National Data Privacy Day

"  "Far too often, the news alerts consumers about potential data breaches and concerns over the privacy of their personal data. In 2018, several major breaches affected millions. Questions and concerns about data and privacy are on the rise.

To highlight the importance of data privacy, Congress decreed January 28 as National Data Privacy Day. This day is an annual observance dedicated to increasing awareness about data privacy, the importance of individual privacy rights, and the need to protect personally identifiable information (PII) from improper use and disclosure.

Social Security collects and maintains some of the public’s most sensitive PII. We respect the privacy of individuals, safeguard their PII, and maintain the public’s trust in performing these responsibilities – not just on National Data Privacy Day, but every day.

Whether through new online services on the secure my Social Security portal that allow you to review your benefits online, or ensuring information contained in existing paper files are protected, we are constantly reviewing and improving our procedures and policies to ensure protecting PII remains a top priority for our agency.

To learn more about Social Security’s privacy program, please visit our Office of Privacy and Disclosure’s webpage. You can also review some practical tips for being privacy smart on the National Data Privacy Day website.


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