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63 thoughts on “Open Government Engagement Site

  1. Your administration needs to provide phone numbers that the public can actually talk to a live person to be able to track our needs. Mine is reference to suspending my retirement and promptly mailing a personal check to the processing center that your administration provided to me with the letter stating the amount due. Maybe you need to change to a better processing center. I have been dealing with my problem since November, 2018 and it still isn’t resolved. I still haven’t been able to talk with anyone that can help me resolve my situation.

  2. Hi Jeanne Duran @ 1225victorian sarks Nevada I just got my SSI back in Reno Nevada I lost it since May 2016 my back pay they gave me in Reno Nevada was 698&&&& dollars I have been in & out of the social security office in Reno Nevada numerous times the last 2 years I was just stoves January 2nd & the lady Lim extension 27833 in Reno Nevada she has lied to me numerous times than I have 2 enters saying my back at will be deposited in my bank account @ Wells Fargo bank in Reno Nevada she has lied to me so much when u call her extension it says Ki white than another person a lady at social security said that that the Kim but there’s no Kim White their at the social security in Reno she is using a fed Hodges mast name she took my back pay than I got a letter from my land lady here from doc sec but I see no ost office marks on it the letter says u doc sec over paid me 17 thousand & something that’s rrediciculos!!! I’m going through Carson city with this 775 2327041

  3. Please add more worker to windows! For a 5 minute service, we have to wait 2 hours. Or at least designate a specific window just for one thing. For example, a social security window just for people who need to apply for a card. Come on, it takes 5 minute for that.

  4. This is to protest the unfairness of medicare rates. We (identified as “rich”) are paying the highest monthly fee. This–after working our whole lives, still working actually, and living with great frugality. Now that we have accumulated some “wealth,” we are penalized for that. In addition, we have always been careful to live in a healthy way, so we probably not require huge “benefits.” At the same time, people who may not have worked much, lived unhealthy lives, spent or wasted their money, pay little or nothing. This is more than unfair. It is an outrage!

  5. The website & the national 800 number advise to call & make an appointment to schedule a visit to the local office. However, the local office near me told me emphatically that they DO Not accept appointments and it’s a first come first serve basis, which necessitated spending a whole business day waiting in line. I was also told that the national 800 number is just a call center and do not have correct information.

    Is there someone monitoring the local office to ensure compliance with the main office’s directives?

  6. Seeking assistance. I have been trying to join my Social Security AND Medicare as required by law, however, the system provided cannot find me. I have spent hours on the phone and in offices and I cannot enroll. Anyone who can provide assistance would be most welcome.

    • Hi, Jeffrey. We are sorry to hear about your experience. For your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. We ask that members in our Blog community to continue to work with our offices with specific questions. You can call us at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., for assistance. Generally, you will have a shorter wait if you call later in the day. You can also contact your local Social Security office. We hope this helps.

  7. After speaking with a representative from Texas phone number, ” Barbara”, I took the survey. the directions were not clear and I think on the first question I accidentally gave her a poor rating. There was no way to comment or go back to change my answer. I hope you can fix the answer. She was very patient, very kind and helped me through two issues, one for direct deposit and one for my password.

    Thank you.

  8. My husband had received an over payment bill for SSA. We appealed it and were able to get set payments of $100 a month after submitting our entire financial documents. We began paying it Sept. 2018. Every month, we received the coupon and sent it back with the payment. In Dec. when the government was partially shut down, our payments did not clear the bank as quickly as they did originally. I relieved Jan. payment coupon that stated they had not relieved my payments. I tried to call for days to let them know it was on their end, not ours.

    My husband received a letter dated Feb. 20th stating they were going to begin to garnish his wages because we had not paid. The $$ they were going to take out would be catastrophic to our family. We called the local office daily and they referred us to Chicago. We both called daily and finally spoke to someone that stated they had “just had a meeting about this” and that it was happening “everywhere”.

    We are still receiving the coupons and paying it as well as the garnishment began 3 weeks ago AND they took our tax check. I am on SSA and they took my tax check of $2500. We have called Chicago and they are supposedly trying to get it reversed but we are now 3 weeks into the garnishment. They took out, $215, $265 and $251 out of my husband’s check along with our paying the $100 a month.

    No one is listening and we have always held up our end of the agreement we made in Sept. This will be the end of our marriage and we will begin to lose everything in the next month. We can’t continue to pay this. We will begin to lose cars and eventually our house. They are taking $1200 out of our monthly income with no notice. We called the local office and told them this would be catastrophic and they did not stop the payment in the first 60 days as they were suppose to. WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!

