Get Your Social Security Benefit Statement

" "Tax season is approaching, and we have made replacing your annual Benefit Statement even easier.  The Benefit Statement, also known as the SSA-1099 or the SSA-1042S, is a tax form we mail each year in January to people who receive Social Security benefits.  It shows the total amount of benefits you received from us in the previous year so you know how much Social Security income to report to the IRS on your tax return.

If you live in the United States and you need a replacement form SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S, simply go online and get an instant, printable replacement form using your personal my Social Security account.  A replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S is available for the previous tax year after February 1.

If you already have a my Social Security account, you can log in to your account to view and print your SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S.  If you don’t have access to a printer, you can save the document to your computer or email it to yourself.  If you don’t have a my Social Security account, creating one is very easy to do and usually takes less than 10 minutes.

If you’re a non-citizen who lives outside of the United States and you received or repaid Social Security benefits last year, we will send you form SSA-1042S in the mail.  The forms SSA-1099 and SSA-1042S are not available for people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

With a personal my Social Security account, you can do much of your business with us online.  If you receive benefits or have Medicare, your personal my Social Security account is also the best way to:

  • Request a replacement Social Security number card (in most states and the District of Columbia).
  • Get your benefit verification letter.
  • Check your benefit and payment information.
  • Change your address and phone number.
  • Change your direct deposit information.
  • Request a replacement Medicare card.
  • Report your wages if you work and receive Social Security disability insurance or SSI benefits.

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113 thoughts on “Get Your Social Security Benefit Statement

  1. Please consider permitting federal income tax withholding implementation/changes via the MySocialSecurity account. OPM website allows this for retirees.
    Thank you.

  2. Mr.Korbey I’m currently on disability SSDI and SSI I’m 200% Below FPL I’m 62 or 63 Dec 23, 57 I get extra help that I’m grateful for, can I collect my Ex husband’s social security? If it’s possibly more because I understand that at retirement age you just flip me over but I get the same amount which is only 763 a month and I still have to go to a pantry for food. I’m missing a lot of jobs on my statement and I was married 4X but each time I took my new husband’s name I did contact S.S as you know that your driver’s license is the first letter of your new last name. The fourth husband was 17 yrs.

    • Okay you might want to think about that. Because if you do get your ex-husband’s social security I would make sure it’s more than what you’re getting now. Because they don’t let you have both they only let you have one. SSI is based on your ability to be able to work and have a income. If you have a income coming in you do not qualify for SSI. Unless it’s a part-time job.

  3. If my wife and I use the same computer and use the same email address, can we both set up my accounts on the same computer? If not how will the the other get their yearly statements?

    • As long as you’re married it’s a joint account. Unless you file separate. If you file separate you need to have separate accounts.

  4. Social Security GPO COLA calculation error

    This email is regarding the calculation of the GPO for my wife’s social security.

    Currently, my wife receives a pension from the Ohio SERS. Every year in October she receives a monthly COLA increase of $19. In recent years Federal Social Security has not paid any COLA. WHOEVER DESIGNED THE CALCULATION FORGOT TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE CASE WHERE SOCIAL SECURITY DOES NOT PAY A COLA. Her Social Security total continues to decline every year because of this. Take an example yourself and you will see what I mean. Taken to its extreme, her Social Security could eventually go to zero.

    Here is an example. Suppose my wife received $750 per month from SERS pension and $900 from social security before the Government Pension Offset. The Rule says to reduce social security by 2/3 of the SERS pension. 2/3 of $750 is $500. Thus her Social Security is $900 – $500 = $400.

    In November of this year, she will have an additional $19 added to her SERS pension, so it now becomes $769 per month. 2/3 of this is 512.67.

    In the case of 2017 social security cola, they are increasing social security payments by .3%. In my wife’s case, this is $900 + .3% times $900 = $902.70. So her new social security becomes $902.70-$512.67 = $390.03, a reduction of $10.97 EVEN WITH A Social Security COLA!


