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April 19, 2018 • By

Last Updated: August 19, 2021

Whether you’re retiring soon or you’ll be in the work force for several more years, it is important to prepare for what the future holds. That’s where Social Security comes in. 

Social Security puts you in control with secure access to your information anytime, anywhere. You can get estimates based on your own earnings record to help you plan for retirement with our Retirement Estimator. It is a convenient, secure, and quick financial planning tool that allows you to receive the most accurate estimate of your future retirement benefits. Go check out our Retirement Estimator today to stay informed about your retirement options.

During National Social Security Month, take control of your future and see what you can do online. With easy, convenient, and secure online services, Social Security online frees up your time for the people who really matter.


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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. carols

    If you are a victim of the Windfall Elimination Provision(WEP) or the Gov Pension Offset (GPO), DO NOT USE THE WEP or GPO CALCULATORS/ESTIMATORS. These two Calculators/Estimators do not provide any information on the numerous EXCEPTIONS/EXEMPTIONS to the WEP and GPO. DO NOT DEPEND ON SSA STAFF TO KNOW OR INFORM YOU THAT YOU QUALIFY FOR AN EXCEPTION/EXEMPTION. You must do your own research and request an exception/exemption to WEP/GPO. I was lied to by SSA staff for 4 years, only to find out when I actually applied for spousal benefits, that I, according to SSA staff, did not qualify due to GPO. Currently appealing based on one of the many exceptions/exemptions to GPO. It has been over a year since I appealed, no determination to-date.

    • Snarky

      So you determined that you were lied to based upon some sort of an imagined exemption which you think you appealed. Want to know why you never heard anything in over a year? You live in La La land. Administrative appeals take weeks to process, not months or years.

      • carols

        Not an “imagined exemption”, a real exemption. Appeal has been “in process” per SSA for over a year. I don’t know what rock you crawled out from under, but please don’t respond to my comments, you miss the entire purpose of this blog site . . . to inform, educate, and share information.

  2. Shawn

    Hi, I’ll be eligible for my full retirement benefit this July at the age of 66. I need to know how I can apply for my Social Security Benefit on line, or I need to go to one of your local offices.

    Please advise, regards.
    Shahriar A Abtahi

    • Snarky

      Call 800-772-1213. And do not give out private information on a public site.

    • Ray F.

      Hell Shawn. Our system is set up to take applications three months in advance and you can apply for your benefits online. Remember that benefits are paid the month after they are due. So, for instance, if you want your benefits to begin with the month of July, you will receive your first benefit payment in August. Please visit our Social Security Retirement Planner for more information.
      In April we celebrate “National Social Security Month“, see what you can do online at Thanks!

      • dean k.

        I have been trying to get an appointment to discuss my wife’s spousal benefits, Nothing but one to two hour wait times followed by agents that can’t set up appointments and suggest calling daily to find an appointment slot. This only creates MORE inefficient call waiting and busy telephone excuses to avoid any kind of service. The WORST kind of CS that would put companies out of business in a matter of days but goes on in perpetuity with taxpayer funding! I will pay the first SS employee (who tries the system and succeeds in getting good service ) a month’s salary if they can publish the way to beat the morass of customer Obstruction and endless excuses for their inefficient system!

        • Mary T.

          I am getting spousal benefits,and everything,was done online.You have to keep trying.I didn’t even have to see anyone,in person.If you have to call,you have to be very patient!Good luck!

  3. Maria F.


  4. Richard F.

    I am 81 now and still working and paying into the SSA. I question if the amount I receive each month has been periodically been adjusted. My average salary is abouit 150K or so. Can you show me your calculations? Thanks PS Also I need a replacement for lost card.

    • Ray F.

      Hello Richard. Each year, we review the records for all working Social Security recipients to see if additional earnings may increase monthly benefits. If your earnings for the prior year are higher than any of the years that was used to compute your retirement benefit, we will recalculate your benefit amount. If an increase is due, a new monthly benefit amount is established on your record automatically. See “What happens if I work and get Social Security retirement benefit” for more information:
      You may also contact us and request a review of your records.
      To see if you’re eligible to apply for a replacement Social Security card online or to learn more on the process and what documents you will need to get a card, please visit our “Social Security Number and Card” web page.
      We hope this information helps!

  5. Jason L.

    I have 2 tbi’s epilepsy, ptsd, depression, anxiety, arthritis dementia after 3 near death accidents Ive given up twice after being denied 2 times Ive now again been denied twist , so a total of 6 denials since my first tbi 07/08/11 – please help me , , I truly would have rather died than have to live like this , Ive lost everything

  6. John e.

    I have been told if I am a veteran I might be eligible for an extra payment if I bring my dd214 with me when I apply for ss

    • Snarky

      No, deemed credit was for service back in the 50’s and this has nothing to do with you.

  7. Virginia P.

    Social Security Administration take money income from legal born Americans and benefit Foreign Hostile Persons with giving them money for their Illegal Votes to Promote their Homosexual , Transgender ,and other Horrors of America to Collapse the Stable and Able Moral Strength of America for the New World Order of the UNITED NATIONS OF FOREIGN POWERS TO COLLAPSE THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA !

    • Lucy d.

      Satan loves trump!!

  8. Adeniji W.

    I have requested for my social security for the past year
    but I was not given they said even I will be 70year in a few weeks now.
    Please tell me how I will be getting my own social security . in this Maryland.
    Name: Adeniji Williams Akinladenu,
    S.S.# *** – ** – ***
    I received my since 1980. and since I have been paying into it.
    For the sake of Lord Jesus Christ . pay me my own due.

    • frank c.

      go home

  9. Lidia R.

    Soy Lidia Rodríguez, chilena e italiana. Extravié mi tarjeta de SS y no recuerdo el número. De qué forma pueden ayudarme?

  10. Lesly F.

    I have no benefits at this time i am waiting for my hearing i hope

    • Jason L.

      as am I 🙁

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