DoD Medical Data Available Almost Instantaneously

picture of a woman doctor on a laptopSocial Security is always finding new ways to provide world-class service. Social Security started receiving Service member, Veteran, and eligible family members medical records electronically from the Department of Defense (DoD) using health information technology (health IT) leveraging the eHealth Exchange. This latest improvement speeds processing times of disability applications. The disability case processing sites can receive medical records from DoD almost instantaneously.

We have added the DoD to the 50 plus other health IT partners across the U.S. in more than 7,000 facilities that provide us with electronic health record (EHR) data. More and more facilities across the nation are implementing EHR systems.

Obtaining medical evidence is critical to the disability determination process. Social Security requests more than 15 million medical records from almost 500,000 providers to make decisions on approximately three million disability claims annually. As EHR systems mature and health IT grows between organizations and across the country, we are able to help more people through the disability determination process while also improving services to the non-military public. Health IT partnership benefits include:

  • a more efficient means of obtaining medical records;
  • improvement in the rate of responses received;
  • consistently formatted records;
  • reducing paper based processes; and
  • potentially reducing the total time it takes to adjudicate disability claims.

Our goal is to continue expanding the number of healthcare organizations and federal agencies providing EHRs to us within a safe and secure electronic environment.

To learn more about our health IT initiative, please visit our website.


32 thoughts on “DoD Medical Data Available Almost Instantaneously

  1. This is great news, Jim. Quick question- when many of my Wounded Warrior clients qualify for SSDI while being processed through the DOD IDES disability system, those subject to conditioning review keep dealing with District Offices who are puzzled by the income received whilst in the Wounded Warrior program. Even though not working, they are still paid their full pay and allowances while in the IDES. Is there some policy memo or initiative that will allow these Wounded Warrior cases to remain flagged as such during continuing review, so that the income question will not be an issue?

    • Jack, I would like to talk with you about these warriors. My company helps people on SSDI return to work through the SSA social security program – Ticket to Work. Not sure if you know about program, but once a ‘ticketholder’ is enrolled with a certified Employment Network like, they are exempt from medical reviews as long as they are making timely progress. Our company specializes in work from home jobs!

    • Hi Jack, thank you for your question. The “Wounded Warriors” program is designed to helps us identify a military service member’s disability claim and expedite its processing. If approved, these individuals may receive Social Security disability benefits and remain on active duty. However, Social Security conducts Disability Reviews periodically to make sure the individuals receiving checks are still eligible to get them. Active duty status and receipt of military pay does not, in itself, necessarily prevent payment of Social Security disability benefits. We still evaluate the work activity of disabled individuals who are receiving treatment at a military medical facility and working in a designated therapy program or on limited duty, to determine their continuing eligibility for benefits under special work conditions. For more information please read our publication: “Disability Benefits For Wounded Warriors”. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

  2. Please tell me about: H.R. 1314. Bipartisan Budget Act 2015-2016. Section 831. Effective May 1, 2016!

    I will be 70 years old, August 20, 2016. I plan on retiring this year (October 3rd, 2016) and to receive my first Social Security Payment in September, 2016.

    I want to know if H.R. 1314 affects me, in any way; what I need to do, if anything, between now and before May 1, 2016?

    Thank you,
    Dennis Webber

  3. Yes thank you for the comment page. I am Tonya Byrd I have been pushing for my disability due to my new MRI from 2 years ago. There report showed my back was insufficiently worse than in 2014. I am fix in to be homeless as I have been now going from person to person as chiropractor helps stop pain for a day or so. I was told my case was overturned to favorably but Judge wants to talk to me. As where I would have to go to talk with him would cause me great pain to ride over there and back. Parnell law Firm Has my case very good attorneys and staff and I believe they worked very hard on this and have all the information on my back issue and why I have migraine headaches. Please look at my case if possible could judge call me or does he do that I assure you I will be hurting doctors are recommending surgery. I have no income and I am so tired of calling dept. Of human services, Basically all the welfaresplaces to get help just to get turned away. I ask the the judge please review my case and if favorable please let my disability go thru so I can get a home and quit living on top of people. Thank you so much for this comment page and I pray this is just not over looked. Thank you for your time.

  4. I apply for disability on Monday, January 25. I don’t think waiting five months for the first check is unfair. I have ALS not getting any money for five months doesn’t seem right. It seems to me that we should get retroactive the from the the first approval.

