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  1. And yet no hires for the field offices? You’re increasing hours open to the public in field offices, but not adding staff. How will that help long wait times, not enough windows open, inability to reach field office workers by phone, etc.? You visit field offices and wait for over an hour at times and you hear they are understaffed. Again, no hires?? In the meantime, you hire for their 800#. They can’t process my claim and can’t take claims. That’s just window dressing.

  2. I think it is a good idea to have the field office open more hrs to the public. Hire and train more employees for the 800 free phone service. Good job!!

    • Well said, and I agree with the sentiments expressed. Thank you for helping us better manage our lives. Seasons greetings..However banks should really not charge us for $ SSA deposit to us, then simultaneously. (the same time of day), again charge for accepting the same $, every time
      every month. Survey the banks!

  3. I need to have the social securities sent to address. We haven’t received it for online applications. How do we file claim for missing social security account under the age of 18 , they are missing not sure if they are sent or not?


  4. dear mr. saul. I drove in n.y for over 50 years. I retired, and moved to Philippines, for awhile, and returned. my license expired. I tried to replace it, but was told, my s.s. card, is different from my license?! I went to local s.s. office, but could not replace my s.s. card, after 3 visits, and meeting my obligations they asked for! now, I cannot get a license, even though, I only had that s.s. card, all my life, to drive on. I asked, here is my recent new passport, but got a dumb look, and was told, I could be a terrorist. I’m humiliated. I no longer can drive. please help me, I’m no terrorist, I was almost killed in Vietnam, and was willing to die for my country. your help in this matter, will be welcomed. thank you sir. Lawrence fuchs

  5. I have my Social secirity office in Patchogue,NY 0n OAK street..Can i have the exact address and telephone number..Thank you Anthony

  6. This effort to expand hours on Wednesday and to hire additional frontline employees is excellent, and I applaud SSA for the initiative. Thank you!

  7. Good news. Still not full ( typical 9 – 5) office hours, but getting closer And most office hours for other types of entities (non-governmental) are usually 8 to 5. Still, it is an improvement, so, Bravo.

  8. i would like to inform you that i received a phone call and it went like this: the ssa has called to let yhou know we the ssa have a warrant for your arrest, you have committed a fraud again ssa. ;io laughed it offf.
    today 12/02/2019 i received another call similar to he last call and tghe numb er was 919 738-3326 (i may b e wrong) just thought i would let u know i love my ssa and would never commit a fraud…..

  9. Great job Andy. Take away the few precious hours field staff has each week to do all the administrative tasks the public doesn’t see that are necessary to process everyone’s claims thanks to the 30 year old systems they still have to use, and you already weren’t hiring fast enough to replace the people headed out the door before you cancelled telework. You’re making it impossible for people who love serving the public to do it. Anybody who can get out now will do so, and the few people left will be the least experienced, least capable, most likely to mess up people’s money.

    You clearly have no idea what you’re doing, unless your aim is to hollow out the agency from the inside and destroy the public’s confidence in SSA’s capacity to carry out the mission, so it can be sold to private equity for parts. Given your background and your boss, maybe that’s the point after all.

    • Those few hours on Wed. afternoons, the staff spent having long luncheons together (holiday parties, baby showers, retirement gettogethers, etc). They have time to talk amongst themselves about personal matters. No work got done. The closing Wed. afternoon to public was an experiment gone wrong. It is about time it was reversed to how it was in the past.

      Furthermore, your comments about his background and President Trump just goes to show that you do not have the best interests of this country foremost.

  10. Thank God someone finally doing the right thing. Thanks Mr. Commissioner. Let’s hope your changes will remain in place and not be changed with any new administration. They never pick on private industry….only on the Federal government because it’s the only one they can pick on!

  11. I learned the office is not available by phone on Mondays. I would like to see that change. When I did get through, on another weekday, I was on hold for 40 minutes. That’s an unacceptable wait time. When I did speak to someone, the person was knowledgeable and pleasant.

  12. I was wondering when are we to expect out earnings statements and our C.O.L.A. STATEMENTS? Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter, confused in Burton Michigan :


  13. Working 9-4 must be nice since most business hours are 8-5. I have never been able to even get in the door of the local SSA office. There is always a long line outside. The one time I took a day off work to patiently wait in the rain the office was closed due to power outage which I didnt understand since there didn’t appear to be a power outage in any if the surrounding buildings. Calling the 800 number is miserable. You wait on hold forever and then if you do get through to a person either the computer system is antiquated and not quickly responsive or the person dies not know how to use the system. It is torture to try to do anything with SSA.