    My husband was on SSA for the time he was on it because he is Bipolar. The stress of this is going to cause him to begin to not be able to work again. We will be filing bankrupt and divorce if this continues. I have a son going to college in the Fall. This is ending our family.

  9. Needing to know if my email made detention to Iowa press office Brian wignall 641-260-1372 mobile phone number respectively Brian.

  10. I scoured the site trying to find location of social security office near me (zip 11803). All I found was a map of USA boasting of 1400 offices as shown by 1400 small dots. l need an address.

  11. I visited the North Austin SSA office today, 3/1919 at about 1pm. I had an appointment for 1pm and I signed in on the computer interface as having an appointment and ticket # X777 was printed out for me. Soon X776 appeared on the call screen and those people went to the window ( a little after 1pm). a half hour later X776 was still on the call screen and then the number switched to X778 — skipping my number. I had been very attentive to the screen and audio and I’m sure my X777 was not called or displayed in the waiting room. I went up to the window that X778 had been called to and asked the occupant what happened with X777? He looked in the computer but was unable to tell what had happened to cause my number to be skipped. I was later served but that system is flaky. The security guard had earlier said that there were many skips and they were assuming that was due to customers not paying attention. I wonder………..

  12. In this age of electronic mail, and secured web sites, WHY does it take 10 days for the Social Security Administration to send me information to open MY account? WHY can’t they just email it to me like any other web site?

  13. Brian Edward wignall need help with Iowa press not turning in doctors on social security index 1902….1128a… corrective action by doctors of being tax payer doctors of mahaska behavior health Eric boyum is in entity doctors are all involved in takeing funds out of inventory for being enity percentage to doctors reason people being denied claims no inventory

  14. I have tried multiple times to open an on line account. It seems the problem is with the security questions that your contractor…I believe it is Experion..posed to me. First of all some of the questions went back 15-20 years and I had no memory of some of the accounts that it was requesting information on. So after failing twice I went back to Experion and was able to access my Experion information and found that there were multiple data points that were incorrect. I submitted a list of corrections to Experion so that they could correct the website data…and they have since acknowledged that they were wrong and corrected the information.

    Its no wonder that the security questions can’t be answered correctly between the wrong information in their data base and the time lapse issue. So I called SS and they told me to wait a few days and try again…which I did today. I’m now told that my account is frozen and I’m supposed to call back to another number…which I probably won’t do because of the aggravation factor.

    I’ll just say that the method that social security is using for security verification ie using Experion…a company that has already had multiple issues…is very troubling. SS should look into a different method/company for security verification. Thank you.

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  16. Yesterday and today I’ve been to two different SSA offices with two vastly different experience.

    Yesterday I went to the Georgetown TX office (10 miles from my house) to update my son’s name after I adopted him. I was told that the certified final adoption decree would not suffice to update his name and was rudely told I need to come back with an official school record or notorized medical documents.

    So I got the documents that were requested but today I went to the office in South Austin (35 miles from my house).

    The lady who helped me there was very professional. She actually REVIEWED the adoption decree and said it had all the required information and I did not need the official school record. I was in and out in less then an hour!

    If I ever have to go to an SSA office again I will go to the South Austin office. The staff at the Georgetown office really needs some training on professionalism and leadership….

  17. I just had a most unhappy experience with the SSA. First, I called, and was told the wait time was 27 minutes but they could call me back in an hour, so I opted for that. A person call me back 04/23/19 at 2:26 pm from Texas. That is all I know about this person. I was calling to request a complete copy of my social security disability file, which I have a legal right to. I gave her all my information. I have a speech delay from a stroke I had in 2013. She treated me like I was an idiot. I am not stupid nor am I mentally deficient. I just want a copy of my disability file and all the records in it. I was told that it would cost me over $40, but she knew nothing about it costing me a fee. I don’t think she had any idea what she was doing. She asked me, “WHY do you want to see your file?” I said, “Because I have a right to it.” The SSA said that if you have feedback, stay on the line at the end of the call, for a survey. SHE NEVER HUNG UP. Ten minutes later, she’s still on the line so I can’t take the survey, so that is why I am writing you now.


