Disability Benefits: Protection against the Unexpected

young man in a wheelchair writing a letterDisability is unpredictable and can happen to any person, at any age. Millions of Americans live with disabilities that are the result of a sudden traumatic event or onset of a serious medical condition.

Social Security disability benefits protect you against the unexpected. When you know about the services we provide, you’ll make better decisions when life throws you a curve.

Our disability program provides financial support to disabled individuals and their families in times of need. If you think you have a qualifying disability, don’t wait, apply right away.

Social Security pays disability benefits to people with a severe medical condition expected to last at least one year or result in death. This condition must prevent you from performing substantial work. Social Security does not give benefits to people with partial disability or short-term disability, like veteran’s benefits and workers’ compensation do. You must also meet the earnings requirement for disability benefits.

When you apply for disability, we will need medical and other information from you. We can help you get this information together. You can also have a representative help you gather and submit this information. This representative may be an attorney or other qualified person.

You can get more information about applying for our disability programs at our website. If you click on “Apply for Benefits,” you can then follow a link to get a Disability Starter Kit. This kit will help you get ready for your disability interview or online application.

Once you have your information together, you can apply for disability benefits online. Knowing this information can help you make the best decision for you and your family, if life throws the unexpected at you.


145 thoughts on “Disability Benefits: Protection against the Unexpected

  1. it all sounds well and good but in reality… It took over 10 hours, online time, for me to complete the online application and i had little of meds i will be taking the rest of my life. The statement claims to take about an hour to complete. Main reaason it took so long is the large volume of medical documentaton of joint damage in my lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spines. I have 7 or 8 ¨normal¨ segments, i have 8 or 9 disc herniations, there is 21 or 22 segments. Multi level fusions offer a slim chance for temporary relief, but its clear this spine is unlikely to recover. My spine itself has all manner of visible injuries seen on 3 years of lumbar MRIś to be activily worsening despite the best efforts. I see a neurosurgeon about 4 times a year to see if i need to have the fusion done, yet. I intended to work at least another year but can no longer apply any pressure to my left side and my lower lumbar and thoracic spines are intolerant of work life that. I took all the days off allowed within 10 days in an attempt to rest up and heal. As always happens, i did not heal. I worked right up until I coud no longer lift my foot. It took over a day and a half before i could get dressed and go down 3stairs. Did my best, again, to heal again, Then after a month of no improvement, i applied for my very hard earned, modest benefit. The medical documetation, (10 hours more data than the average application), included visualized evidence of joint destruction with marked deformity as well as movement limitaions–to the 2 most weight bearing joints in the body. Also included electro diagnosed neuropathy of left side hip down to toe. the pain starts on the toe and twists itself right up to my ear. As well as documenting several other severe conditions that exceed guidlines for disability.
    Mainly the presents of chronic BME spreading through the three largest backbones weak unstable structure that creates. claim was denied for medical` reasons. The injuries finally overcame me,i collected my info and appied, much like the exampe. Except the for my last resort, guarnteed, pre purchased, paid for protection was not at all available.

    Barely had (gone now) any savings due to working less than 6 months out of the year, and over 20 years of pushig a broken back suddenly gave out, even more worse symotoms than ever. Now an appeal to file and of course my vehicle quits. Iḿ looking at hospitalization and simultaneous eviction because my safety net was pulled away at the neediest time in my lfe. Its my oopinion that anyone can see this case overqualifies on medical grounds. in fact, medical reaons strongly support disability. when joint reconstruction is unlikely to improve the two most weight bearing joints in the body and they are made up the three worst of the bleeding arthritic bruised bones in the body. this indivdual has qualified. thats less than half my spinal health issues! DENIED. May not want to talk up how quick and easy it is
    claim your earned benefit. Im scared that there may be more people like me, about to lose everthing they own. For no rational reason they turned me down . I have no way to move and no where to store any belongings. Meanwhile my health plummets further while i wait for eviction in an ice cold february home. cant even walk away


    cant, stand ,walk or

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  3. It’s good to know that social security pays disability benefits to people who have a severe medical condition that’s expected to last for a year or result in death. My brother has been telling me about how someone he works with is getting social security disability benefits, and he wants to know why. I’ll pass this information along to him so that he can look further into the reasons for social security disability benefits.

  4. My application was transferred from Texas & I am going threw chemo @ cabrina hospital in Alexandria. I would like to add this to my girl & be seen in a appointment ass soon as possible

  5. Thank you for stating that when you apply for disability, you will need to give medical and other information. My daughter recently got diagnosed with cystic fibrosis so I want to help her get disability insurance so she is protected. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when trying to help my daughter. https://short-term-disability-insurance.com/

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