New Rule Modernizes How We Award Disability Benefits

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The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society. A successful disability program must evolve and support making the right decision as early in the process as possible. To help us do that, we must modernize the rules and standards we use to evaluate how we determine disability benefits. We are moving forward with a rule change that has been in the works for a number of years and serves to update a more than 40-year-old policy that made the inability to communicate in English a factor in awarding disability benefits. The new rule is effective April 27, 2020.

We are required to consider education to determine if your medical condition prevents work. In 2015, our Inspector General recommended that we evaluate the appropriateness of this policy. Research now shows the inability to communicate in English is no longer a good measure of a person’s education level or the ability to engage in work. The new rule also supports the Administration’s longstanding focus of recognizing that individuals with disabilities can remain in the workforce.

To make the right disability decisions, Social Security disability rules must continue to reflect current medicine and evolution of work. We need to update our rules to keep up with society’s changes.

We owe it to the American public to ensure that our disability programs continue to reflect the realities of the modern workplace. Please share this information with your family and friends.


612 thoughts on “New Rule Modernizes How We Award Disability Benefits

  1. I went on disability on sept 2019 and I was told I have a 2 year waiting period to get medicare . is there anyway of getting it sooner

  2. I like to say I am devastated right now the disability act and the legal law if you get disability and you’re under the poverty 803 a month you’re not allowed to garnish year Social Security disability check for child support arrivesment my son is 24 I no longer pay child support I have some reason for medical bills and interest over the years to pay back but but the legal law is I don’t get enough for child support enforcement to Ghana share I am devastated child support told me yesterday that they shouldn’t be gone to sharing your check so now I got to fill out paperwork that they’re sending me to stop the payment I notified Social Security disability and they told me they couldn’t do nothing does anybody know about law and your rights the disability act want you read it and once you read the law on the disability website on top of that the $227 they’ve been taken that was never a family court order from a judge I don’t know how they came up with that number but that’s incorrect the big question is are they going to pay me back or Social Security going to pay me back somebody’s going to be liable that is the law I can’t wait to find out how this unfolds I paid a ton of money in child support over the years my friend in Florida owes child support he gets $800 a month they’re not allowed to touch his check and he’s on SSI SSA I like somebody to email me back and contact me back cuz I’m furious all these years are the god of sharing that’s the legal law so I’m waiting for somebody in management in the Social Security administration to do something about this cuz I will keep on leaving messages on so social media cuz it is so wrong for that to happen to me and I’m glad I found out to put a stop to it immediately that is the law I’m devastated because right now I am in a shelter in New York in the Bronx I lost everything and starting all over and waiting for my housing on top of this I don’t get enough money each month so now I got to wait to go to the process to see who’s going to refund my money that I wasn’t supposed to be paying because of the disability act on top of that they took my impact payment which was $1,444 that I never received now I got an offset from the government and I got to see how I’m going to resolve that the lady told me a child support that must have been a mix-up on whoever’s putting the paperwork together with child support and Social Security and they should know the legal law you can’t go on and see if someone’s that makes 803 a month it’s so crazy at this time everybody needs every dime make you get we’re in a crisis this has to get out there for others that are going through the same thing God bless if this is happening to you contact child support in your local area and Social Security immediately and make them redo everything over God bless and stay safe

  3. I was oked for social security disability back in April,2020.They figured my payment to be $348.00 a month. SSD thinks I am still collecting workman’s comp.That stopped on Dec.15,2019. My represenative and I have sent in all the paperwork asked for by SSD and we still have not gotten any answer on this problem.We both have called the office and many extensions but nobody calls us back.What can I do to speed this process up? I am slowly going broke and using up all my savings to get by! Thank you.

    • Hi William, thanks for using our blog. We are sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing with Social Security. Please continue to work with your local Social Security office. Look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal.

      You can submit feedback by visiting our Contact Social Security page. Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take you to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form, where you can complete and submit a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. We hope this helps.

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