447 thoughts on “New Medicare Cards Are on the Way

  1. I went today to get a real ID card from CA DMV office. They require 2 IDs, I brought my Passport and Medicare card. They asked for my “blue” Social Security Card. I explained that I am on Medicare and do not have a separate blue Social Security card. I didn’t get the real ID card and will have to return with other documentation.
    I searched everywhere and don’t have a blue card, nor do I recall having received one. Am I wrong? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Why is it very difficult to request a replacement of Medicaid Card? It should be as easy as requesting a social security card. I need a replacement medicaid card.

  3. hi, my name is nancy corbett perkins and i have not yet received my new medicare card in the mail yet. i read that it was implemented in 2018. are they still being mailed out and how do i get one? thank you, nancy.

  4. Old Medicare card claim numbers didn’t get accepted at my local Safeway when trying to get my flu shot & never got a new Medicare card in the mail. They tell me the numbers werent going through & menioned something about I shoud have got some new one that came out with different numbers. Still have my original from 2012 which typically got me into doctor visits just fine up into 2019. How would I go about getting the new claim number even though all I have are the old claim number? It makes it impossible to create a medicare account with the old numbers. This is very inconveniant & unecessary.

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