New Option for Submitting your Disability Update Report!

November 3, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: November 16, 2020

We are required to conduct continuing eligibility reviews for disabled beneficiaries every three years. This process requires that beneficiaries complete a Continuing Disability Review mailer to update information about their medical conditions and recent treatments.

We now offer an online option to complete this update and provide any supporting documents about your medical treatment or your work.

We designed this new form with convenience in mind—and to save you time. You can access the online form. (Use either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for the best online experience.)

You will need your Social Security number, your current address and phone number, and a valid email address to complete the form. Also, you must have received a request for an updated disability report in the mail.

Once you “Click to Sign,” you will receive an email from echosign.com asking you to confirm your digital signature. Check your junk folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes. Your signature isn’t complete—and your form won’t be processed—until you complete the instructions in your email.

Please visit our blog for more articles—and our frequently asked questions page. Be sure to let your friends and loved ones know about this new online option.

NOTE: The mention of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the Social Security Administration.


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  1. Pong

    it will really helpful for Disability’s peoples during the covid

  2. Trying t.

    This is great that it is finally available online. I still can’t get over how every other office, like the DMV and courthouses have opened in CA, but not the SSA offices. Just unbelievable and absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Mary J.

    How do I apply for SSI for my grandson ? We been applying for the Last 3 years and still getting turned down and his condition is getting worse. He has lost hearing in his left ear and badly now you have to talk louder before he. can you

  4. Desiree G.

    I can’t print form . just a bunch of junk shows up.

  5. Cynthia b.

    I started receiving ssi aug 2018, so soon I’ll be doing my review do we get an email, or letter when todo our review?

  6. Shonda A.

    My husband has epilepsy it’s so bad he seizes daily. 5 yrs he has waited went to all the doctors 2 or 3 times . He was just told the 20th of last month last visit We were notified he was denied.denied were at our wits end we cant get insurance for him his seizure meds are over 400.00.
    Thank you
    Mrs .S. J. Ables

  7. Ronald M.

    I was wondering my children are in their 30s and my stimulas went to my ex to pay interest on child support. Im disabled and she already gets a portion of my disability. Am I to assume that if you are disabled and owe interest on child support you dont deserve an economic impact check because social security pays you plenty of money to hand over to your ex?

  8. ak

    it will really helpful for Disability’s peoples during the covid https://corejavatopics.com

  9. Laura W.

    the online option is very easy and practical to use and its really going to help in pandemic…


  10. Kim V.

    Is there a number I can call about updating my medical issues for my disability and also wondering why I can’t get ssi

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