A Veterans Day Message From Social Security’s Commissioner

November 8, 2019 • By

Last Updated: August 19, 2021

We live in the greatest Nation in the world. We have many generations of veterans to thank for that. I have the great fortune to have David Black—a 30 year Army veteran—as my Deputy Commissioner. Working with David reminds me that selfless sacrifice and excellent leadership are often characteristics of veterans. Thus, I am pleased that so many veterans decide to continue their service by coming to work at SSA. Many of our employees have family members who are serving—we know you, too, make sacrifices and we thank you.

As the world grows ever smaller, we are exposed to more information about how our country compares to others. For me, these comparisons call to mind our freedom. Our veteran employees and the veterans who come to our agency for help ensure that this liberty continues for us and work to ensure that people in other parts of the world may also experience it. Please thank these heroes and treat them well.

I love this country and I am eternally grateful to our veterans. Have a safe holiday.


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Commissioner of Social Security Administration (June 17, 2019 - July 9, 2021)


  1. Ronda D.

    Thank you for your service!

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  4. Judy C.

    I had heard OIG found some errors in payment calculations. Is this true or hype? How do I get my payment history reviewed and recalculated if this is true?
    As a former military wife I, too, applaud the service of vets and send my sincere thanks, also.

  5. James S.

    Please ask David Black if he remember the Pentagon paper explaining the acceptable casualty rate for any given operation? Always wondered if my name was on the acceptable list. Just my thoughts, have a great Veterans day, Jim

  6. amir d.

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    • katrine e.

      reminder due to major holiday i thought i would drop you a message to remind social security staff that i have direct deposit at wells fargo bank in austin tx near airport rd/blvd near highland mall for social security checks for december 2019 i get one for $130 and $655.00 i get 655 one on the 3rd of month i also was wondering about a check i get living in wisconsin for $75.00 i do not seem to get it in other states i move to not even texas but when i move to (wisc)i get it again but move out of (wisc) i do not any longer get it can social security staff check into this for me thanks i would appreciate it signed katrine elizabeth sackett3/24/63(3030)(5’3)(5’21/2) 7101 n ih 35 austin texas apt 214 today date dec 2 2019

    • katrine e.

      so sorry to hear this said story you gave wish i could help or do something for you to make things better however i have no authority position or name in witch to do anything or wish i could do or say anything to help things for you to better your problems but i do not have a voice people hear either i have spoken on many things but do not feel heard from the people who have the authority to make things right like i am trying to get psychiatric medicines off the shelves and off shelves of hospitals due to the y have been known to cause medical conditions even blindness and deaths yet it has not yet happened but still working on it but i admit i do not feel heard about this issue from the authorities that can remove the dangerous drugs from shelves and hospital shelves but will keep trying anyway until it happens so i am sorry to hear about your dad and your said situation keep your chin up and keep trying to servive is all i can say signed katrine elizabeth sackett32463(5’3)(5’21/2)austin texAS DEC 1 2019

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  8. Gary A.

    Excellent message. May God Bless America.

    Gary Walter

  9. Everybody

    You just eliminated telework for thousands of veterans who work for you on a whim, with no consultation with their labor representatives, and refuse to share any data you used to make this decision. I bet David Black still gets to work from home though. That’s nice of you to let him.

  10. Bob d.

    I have a neighbor friend who is a Vet whose been waiting over a year to have a surgical procedure done. He had to come to our house late at night and use one of my catheters so he could pass his urine. The VA keeps putting him off with cancellations. Lousy care on his behalf. As a Vet myself I stay clear of the VA. Would rather use my Medicare and get the care I need. Not so great a country for VA services or health care in general. My neighbor will be lucky if he doesn’t damage his kidneys or bladder before he is cared for. Just saying.

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