    The calculation should take into account of the difference between the Ohio SERS COLA and the Social Security COLA. If the Social Security COLA is less than the SERS (or any other pension COLA) then no reduction should occur, otherwise eventually the Social Security amount would go to zero.

    A representative of Social Security downtown agreed with me that the calculation is incorrect. He said to write my Congressmen. I have sent multiple emails to our Senators and Representatives, and also TV Stations since late spring.

    I would be more than happy to meet with anyone and discuss this.

    Timothy Petry
    324 Brookpoint St NW
    North Canton, OH 44720

  5. I don’t remember the info to get into my account Now I am blocked out for 24 hours. Please help me to learn my account info so I can put it in my new book. Thank you.
    Helen M. Good
    7918 S Desert Ridge Cove
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

    • if you call their number and leave them a message they will call you back and then they will straighten that out for you,but you must have your information.

  6. Thank you for your concerns. I am unable to devote quality time to this matter today. I will attend this matter in the weeks to follow. Respect,

    Wolfgang M.Schwartzenweintraub 542421171

  7. I have my social Security account. I would like to put stop on paper statement and get my annual statement on line. I appreciate your help to guide me how I can achieve this.

  8. I have tried numerous times to log in and it will not go through and I ask each time for the code and never received one yet

  9. I am moving back to USA. Please send my SSI- 1099 statement to following address:
    James A. Glaim
    605 Laurel St. Apt. 7
    Brainerd, MN. 56401

  10. Please change address for: Robert G. Martin and Rita I. Martin. From 1436 S. Prairie Ave. Chicago- Illinois. Unit A to 4885 E. Placita Tres Vidas Tucson Arizona 85718 – now and use Tucson address from now on. Jan. 30, 2020. Thanks. 520 299 9755.

  11. I am presently living in the Philippines and would like a copy of SSA -1099 for 2019 emailed to me. I cannot secure Social Security account according to your policy of not residing in the US. I tried opening an account in my permanent residence in the US. but could not as I have no W 2 1099 or credit card. Is there anything I can do<

  12. Seems to me paying taxes on income derived from an already taxed source is double taxation. I was taught since jr. High school you cant be taxed on something that was already a tax.

    • You were never taxed on the amount you and your employer put into social security. The amount of your social security that is taxed depends on you income. It ranges from zero tax liability up to having 85% of it taxed.

  13. I am a victim of identity theft and they all have my SSD Benefits & I need help with getting my SSD back to my address is9 Woodridge Ct, Huntington WV 25705! And please send me something that would let me know who’s doing what with them ! Thank you sooo much for all your help and understanding what I am doing through! Have a blessed day! Cynthia J Rogers

  14. I need my home address changed from 1371 Colt Circle, Castle Rock, CO 80109 to 1744 Granger Circle, Castle Rock, CO 80109. I called your 1-800 number and was told the wait would be 32 minutes! I really can’t sit with the telephone up to my ear for 32 minutes. Please have someone either call me at 303-814-2734 or send me an email saying my address has been changed.

  15. Last year I tried to obtain a 1099. I contacted your office 5 times at least and each time was told I was not due any benefits and would not get a form. I knew this was incorrect, but could not convince anyone at SS that this was not the fact. As I get benefits, but they are all taken to pay my medicare. I should know as I worked for SSA for 40 yrs. Well I filed my taxes and guess what, After I filed on April 20 I received an amended 1099. Surprise! I was not a happy camper and do not wish this to happen again.

  16. I am blocked out of my account ( password). Worked ok last time! Anyway, even though I have an account online, will my 2019 tax info still be mailed out, as well?

  17. I’m 82 years old and been forever trying to get my 2019 1099 statement. Your site is anything but easy to navigate for older people.

  18. i did not receive my 2019 benefit statement ssa-1099 – when are they mailed out and what do i do if i haven’t received it??

  19. I need to change my address where I receive my social security statement . I’m not receiving benefits yet but I don’t want my statements going to the old address and getting into the wrong hands. That state is full of theft.

    Please let me know who to call or where to write and I will then give you my new address .