    Connie scherrer

    • Hi Connie. If you are found disabled, Social Security disability benefits can be paid only after you have been disabled continuously throughout a period of five full calendar months, known as the waiting period. The 5 month waiting period ensures that during the early months of disability, we do not pay benefits to persons who do not have long-term disabilities. Therefore, Social Security disability benefits will be paid beginning with the sixth full month after the date your disability began.

  5. I am a World War II Marine Corps vet who spent 7 years in Vietnam throughout the war. As a Refugee Adviser for USAID in the Mekong Delta, I was drenched with the deadly dioxin Agent Orange countless times and as a consequence was radiated for 2 months for prostate cancer. Nevertheless I have been refused compensation fy the VA, even though I was under the command of CORDS Province Adviser Col. Callahan, also commander of province special forces. I was treated by him and his staff as an ordinary grunt.

  6. These medical records will help catch the fraudsters. You have veterans claiming to be hurt in the frontline of the war, but they never even left State side. You also have veterans requesting Wounded Warrior status and they have less than 100% VA rating. They claim to have 100% VA rating to scam the SSA into approving them.

    • Hi Tony, please keep in mind that the Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs including veterans benefits. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. Disability benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. Thanks!

      • Many veteran think they are automatically qualified for Social Security disability with 100% Va rating. It takes the Social Security Administration a long time to verify their medical records. Some have 100%, but it is broken up 20%,20%,30% and 30%. These are all mild conditions. None of them are severe. The SSA is doing a great job weeding out these people. Their Va benefits are more than the Social Security benefits and these people want to double dip.

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  7. I was just wondering about the Social Security Disability Program has been shored up such we don’t have to worry if there will be monies in the SSDI program. Has the funding been allocated so we don’t have to worry in the near future about the program? What is the status of the program?

    • Thanks for your question, Patti. According to the Social Security Board of Trustees, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund will be depleted in 2016. If Congress does not act before then, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund would be sufficient to pay 80 percent of scheduled Disability Insurance benefits. We hope this helps.

  8. My husband is a 30 year retired veteran, his post military job h was retired from his job with Loomis, as a woman tapped the back of the armored truck causing automatic termination! My husband has Alzheimer’s, we didn’t know it was the beginning then as he had a few forgetful issues we did not know then to file for disability which he clearly had! I am currently working with the VA for help but it’s a long process also there as well! Everyone says they want to help and you rate this and that and…. I’m the only help he has and I’m wearing down! All programs cost so much there is nothing left for the caregiver to live on so what exactly what does your program do he has a 10% military disability for hearing loss. Not sure how any of this works

  9. Question 1:Is there a way for us to obtain copies of the information that is received by SS through the DoD program?
    Question 2: I filed for disability at age 37, in Feb. 2014 after working over 18 years and my whole life & health went downhill at a continuous pace after I was assaulted in Feb. 2011. I tried to go back to work to support my 2 daughters but only lasted approx. 16-17 months before being asked to resign. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and my neck herniations and lumbar spine herniations continued to get worse. This was my second TBI (traumatic brain injury) and I’ve been told by 2 neurologists I could possibly be having strokes but as of April my neuro requested a brain & cervical MRI along with bloodwork none of which I can afford do to no health insurance.
    My sister took over temporary custody of my daughter which has been devastating in itself but I’m not able to do my ADLs or get the treatment I need to control my various conditions. I have no income so cannot properly provide for my little girl, no family support and then I lost my health insurance (Medicaid) this past Jan. ’16 because I didn’t have a child living with me in my house of 14 years which I’m about to lose with all the equity I worked so hard as a single mom to build up.

    I’ve been borderline suicidal as I feel there’s no end in sight. I have no one to turn to or to provided guidance or assistance. I have 5 doctors who have stated I should not be able to work, 2 of which were hired & paid to evaluate me by SS and both agreed I should not be working. The Judge ruled against all doctors so now I’m at the appeal status which my lawyer told me could take another year. I have had PTSD for years and major depressive disorder, cognitive & sleep disturbance, impaired judgment & meemory loss, chronic pain, migraines, excessive daytime sleepiness (and more) and the stress I’ve been through just trying to get approved & not having my daughter or income now going on over 3 years is only making me worse and wanting to give up on living. I just don’t understand why a hard worker like myself who’s had a just since I was 14 years old and made really decent money at a lawfirm 18 years is having to suffer trying to maneuver stairs and pack boxes which drs said I should avoid because I cannot find the support out there to assist someone who’s mentally & physically not capable to find the people I need to stand up for me and help. I have a dire needs case & need attention to my case now so I can get the healthcare my dr requested in April and to help me move from my 2-story overly cluttered house to somewhere smaller before I’m homeless and lose everything I haven’t already loss. Please send me an angel to help me get my case approved without anymore drama and stress. I can’t & won’t make it another year or through a foreclosure. I’m not strong enough.