  19. I have been roaming around, just like job descriptions, with no avail or support from bravo? and messages. I know that I still have

  20. Dear Sir, After visiting an Urgent Care in Charleston WV for a
    broken ankle I feel obligated to share my experience.. I did not recieve, what most would consider, an acceptable degree of resolve. It is unconscionable for a physician to not even discuss the x-ray results nor do anything other than wrap (inproperly) the area around the broken bone. I was then told to see another Doctor. Of course; they were sure to suggest who, including a full page promotional flyer.

    I do not understand how they can legitimately bill social security. They accomplished nothing. It is my opinion they are trying, very deliberately, to earn more they deserve. Sincerely,TH

  21. This is not a comment,but an inquire in how to correctly credited my SSA payments,because I recently learn that IRS was credited my payments to an erroneous SSnumber even so this agency(ssa)have in their record the correct SSNumber but without any payments.Please someone from the SSA contact me,and tell me how to correct this issue.
    Thank you

    Angel Flores

  22. Hello,
    I was recently asked to accept the responsibility of taking on the role of rep payee for someone on SSI. I have had a terribly time of trial and error trying to figure out how to do the job correctly (which would be fine if this was a paid position, but I’m a volunteer here). What can be done toward providing actual procedures/task instructions for those of us donating our time and energy to help others in this process?

    Specific examples include:
    * the booklet provided when I became a rep payee says to start a rep payee account at a local bank, but doesn’t say what information is needed. I had to make 3-4 trips to the bank over 2 weeks (and coordinate with the actual beneficiary to make sure she could be there to) before successfully opening the account.
    * I have received notices that I am required to set up direct deposit, but that wasn’t stated up front, and, when I tried to set it up, the system said I needed to have the check (which I had already deposited) on hand to get information off it (so I’ll have to wait for next month?).
    * when I have tried to report the earnings of the person I am representing, I have spent literally hours on the phone waiting to talk to people, only to find out that I didn’t have the necessary information about the person I am representing. If the initial manual or online instructions provided a clear statement about what information I needed, I wouldn’t have had to waste all that time.
    *Various tasks, such as the reporting of earnings, etc. were never described to me beforehand, and were not *clearly* described to me even after agreeing to take on this volunteer responsibility. I had to find out by asking questions and digging into what was expected. If the goal is transparency and efficiency, having a clear document describing all the responsibilities, available up front, would go a long way toward that.

    On a separate note:
    (1) I have noticed that both on the phone system and in much of the documentation there is a constant refrain about the criminality of making any mistakes in reporting or handling of benefits, but without giving any instructions or guidance about how to do it correctly. If you want people to volunteer to help others in this system, threatening (or seeming to threaten) volunteers (who are not themselves getting any benefit) isn’t really the best way to promote engagement.
    (2) It seems like many of the task associated with being a rep payee *should* be routine work that could be done in an automated reporting system, but the current methods seem to require actual phone or face time for everything. (Since were talking about openness,) what is driving the restriction to phone and face time instead of setting up secure online accounts where things can just be reported 24/7 (like most banks do, for example)?


  23. When an individual is claiming one half of a spouse’s retirement, they are no longer able to see what their own social security benefit would be online. The message says “We cannot provide you estimates because you are already receiving Social Security benefits.” This is not helpful to seniors making financial decisions. Please consider making changes so that we can view both benefit levels on the My Social Security site. Thank you.

  24. 1-800-772-1213 should have a call back feature. Much more helpful than being forced to wait on line for 50 or more minutes

  25. Your administration needs to provide phone numbers that the public can actually talk to a live person to be able to track our needs. Mine is reference to suspending my retirement and promptly mailing a personal check to the processing center that your administration provided to me with the letter stating the amount due. Maybe you need to change to a better processing center. I have been dealing with my problem since November, 2018 and it still isn’t resolved. I still haven’t been able to talk with anyone that can help me resolve my situation.

  26. Greetings, my name is Michael R Hobbs and I am an Eligible for Direct Pay Non-attorney Representative. I am also a retired state employee and I have worked in the area of SSA Disability since I was hired as an adjudicator in 1984.
    In my retirement, I advocate for citizens that are unable to complete the SSA-DI/SSI application process without assistance. I do not charge a fee for this advocacy.
    Recenetly, I filed a request for a Protective File Date with a 1696 and I received a letter rejecting the 1696 because “there was no application in the system”. After 4 visits to the the Olympia SSA Field Office and waiting since 7/30/2019, my client was told by the DDDS that they did not have an active application on 10/16/2019.

    C NADR
    Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell

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