  14. Many thanks for bringing retail/private sector customer service to the federal government! Having to wait almost an hour when calling the hotline would not fly with a retail private sector business.

    Now if you could possibly improve conditions at the field offices where wait times and long lines (despite making appointments in advance) just make the trip so dreadful.

    In particular, the Tampa Florida field office has a guard who is so nasty that yells at people waiting in line outside about the procedure, and to throw away water bottles before entering! His nastiness does nothing to improve taxpayer-funded services for Social Security.

    Again, thanks for making improvements to customer service. WE appreciate it.

  15. This is the most profitable project to the people specially to the seniors and pwd. God bless you for a very nice idea!

  16. Possibly look into re-hiring your retired employee’s to work the lobby attending the KIOSK’s in the FO’s and possibly the Rural area’s.

  17. More resources is good. More common sense would be better. Trying to register for my reIirement benefits I spent 4 hours in the office waiting to talk to a rep. I was not allowed to make an appointment ahead of time. When I finally talked to the rep, I was told that I could not register for my benefits that day, but could make an appointment ( 3 months in the future.was the soonest ) or go home and register online.There was no notice or posting in the waiting room to inform clients in my situation.. Had iI been able to register online at home, I would never have gone to the office to start with. The very least you could do was have a sign in the waiting room so I would not have sat there half a day.

  18. Hiring additional staff is a good first step. It has been sorely needed since I became eligible four years ago. The wait time to speak to a representative on the 800# is always a hour. They Do not return voice mail calls.The request I have is to properly train staff, as I got different answers from each different rep I talked with. One of the 800 representatives caused me and other reps hours to try to correct the error. Waste of tax dollars and short-staffed representative time
    Linda Turner

  19. Your field office in Lone Oak Kentucky never disappoints. We have visited the office on at least three occasions and observed a Cooperative approach between those who are there to help us. If they don’t know the answer they check around to the other staff members they come up with the solution.

  20. Why do recipients of SSA ‘s funds have to pay service upon receiving such funds from SSA, then be again be charged to withdraw same funds sent by SSA.? Aren’t the receiving of funds in bulk from SSA , enough to offer interest to the bank, which holds the funds till about the 5th of each consecutive month? Thank you for explaining, and seasons greetings, with all things to be prosperous for you and yours, in 2020.

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  22. Please! Please! Make sure also ALL the employees are retrained or at least assessed in their knowledge!!! And of course the new ones to be EFFECTIVELY trained and ASSESSED on their understanding BEFORE they start lying to people!!! What I know first hand: First there is A LOT OF CONFUSION between Disability benefits and SSI. Second: It’s unconscionable how you disburse benefits and (many) months later you say “We overpaid you this much ($4875.98), so you MUST pay us back”???!!! Benefits received are usually the only (meager) income ($745.76) so naturally is spent and gone just partially paying bills, so do you expect us to save that money just in case YOU are making a mistake? If it’s YOUR mistake, isn’t it YOU the one responsible and liable for it? Third: every single time I go to your agency I’ve been told something that is DIFFERENT, OPPOSITE, CONFLICTED, and EXCLUSIVE of what I’ve been told previously. Many times with more than two different versions of your rules and requirements sometimes in one single day!!!. (i.e. 1: “to fix that you have to write a letter and also request your benefits to be reinstated.” When I go to deliver my letter: “Oh no! we cannot take that, you MUST use a form” (???). (i.e. 2: Agent 1: “You must report how much money you EARNED in a month.” Submit my earnings to Agent 2: “No, this is wrong! You must report how much money you RECEIVED in a month.” Submit records of money received to Agent 3: “You report the money you EARNED for Disability purposes, but you report the money you RECEIVED in a month for SSI. So I cannot take this, come back bringing both reports (???).” After waiting more than 4 HOURS???!!! And each and every time I am carrying all my paystubs originals with me!!!) (i.e. 3: “If you are working you must report your income every month, you can do it on our ‘APP’, or by phone”. Phone recording: “You don’t have any employer registered” after two years of reporting income personally? And if I’m working for several employers? And since I am unable to report my earnings you ASSUMED I am making double the money I reported last and unjustifiably stopped my disability benefits!!!) And the worst was one agent arguing on what I was told before said “Nobody (working here) could have told you that because that is wrong” So what? I am A LIAR now?! Even showing him a written note from the first employee saying it). (i.e. 4: Agent had told me to talk to a Supervisor, so I called 800 number to request an appointment, after many times of recording saying “Sorry, you will have to call some other time” and almost 2 hours on hold: Requested an appointment with a supervisor, got it 3 months ahead!!! Went to my appointment: “No! You don’t get appointments with supervisors!? You have to talk to us!” Talked to him and was giving me a new (FOURTH) version and explanation of what I was supposed to do!!!) And these are only examples of Oh! so many more situations. HOW could I know who and what is right??? How could I trust anyone or anything I’m told??? Where the heck am I going to get the money (More than $8,000) that you say now you overpaid me when you were not able to give me a straight and right answer to all my questions and a final solution (like taking my paystubs) any of all the times that I had to go to your agency, waiting for hours every time??? And it’s been 5 months that I sent that letter and all I had back was bills for the “overpayment” and no explanation whatsoever on WHY my disability benefits have not been reinstated.

