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  1. Trumph as President is like any other man.That is to do his job as One Nation Under God abided by the Constitution.Who is the President in your state that must report to the National United States President. Well,I’ll tell you…Governor is your state president that report to main president based on the needs of state and federal budgets that covers all resources and programs..even to making a request of changes. So don’t criticize Trumph-because its an action of agreeing.Please take a legislative course so whom ever post comments to better understand the democfracy between Republican,Democrats,Governors,Vice-President and State Representatives.They all have to connect the dots .So Trumiph is the pRES. FOR the better or worse.I look at it like this…they scorn OBAMA..and he probably saying I made it to the Finish line,so move on but I guarantee you he is one smart man and will probably remain a part of the White House him and his Lovely Wife ..Michelle.It’s new year approach…..2017 and healthcare is the main agemda..because don’t nobody want to die and we want to have the best of care to live as long as we can without sublte pain until God have thrown the last or final word…Yes there are privatization in all medicare and Medicaid cases for all people. That’s much as I can say…We cover as if you go to the store and buy a garmet or OTC .so don’t worry.Every plan is done by experience educators.Have Faith and Beleive

  2. Perjury Per Curium http://www.title24uscode.org/percurium.doc

    The venison is cured. This is a class action for dismissal in regards to at least three cases, involving five homeless people, including myself, victimized by two cops in different cities, an officer and a police chief, who perjure the witnesses and victims of their common crimes to recklessly cause serious physical injury to another by means of a deadly or dangerous weapon under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life. The ticket was issued the instant my brother-in-law legally shot and a killed his first buck. The police chief got a bad grade of farmland that requires a protractor to determine seems to be a serial killer of 20 year olds. The officer has 20 new prohibitions about smoking, $435 fine for feeding the deer, etc. and some old ones about camping and sleeping that must be nullified by the Court to cure his serial 4th degree assaults before the tourists arrive next year. It is a fatal mistake to prosecute innocent witnesses and victims of felonies committed by police officers. It’s all-right the cops are the only ones who do any writing in the Circuit Court, the lawyers just have to be faster and more precise with their per curium for perjury. If lawyers cannot instantly dismiss the case(s) with a fashionable per curium personally identifying information injunction decision(s) to prevent identity theft, because they know how to read perjury and truly hear other people’s grievances, like a professional or a family member, in my opinion a lawyer of the Supreme Court must write a brief to appear in a felony trial as an innocent and professional witness due fees.

    This is my notice of appearance. The state attorney general must be charged with cyber-stalking to do health justice. State attorney general employees are usually restrained to defending state agencies in federal court. Per curium decisions overruling police perjury are legally necessary to prevent miscarriage of justice in these cases. I was on the cover of the local paper washing my clothes three times in October, that city could have used their old building to get federal funding for a homeless shelter. I am running for Commissioner of Social Security because the trust funds can afford a 6% cost-of-living adjustment in 2017 to make a 3% COLA law and tax the rich to end poverty by 2020 and start paying all the poor children SSI in 2017 beginning with orphans.

    The November election trials that killed Senator Alan Bates MD and Avi Feldman (age 20) might have been avoided if the police had not perjured to summon my Court of innocent homeless witnesses and victims of police brutality and state attorney general stalking to the compulsory process of the Circuit Court of record under 24USC§420(a)(1). The female legal expert on marijuana age law whose date I spurned the moment Avi Feldman (age 20) was fatally stabbed lost her job because it turns out a city inspector the week before discovered she was only 17 and that was her last day on the job, no compensation dispensed. UN Compensation rates in the first instance 1. People forced to relocate as the result of military action $2,500 -$4,000 for an individual and $5,000-$8,000 for a family. 2. People who suffered serious bodily injury or families reporting a death as the result of military action are entitled to between $2,500 and $10,000. The Court should be informed that the Social Security Act needs to be amended to share back benefits with social worker and non-social worker representatives under Sec. 206 of the Social Security Act 42USC§406. Elect me Commissioner or let me keep my free coffee down.

  3. If the government is not able to take care of the taxpayers money, let the taxpayers take care of their own needs by stopping the taxes taken out of their hard earned money. The government has many intelligent people working for them, they need to use their common sense and make the system work.

  4. I would like to know how taking away a person’s disability status when they be come eligible for social security due to age is helping the disabled. Do you realize you are taking away benefits from us when you do that (ie. housing, employer insurance to name a few). This is even though you say our status did not change, we have nothing to show that in writing

  5. If social security goes private. They better open up a lot of homeless shelters. If social security leaves it to the people to manage there retirement then they’ll need even more homeless shelters

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  7. ” Thank you for this Katy. I stopped wearing mine years ago when I suddenly realized how dangerous they were to my legs and feet (purely instinctive, mind you) but have not been able to get my daughter on board. I will forward this to her. ”


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