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Welcome to the Social Security Administration’s Open Government Engagement Site

The purpose of this site is to receive input about additional SSA data that we should make available to the public. We invite you to add new comments and respond to existing comments. As a public site, you will be able to add new information and comment. Please review our current inventory of data on the Social Security Data Page to see the data that has already been released. Here you will find information on over 1,800 data assets. Background on this government-wide initiative is available at If you prefer, please feel free to email with your ideas and comments.

How to use this community:

  • Please review our Comment Policy
  • When you are ready to add a new information, open the post
  • Scroll to the bottom and enter your comment in the “Leave a Reply” section
  • When complete, press the “Post Comment” button

Social Security Open Government Initiative
Social Security Data Page

145 thoughts on “Open Government Engagement Site

  1. After speaking with a representative from Texas phone number, ” Barbara”, I took the survey. the directions were not clear and I think on the first question I accidentally gave her a poor rating. There was no way to comment or go back to change my my answer. I hope you can fix the answer. She was very patient, very kind and helped me through two issues, one for direct deposit and one for my password.

    Thank you.

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