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National Check Your Statement Day

April 7, 2016 • By

Last Updated: April 7, 2016

Today is “Check Your Statement Day,” one of the days during National my Social Security Week and Financial Literacy Month when you can get serious about planning for your financial future. Social Security has been here for more than 80 years, securing your today and tomorrow with information, tools, and resources to meet your changing needs and lifestyles. And what’s easier for you than going online to access an important part of your financial planning routine?

One of the advantages of opening a my Social Security account is having access to your Social Security Statement instantly. With your Statement, you can review estimates of your future retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, as well as the Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid. We base your future benefits on your recorded earnings, so you should access your Statement once a year to verify the amounts that we posted are correct. You can also check it whenever you have a change of employment or wish to verify any changes to your benefit estimate.

Join the millions who regularly check their Statement. Log in or create a my Social Security account today at And then, help spread the word about “Check Your Statement Day” by telling your family and friends!


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  2. Kathryn Allen

    I receive a small SS check based on 1/2 of my ex-husband. I put mine on hold until I’m 68-69 to allow it to grow. When I go into account to pull up my statement it will not allow me to. Why is that? I use to do that every year but since last year when I started drawing the small check on ex I have not been able to see my current estimate. Will SSA send me a statement?

    Thank you

    • Ray Fernandez, Public Affairs Specialist

      We are sorry for the inconvenience Kathryn, you cannot get your Social Security Statement once you start receiving Social Security benefits. Perhaps, you could find our online calculator useful for getting estimates of your own retirement benefits. For further assistance, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Generally, you will have a shorter waiting time if you call later during the week. Thank you.

  3. Janet Wilkerson

    I have a question: Why does someone who earned 1/2 what I earned before retirement get the same monthly benefit?

  4. Jesse Castro

    RE: 2016 Medicare Part b Premium. Because of the “no-Harm done” provision the premium remained at $104.90. HOWEVER, because of my ignorance, (Had Insurance, but not from active employment) I was hit with a 100% penalty when I signed up in 2013. For 2016 This penalty was recalculated on a figure of $121.80 which would have been the the base 2016 part b Premium had we received a Cost Of Living raise. One would think My penalty would have been applied to the $104.90 figure , which is my base premium for 2016. Some how this application/interpretation does not make sense, as too many “No-Harm done” years without the benefit of COLA to help offset these compounding costs will deplete any SS benefit I now receive. Is there any action in the works to correct this?
    I’m certain that there are others, though not at 100%.

  5. Stephen

    National check your statement week but the site has been down now for several days. Is there any way of cking the site availability to create a new account without keying in all that data to find out – sorry try again later.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, same issue I’m experiencing. No feedback other than “We cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.” Clearly not checking with Experian because reply is instantaneous.

  6. johnny

    I’m 57yrs.old,been paying into SS since 1973 & sick of the fraud going on & our Gov. looks the other way. just in my local bar,i can name 20-30 people scamming SS.. There’s nothing wrong with them & brag about how SSI dosn’t require anything once your on it,so they just stay on it. It pisses me off every time i’m in the bar after work,sore,tired & it’s the first of the month,there all happy,having a good time(on my money),drug dealers scooping up there EBT cards & pay them half of the credit,nothing to worry about here,we got the Gov.!! I have reported some of them to SSI fraud investigators,don’t bother , they could care less, they just want to use there title to make more money off us tax payers!! If you can’t win,join em. Sick of feeling like a sucker!!!

    • Ray Fernandez, Public Affairs Specialist

      Hi Johnny, thank you for your concern. We take allegations of fraud very seriously, when allegations of fraud are reported to our Office of the Inspector General, we conduct the required investigations, but federal regulations prohibit the disclosure of information contained in law enforcement records even to the individual making the allegation. We thank you for helping us fight fraud. If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse of Social Security benefits, we encourage you to report it.

  7. Diane Collett

    We were told that gas prices were going to stay low and that’s our raise!! Look at gas prices already back up to 2.00 and climbing. The other lie was that the cost of living did not go up!! Anybody else know about this? Everything I purchase has doubled in price since the big 0 got in our White House. We did pay for it. Maybe we should all just go live there.


    HOW can you afford a coffin , funeral expense and all on 800 a month is what I want to know >? Trust the Colonial Penn .and I already have had nightmares with these folks and many more.Guess you just go to the Natural grave sites ..Idk what to do ??? Not enough to live on already

  9. Francis Cartier

    This is not a comment on today’s messages.
    It is a request to change my email address from

  10. Ada

    I was approved for SSD but was told my case is closed because I worked for the State. I was told to apply to SSI and with this one I will get Medicaid. This is great if approved. Well my question is what will happen with the retro money that was suppose to come to me thru SSD? Can I get it when I do get the SSI approved?

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