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Get Ready to Retire, like Sábado Gigante

September 24, 2015 • By

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Last Updated: September 24, 2015

Don Francisco filming his showFor 100 million viewers, it’s the end of an era. After 53 years on air, Sábado Gigante last aired on September 19. With fans in more than 40 countries around the globe, Sábado Gigante was the longest-running variety show in television history.

Don Francisco hosted his last Sábado Gigante, bidding farewell to the faithful audience, including people of different generations. Among them are adults who grew up watching the show with their parents and grandparents. Some of them are retired themselves.

Don Francisco holds a special place in our hearts at Social Security. In 2011, he joined our team in promoting our online services to our Spanish language customers!

If you’ve been thinking about your retirement, let Social Security guide you into retirement.

First, use our Retirement Estimator to estimate your future benefits. Then, apply for Social Security benefits online. Finally, you can sign up for a my Social Security account. Setting up your own, personal my Social Security account is convenient and secure. You’ll have access to your Social Security Statement, and once you start receiving benefits, you can view your benefit verification letter.

If Spanish is your language of choice, Don Francisco would tell you our online services make it easy for you to begin your Someday today!

As the curtain closes on the last Sábado Gigante, think of what you’re doing to take that final bow into retirement. It’s an Adios to the old working life and a Hola to a beautiful bright new future!

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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


  1. Allen G.

    How do I delete myssa account online

  2. Robert w.

    is there such a thing as being able to get a lump sum against your retirement payments if you are over 66 years of age?

  3. Lic. P.

    En su reciente visita a Cuba y a los Estados Unidos de America, el Papa Francisco (Pope Francis) senalo en una de sus brillantes homilias lo siguiente y cito: “Quien quiera ser grande, que sirva a los demas, no que se sirva de los demas, sentencio el Papa en Cuba, y que, la vida autentica se vive en el compromiso concreto con el projimo”
    Que Dios les bendiga a todos los participantes de este blog.
    Muhas gracias.

  4. Bobby

    When applying for benefits, you would like a 3 month window, once the application is finalized & approved does the benefit payout begin after the approval or is it retroactive to the original date of the application?

    Thanks Bobby

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  6. Yolanda

    Am on disability right now when do i apply for retirement

    • Ray F.

      Hi Yolanda. If you continue receiving disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, we will automatically convert your disability benefits to retirement benefits, when you attain your Full Retirement Age. You do not have to apply. The benefit amount will generally remain the same.

  7. Jacque

    Thanks solo much for providing these resources online. It has made my retirement process a lot easier. Keep up the wonderful work.

    • Ray F.

      We’re pleased we can help. We will continue our efforts to meet your expectations in the years to come. Thank you for using our electronic services and our blog to communicate with us !

  8. Jacque

    Really George! If there were white people would you have made that comment? Look beyond the color and utilize the important information provided. That is the purpose of the website. Maybe you just look at the pictures.

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