    Thanks you,


  20. It is February 2, 2020 and I need to get a replacement 1099 on line. I thought they would be available after February 1, 2020!

  21. I have not received my SSA-1099. I tried to create an account so that I could get it on line, but was unable to do so.

  22. I have not received my annual statement which is needed to file my income taxes.

    Richard “Rick” Dodge
    Cape Coral, Florida 33990

  23. I need an account but I am residing in Philippines. Your format for opening an account requires a USA mailing address. So how can I open an account to expedite obtaining my SS 1099

  24. “With a personal my Social Security account, you can do much of your business with us online.”
    I have “my Social Security” You can message me, but sadly, I am not able to message you which means I have to come to this blog site and ask for help in front of the world.
    I went to the Marietta, GA Social Security Office on Oct. 2, 2019 to apply for my Spouse Benefit Application. I returned to the Marietta, GA SS office with all my paperwork after my 66th birthday on Dec. 5, 2019 with concerns that something was missing with my paperwork. The lady spoke with William who processed my paperwork and I was told by the lady that William would make it a priority to get my Spouse Benefit application processed. I then called the Marietta, GA SS office on Dec. 30th and 31st, 2019 with fear that my application had been lost.
    I checked “my Social Security” web site this morning – Feb. 3, 2020 – and my Spouse Benefit application that was filed on Oct. 2, 2019 is STILL PENDING!
    Five (5) months my Oct. 2, 2019 Spouse Benefit Application has been pending!

  25. I read your message about downloading our Social Security year end statements HOPEFULLY YOU ARE STILL GOING TO SEND THAT INFORMATION TO US AS MY COMPUTER SKILLS ARE TERRIBLE and I don’t know how to do that. Plus I don’t know if I created an account with you and I don’t know how to check on it.

  26. Greetings. I just spoke with one of your social security representatives by phone. I asked if SSA-1099 forms needed to file income taxes are mailed to recipients. She said “yes”. When I asked when they’d be mailed out, she didn’t know. Could you PLEASE ADD A STATEMENT ON YOUR SSA HOME PAGE INDICATING WHEN SSA-1099s WILL BE MAILED? That way I will know when to keep an eye out for the form in the mail. I need the paper form because I cannot print. So, accessing the electronic version via my social security account really doesn’t help. Thanks!
    PS: As of Feb 3, 2020, I've already received other all 1099s from other institutions that I need to do taxes- just waiting for the SSA-1099.

  27. I am trying to get my SS Benefit Statement. I have an account but forgot my username/PW so I’ve tried to retrieve it here, without success. I have a pre-retirement meeting on Thursday and would like to have it before that. please send it to my work email, which is most secure: My work phone is 608-266-7583. Thank you!

  28. I need to get 3 years of my Mother’s SS W2 form, I tried to make an account for her but can’t. Who can I get these from. I need them for her nursing home.

  29. Tried to access my SSI.

  30. My husband and myself have been trying to open up a my social security account. Both of us have been unsuccessful. They tell us it doesn’t match what social security has, but doesn’t tell us which section doesn’t match. I called social security and they told me there was a lock on equifax credit. I went into equifax and there is no lock on our credit. We moved Dec. 2019, so we changed our address and phone number. We are now at a loss of what to do. We need our statements for income tax filing.

  31. I have not gotten my w2 from SS yet. Not sure if it got lost or what. Can you please send to me in the mail. I have no printer to print off if I go online. Thank you. My address is 911 East Janet Ave. Apt 201. Clearwater Ks. 67026

  32. Your website does not recognize me and I have been suspended for 24 hours for repeated attempts to access my SSA account. Please let me know what I need to do as I need my statement. This is extremely frustrating.

  33. I am blocked from accessing my Social Security information. I don’t why this is very strange. I just accessed it a few weeks ago with no problems. Please send me a reason why this is happening. I cannot always go to the office.

  34. ok. Thank you. Been trying to get thru to the office in Kansas City but they keep saying please try your call later. I’ve been on line also but can’t find where to set up a pmt schedule for a overpayment. This is due the 14th and today is the 7th. I’m stressing….what do or where can i get prompt information?

