A COVID-19 Update from Our Commissioner

I want you to hear directly from me how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our services. The first thing you should know is that we continue to pay benefits. Be aware that scammers may try to trick you into thinking the pandemic is stopping your Social Security payments but that is not true. Don’t be fooled.

To protect you and help stop the spread of this coronavirus, we cannot accept visitors in our offices at this time. There are several other ways you can get help. Many services are available online. If you have a critical need that you cannot address online, we can help you over the phone.

Please visit our Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) page to find out what services we are continuing and which ones we are suspending, how to contact us, and important information about deadlines we are extending to ease the burden on you and medical providers during this pandemic.

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2,294 thoughts on “A COVID-19 Update from Our Commissioner

  1. My name is Tommy I am on SSI. I have not received my stimulus check. I was told they sent it to my card I use for ssi but they say it has never been deposited. What am I suppose to do now..

  2. And what happens when you can’t get your answer online and they can’t help you on the phone. The only way they will help you is if you mail all your personal documents to them, which includes my license, until they are done with it. Then when they are done they will mail it back. Is that fair for me to be without ID? They won’t try and come up with any other way to help.

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  4. I worked last year paid full amount of max social security. Why has my social security not increased? I took social security at full age past 66 and have been contributing at top wage of social security for past 7 years, every year.

    • Hi Rajendera, thanks for using our blog. Generally, if you continue to work while receiving retirement benefits, your monthly benefit amount may increase. As long as you continue to work and receive benefits, we will automatically check your record every year to see whether the additional earnings will increase your monthly benefit. If there is an increase, we will send you a letter telling you of your new benefit amount. A recomputation of your benefits typically occurs later in the calendar year. You can call us at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance or you can contact your local Social Security office. Please look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal. We hope this information helps.

  5. Hi
    I am an immigrant and enter in us in February 2020 but I don’t have ssn. So how can I get ssn during this covid 19 season?

    • Hi Ankit, thank you for using our blog. We will continue to process SSNs and issue cards for certain lawful immigrants [we call these processes Enumeration at Entry (EAE) and Enumeration beyond Entry(EBE)].

      If these automated processes are not available to you, we may be able to offer an in-office appointment for a new card request based on available staff and office operating status. Please call your local office to see if an in-office appointment is necessary and possible. To contact your local office, please look for the local office telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator under “Social Security Office Information” for the office you select. The toll-free “Office” number is your local office.

    • Hi Wayne, thanks for using our blog. The White House issued national guidance regarding Opening Up America Again. We are evaluating this information as it relates to our agency and are continuing to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation across the nation. In fulfilling Social Security’s mission, when we reopen offices to the public, we will provide a safe environment for both the people we serve and our employees.

      As we continue to develop our plans, our offices will remain closed to the public for face-to-face service, and our employees will continue to work remotely and provide services to the public. We will provide updates moving forward and post updated information on the status of our offices, by state, at http://www.socialsecurity.gov/coronavirus. Our agency will provide these updates directly, and please disregard other sources of information regarding the status of our offices.

  6. I need to correct my last name and was told I had to send Ss5 form and the paperwork from the judge and they also want my original drivers license. I wrote a letter to AARP with my concerns that I can not be without my original license nor my medical card. I requested an appointment and SS refused even though there are glass partitions up. The court system already viewed and checked my birth certificate and my drivers license and the judge gave me a notarized and certified document to give to social security which should be enough to prove my identity. Please explain to me how I am suppose to drive around without my drivers license also it could get lost in the mail and why the court document is not enough to resolve the correction of my name.
    Sincerely Cheryl

  7. Is there any estimated date on when the offices will reopen? There is some business that requires face to Face ID before it can be completed.

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