update online under my profile even though I did not check the box “This mailing address is also my residence”.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for using our blog. The My Change of Address feature in my Social Security allows you to view and update the mailing address we currently have on our records and choose an effective date of “today,” or “on a later date.” The latter option allows the user to select a specific date in the future. It also allows you to indicate whether the mailing address is also your residence address. It will not ask for both.

      • Yes, thank you. So the only address to change is the mailing address (unless it matches the residence). Can the permanent residence address be seen if not changed?

      • Not sure if I left my reply in the correct box!
        Thanks for the reply. An additional question: can the permanent residential address be seen if not changed? You say we only have access to the mailing address. (unless it happens to match the residential).

  3. My bank returned my check to social security as it did not accept the deposit. I now have a letter to say that my benefits have been stopped and that you do not have my correct address. The letter was sent to my home, which is the address that you have. What do I need to do?

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