  35. I am trying to get a replacement ssa 1099 for 2019. I tired to establish an account, but was informed that I already have one, but don’t know what the username or password are. every time a try to create a new account it tells me I already have one. please help

  36. I am completely locked out of my account….I do not know my old email address to get my password and username…..I have tried several times to get into it…. please email me back with info on fixing this……
    Jennifer Monique Hymore (LeGare)

  37. Good morning,
    My father George Mosher, 551 Mohegan, Birmingham, Mich. 48009, has not received his 2019 Benefits Statement in the mail yet. Can you resend or contact me about getting this.
    Doyle Mosher (son and POA)

  38. I am the executor of an estate. I need the statement of benefits for 2019 to prepare a tax return for the decedent. I can’t seem to get any help on the website. I put in a change of address with USPS which is working, but I don’t seem to have received the SSA 1099.

  39. every time i call it’s a 1.3 hr wait. Or i go into a office or mail in info. All since June and each month all I get Is BS and run around am fed up.

    My sister died Jun 18 2019. filled papers can’t get her last payment or even the end of year statement to close out her account with the IRS. Income tax and close her estate. I’m the personal court ordered to handle her affairs. It would be nice to resolve this

    I need this info

  40. I have tried several times to create a account. It always ends up getting suspended. Maybe because I use my fiance’s email. I dont know. Please help! Thank you, Angelo Albanese

  41. It is Feb 10th, 2020. My wife and I are still waiting for out 1099’s. I believe by federal law they are supposed to go out by Jan. 31st. I would like to get our taxes done. Being on a fixed income and not having this information poses a hardship. It is just not right. I emailed you folks last week but did not get a response. I hope this email gets better treatment.

  42. I don’t do business online because I’ve been hacked a couple of times,I refuse to bank online or anything else that requires my personal information about my finances, thank you.

  43. Can you email me a copy of my benefit letter , if not can you mail it to me at
    Larry William Wolf
    37 Pine Circle
    Clarkson, KY. 42726

  44. I didn’t receive my SSA 1099 in the mail and can’t find my log in info. to request one. Any way to find out this info??

  45. I do not have 1099s yet for my late wife and myself. I tried opening an account, but some of the questions referred to things too long ago to remember (I paid off the car loan 3 or 4 years ago, I don’t remember the finance company). My SSN: *** – ** – ***, my late wife’s: *** – ** – ***. Can you send our 1099’s?

    !382 Flintwood Rd
    Franktown, CO 80116

  46. I am Tired of dealing with Social Security and trying to get online I waited over 45 minutes on hold to try to see if I could get help there I was told by the person that everything was wiped out because I hadn’t done it for two years that everything was set for me to start over again and I redid my all my information and it said it cannot take my information I could not logon I am an American I have paid my taxes I have served my country and now all I get is a bunch of bull from

  47. I need my social security benefit statement for 2019 to be mailed out to me at my current address:
    2035 Marmion Avenue, Apt 5C
    Bronx, NY 10460

  48. Getting into my Social Security account is proving to be nightmarishly difficult. I’m at wits end but I guess I’ve no option except to wait until tomorrow (again) to see if there’s some response regarding my password.

  49. My mother is receiving a pension, when my father dead, and now she’s receiving a tax refund we don’t have any idea how to process, can you help us what to do or whom we can ask for assistance regarding this matter. My mother is living outside USA.

  50. Hello, I can not create a my account, I just need to request a replacement card and I would like a statement. Please help. Tracy D Craig

  51. I’m beyond frustrated with trying to get answers, about my newly approved benefits, from a person. I’ve been told NUMEROUS times about how i can find those answers and more -online! Its “easy” just set up an acct and i can find everything there!! Well, IT WON’T LET ME! AND NO ONE…NO ONE.. NO ONE has been able to help me!! Every single representative keeps shuffling me around til i get hung up on!! I swear I’m nothing but rage now.

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