Mark Majestic, Associate Commissioner, Office of Program Integrity

Protect Yourself from Identity Thieves

February 8, 2024 • By

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Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information to impersonate you or steal from you. Did you know the consequences of identity theft are not just financial? These crimes have significant effects on relationships at work and home. They impact physical, mental, and emotional health and lead to lost opportunities for victims that are […]

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Couple using a laptop

New Year’s Resolutions to Combat Scams

December 28, 2023 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Next year, resolve to protect yourself from scams that can damage your finances and reputation. Ring in 2024 with some smart resolutions to protect your personal information! Stay informed of the latest scam trends Fraudsters continue to change their tactics. Stay informed by: Following reliable news sources. Subscribing to scam alert newsletters. Staying connected with […]

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Stay Alert: Fraudsters Target Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members, and Their Families

November 9, 2023 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Did you know that fraudsters target veterans, active-duty service members, and their families at a higher rate than they do civilians? They are also 40% more likely than their civilian counterparts to lose money to scams and schemes. Why? Fraudsters follow the money. Service members receive a steady paycheck, and many veterans receive regular benefit […]

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Mid adult veteran takes time from meeting to text wife

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Combating Injustice

June 15, 2023 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic may have led us to focus more on ourselves – and forget about checking in with others. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day reminds us about the importance of staying in touch with older persons. Elder abuse is the intentional mistreatment or harming of an older person. An older person is defined by […]

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Sad senior couple sitting on sofa and looking at mobile phone in living room