  23. “People may create a my Social Security account, a personalized online service, at http://www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.

    Through their personal my Social Security account, people can check personal information and conduct business with Social Security.” That’s assuming the account WORKS. I have heard from a substantial number of people that they set up a My Social Security account, then can’t access it at all w/in a few days. The search function of the website is less then stellar too, it often does not bring up logical links for common terms like “child support”. I am so tired of hearing how people can do everything online when the actual websites are not well maintained, i.e., no one’s checking to make sure the website’s functions actually work and it’s very difficult to get assistance when it doesn’t.

  24. got a call from someone stating they were with social security on Saturday and I am pretty sure they were but they would not speak with me until I gave them my full ssn. I will not do that and ss personnel should not ask for it. I was fully authenticated with my address, my mother’s maider name and dob. This is a dangerous practice that need to be changed to another form of authentication. They called me for goodness sake.

  25. 2020 Annual Report of the SSI Program http://www.title24uscode.org/ssi2020.pdf

    Your time is up. The Commissioner of Social Security, and ostensibly the United States of America, is unable to pay State Disability Determination Claim No. F60690. The 1.5% COLA reported by the Central Operations is less than the 1.6% iinadequate to sustain a Commissioner obligated to pay the poor a 3% COLA for their improbably long 6 year term. In these insolvency cases of not guilty by reason of insanity the defendant is unable to contribute meaningfully to their own defense. The Court has striven mightily to appoint me counsel, the burden of proof however lies with the ability of the defendant to understand and abide by the law.

    Lurking about with States only serves to reveal that Pensionomics statistics produced by the National Institute of Retirement Research do not adequately explain the aggregate number of beneficiaries and contributors, are 27 million contributors misconstrued as highly paid beneficiaries? What is the revised number of SSA contributors if state employees are taxed? Are rich people worth as much as state employees or immigrants? Who needs a poverty line income + $1 of $1,069 mo. (2020) when there are two vacancies for Public Trustee and the one with my name on it costs $2,000 mo. tax-free?

    I would rather correct my $715 (2019), rather than $711, error of a 2.8% COLA, the right answer for benefit growth above the poverty line to the 2.5% growing maximum benefit, here, rather than risk editing the Letter of Intent, without any estimate of the number of state employee contributors, after the Microsoft backdoor destroyed the .doc UN arrears and Certain Iranian Assets file and I will have to redo the entire State Department by hand, rather than merely updating it with the depressed and overeating Secretary General’s attempt to say $3.1 billion (2020) 2.5% annual growth from FY 16 before the illegal US budget cuts unlawfully depressed Say’s law under Art. 19 of the UN Charter, Scarborough v. Anthony J. Principi, Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs No. 02-1657 (2004) and Shinseki, Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs v. Sanders No. 07-1209 (2009).

    My back pain is better, and counsel would prefer backpay dated to 2011 when you robbed my SSI with a urinary tract infection, to immediately pay off my student loans, to give taxpaying a second chance after their incessant rampage b(k)illing of tax returns and other Attorney General authorizations to collect on delinquent debtors, who must not be contacted, under Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security v. Ratliff No. 08-1322 (2010). Benefits accrued by the mandatory maximum retirement benefit(s) of my father and in five years, my mother,, nearly add up to as much as being elected Public Trustee for $2,000 a mo. + college fund backpay for all the chest pain from my alma mater, rampage shooting from student loan delinquent debt collectors, and sacral abscess from Social Security, not to be disregarded by the High Court.

    • For the public heath and safety of the State SSA Disability Determination and named Supreme Court representation, I would like to change my declaration of not having any sacral abscess to ankylosing spondylitis after terminal mailing of Claim No. F60690.

      Epsom salt bath for Weinstein – Federal Order

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