1,843 thoughts on “No Need to Visit a Field Office: Replace Your SSA-1099 Benefit Statement Online

  1. please help me get my wifes ssa-1099 for the year 2017. her name is Marjorie Rengifo Arevalo. social security number is XXXXXXXXX. we requested a replacement almost three months ago, but it has not arrived yet.
    our address is 902 North 1250 East tooele Utah 84074

  2. I need to change my address but the website won’t let me ,I have not received my 2019 benefit statement because I believe ssa has the wrong address,I need the 1099 to submit my tax return ,due in two days what do you suggest?

  3. You do realize that this is both partially incomplete and partially false, right?

    You also realize that we are unable to obtain past years’ information and that forms to do so are hidden from view, correct?

    Is there a public reason that the site is dishonest, other than herding people like cattle to the online site (which doesn’t work half the time for clients applying for a new account), and not wanting to provide easy access to previous information, reducing your workload and limiting the budget?

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