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The purpose of this site is to receive input about additional SSA data that we should make available to the public. We invite you to add new comments and respond to existing comments. As a public site, you will be able to add new information and comment. Please review our current inventory of data on the Social Security Data Page to see the data that has already been released. Here you will find information on over 1,800 data assets. Background on this government-wide initiative is available at https://project-open-data.cio.gov/policy-memo/. If you prefer, please feel free to email open.government@ssa.gov with your ideas and comments.

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  1. Your administration needs to provide phone numbers that the public can actually talk to a live person to be able to track our needs. Mine is reference to suspending my retirement and promptly mailing a personal check to the processing center that your administration provided to me with the letter stating the amount due. Maybe you need to change to a better processing center. I have been dealing with my problem since November, 2018 and it still isn’t resolved. I still haven’t been able to talk with anyone that can help me resolve my situation.

  2. Hi Jeanne Duran @ 1225victorian sarks Nevada I just got my SSI back in Reno Nevada I lost it since May 2016 my back pay they gave me in Reno Nevada was 698&&&& dollars I have been in & out of the social security office in Reno Nevada numerous times the last 2 years I was just stoves January 2nd & the lady Lim extension 27833 in Reno Nevada she has lied to me numerous times than I have 2 enters saying my back at will be deposited in my bank account @ Wells Fargo bank in Reno Nevada she has lied to me so much when u call her extension it says Ki white than another person a lady at social security said that that the Kim but there’s no Kim White their at the social security in Reno she is using a fed Hodges mast name she took my back pay than I got a letter from my land lady here from doc sec but I see no ost office marks on it the letter says u doc sec over paid me 17 thousand & something that’s rrediciculos!!! I’m going through Carson city with this 775 2327041

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