  10. I have a question, I have been onSocial Security Disability since 2000 recieve a monthly disability check every month Iam 63, what happends when I turn 65 ? I will be off my spouce Is Insurance. I already have part A I willhave to buy parts B and D and a suplement Among a lot of other health problems I have stage 3 renial failurehow do I get on medacare? go to the office in sterling IL? will my monthly checks stay the same? Please help me 18860 elston road fulton IL 61252

  11. I have moved to Spain because,my husband and can not afford to live in the u.s. on sea. I was diabebled due to a work injury. I just now had to have my whole spine age 66. The costs have taken away 1/3 of our savings. we are desperate and the very little money we get will not meet our basic living expenses. My medication alone costs over 200 Euros a month. Now that I am 66 I lost over 1000 dollars in benifits. I did not even get to keep any Cola and only get 80% of my last employments. There is no way we can afford to move back. Is there any help I can get ? Desperate for an answer

  12. Hi my name is Sandra sloben I received a letter from SSA ORDAR For my Case Review last up date was 8/28/2017 till now I was see doctor omarta Roberts at city collage as .ca 92101 I need to fill out the form I don’t remember what the doctor said what my condision is or how he worded it Roberts is no longer with city collage family health center. I got a new doctor I’m still feeling him out. I was very comfortable with my other doctor but I’m not sure what to write on the was odar form Ok now it must match. All records. I’m lost. I don’t want to fill it out wrong ice been fighting 9 yrs for my benifit’s my other laser got me deinid by writting the appeals consil back
    in 2014 saying I fire bender and bender she got me from it by the end of that week hurt was going in my favor .can you please give me my condo in that imparts Roberts dietnosed me with so my records match there’s records for my review thank you the soon I get this back to them and get it right this time around I can get set from may get away from my Narcissitic Abusesiva Psycho Roommate.That destroys everything of mine. Thank you and.

  13. Hello,

    My appeal is at the federal level and is being sent back to the judge to review my hearing based on certain information he did not apply or a law in which he did not follow.

    I applied in June 2016, I am currently waiting for my second hearing to be scheduled my attorney wants to do a hearing in person. I know that you can join an appeal and a new application and both be reviewed at the same time. How long is it going to be before my appeals will be reviewed by a judge?

    I am glad to know that the inability to speak English is no longer considered a disability. I hope at some point someone goes thru the cases that are currently receiving SSDI and no longer getting a monthly check.

    On a side note everyone is so concerned and acknowledge that an individual cannot go without a paycheck. What about those with medical issues that causes Americans not able to get a paycheck?

    I am fortunate enough that my husband has a job with insurance, however I have gone without a paycheck since May 2016.

    My husband is an engineer working in a manufacturing plant we have gone thru 5 plant closures over the 30 years we have been married.

    I am a Trump supposer and he has hired more judges at different levels, however it is still taking years to get a disability hearing.

    Now some doctors offices are closing. I get 3 monthly immune injections and my allergist office is checking the temperature before they let you in the office. My injections are made in Switzerland and Germany I hope and pray they will continue to be manufactured and sent to the US.

    Please do some to speed up the process of disability hearings especially those who have had a hearing by a judge and the federal judge has found errors that the judge made during my first hearing.

    One other issue I have is when I applied for disability SSA checked my credit history to verify that I was indeed the person applying for disability. Should a government issued drivers license, birth certificate, or passport not be used to verify a US citizen.

    They checked my credit they have access to my financial information and my husband’s financial information. This process is unacceptable and should be changed.

    I would appreciate any effort that someone can get my federal appeal that is being sent back to the hearing judge or my current request for a judge to be scheduled.

    My attorney has stated that hearings are scheduled thru June and they have to give 5 months notice so that means I am looking at not getting a hearing scheduled until the end of this year or the beginning of next year. This was before the Covi-19 even became an issue.

    Thank you

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