New Option for Submitting your Disability Update Report!

November 3, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: November 16, 2020

We are required to conduct continuing eligibility reviews for disabled beneficiaries every three years. This process requires that beneficiaries complete a Continuing Disability Review mailer to update information about their medical conditions and recent treatments.

We now offer an online option to complete this update and provide any supporting documents about your medical treatment or your work.

We designed this new form with convenience in mind—and to save you time. You can access the online form. (Use either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for the best online experience.)

You will need your Social Security number, your current address and phone number, and a valid email address to complete the form. Also, you must have received a request for an updated disability report in the mail.

Once you “Click to Sign,” you will receive an email from echosign.com asking you to confirm your digital signature. Check your junk folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes. Your signature isn’t complete—and your form won’t be processed—until you complete the instructions in your email.

Please visit our blog for more articles—and our frequently asked questions page. Be sure to let your friends and loved ones know about this new online option.

NOTE: The mention of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the Social Security Administration.


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  1. DIANA S.

    As a Wife of a Marine Veteran, as his Care Giver24/7, WE ARE Struggling to Even Live month to month !!!! This month, AGAIN, No money to Buy NEEDS, Let alone Food ! My Husband DOES NOT get a Pension from the VA, as , After 14 Years, we Can Not get his Service Papers that PROVE he Served his Country ! We Are Tired of Food Banks. We NEED REAL FOOD as My Husbands Disabilities Call for foods to Help him, NOT hurt him ! According to the Food Stamp or SNAP, we get too much for ANY HELP. BULL !!!! I bet NO Government employee has to go through what we, Seniors, have to !!!! ALL OF OUR SOLDIERS go through Hunger & MORE ! “WE NEED HELP”! At the Cost of TODAY’S LIVING , a $5, Even $20 Dollar raise, DOES NOT CUT IT ANYWHERE ACROSS THE BOARD !!!!

  2. Cliff K.

    I have tried to get social security to mail me a temporary password so I can login to my account but it never gets here. I have tried every month and still no mail or email. What else can I do.

  3. William m.

    I do not have a computer or router because they are so expensive.

    • Celia

      What are you using to post your comment??

  4. JESSIE &.

    Mr. Erik N Jones. My Wife & I Are A Married Couple JESSIE CADE, JR 01-15-1959 & Cynthia B. Cade 08-19-1958 & We Would Like To Ask U To Please Find Out Why Our SSI Is Still At $66.50 For Each Of Us? A Mistake Was Made & Never Corrected @ Doc Sec Office On Stancliff In Houston, TX We Did A Review Less Than 3 YRS Ago.& Last Year We Got A Ride For 20 Miles To Office & Waited 7 Hrs & We R Both Diabetic & High Blood Pressur e & Wife Got Sick Waiting & Mr Bayard Was Given Info & He Sent Back In Mail All Info &Non Assert Affadavit & HE Sent A Sticky” Note By Mail # NO INCREASE? When We Came 2014 To Texas Our SSI Was $200.00 JESSIE & $200 CYNTHIA.. 1-800 Doc Sec Said 2016 It Was To Change & Stancliff Office Must Change It. My Wife SSDI $525.00 Disabled For 22 YRS & JESSIE $537.00 A MONTH -Disabled 11 Yrs. Mr. Jones WILL U Please Look At Our Case & Correct Those Amounts For SSI. Please C. Cade 3208 & J. Cade 8512. (318)990-8915. / 700 Cobia Dr #526/ Katy, TX 77494-1720??

    • Anastasia C.

      ReWrite this and mail it to the social security office that made the mistake and make a copy and send it to Mr Jones.
      He won’t get this message you wrote unfortunately. It’s just a blog.

  5. Michael W.

    I am locked out of my account because I forgot my password. They cannot help me locally and the wait time on the phone was 9 hours. How do I get my password reset please?

  6. Joseph R.

    In 2005 I left my job after a prolonged problem with my back. I am still living with that problem-has gotten worse over the years! Doctors have told me that with surgery, I have a 50/50 chance of becoming paralyzed. I am unwilling to take that chance. And even if I did there will be a $15,000 payback to the Federal Gov. because of a Worker’s Compensation settlement for that amount. As a retiree that still hangs over my head. I am 77 now and on a fixed income so I guess I will never have the operation!

  7. Diana B.

    I have submitted numerous requests to have my disability recalculated and I have had no response.

  8. Daniel R.

    Entró todo lo que me piden para una cuenta y no me deja entrar
    Con mi seguro social mi dirección teléfono
    Fecha nacimiento. No entiendo si todo está bien llevo más de 20 intentos y no se puede y dicen que es fácil crear una cuenta ??

  9. Elaine L.


  10. Leladonna M.

    I already sent my renewal in last week? I filled out everything. Do not know why I received an email to do the same thing, and when you go to that screen it’s all blue with like 6 options, none work? Or is this just something that comes out automatically? Leladonna A Mallorey 810-488-0652 please let me know!
    Thank/you. Sincerely, Ms. Leladonna A Mallorey

    • C. W.

      I just mailed my review in yesterday. There was no mention on the form (like in the article) that I needed “supporting documentation about my medical treatments”. My form only asked me to document appointments, reason why & dates.
      Is this part of the new SSA regulations that were released in 2020?
      Also, do these medical reviews continue forever? I read that the reviews will be changed to yearly. Is this true?

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