Two New Arrivals: Our New Blog and Top Ten Baby Names for 2014

This is an image of a smiling baby surrounded by balloons and toys.  The image reads: Just arrived! See the top 10 Baby names of 2014!  Look who’s talking — Social Security is proud to introduce its newborn blog! We’re calling our new bundle of joy Social Security Matters, because this is where we’ll discuss the information that matters to you about our programs and benefits! We’re kicking off our blog with our Annual highly anticipated top 10 baby names for 2014.

See the top ten most popular baby names of 2014…

Since 1997 we have been releasing the most requested baby names, based on requests for Social Security numbers for newborns. We reveal the top 10 names for boys and girls each year, and our records date back to the 1880s. This is one of our most popular web pages with over 2.9 million visits in 2014.

What makes a baby name popular is hard to pin down. Trends in new baby names often follow popular culture, influenced by favorite characters in books or movies, as well as religious meanings.

See the top ten most popular baby names of 2014, find out how the names have changed over time, and view our extensive list — customizable by decade, state, and U.S. territory — at

Whether a movie star or your beloved grandmother inspires the choice for the name you give your child, know that Social Security is here for them, and you, through all life’s challenges.

Social Security has a wide range of resources for families with children.

We issue a unique Social Security number to identify each American child soon after birth. Making sure your child has a Social Security number is vital to accessing our services and claiming him or her as a dependent on your tax return.

Their Social Security number will also be important after your children are old enough to begin working. The number helps us keep track of how much they earn, how much they have paid in Social Security tax, and, ultimately, how much they will receive in Social Security benefits when they become eligible.

To learn more about the importance of Social Security numbers, visit

If your child has a severe disability, we also have programs and benefits to help supplement the additional costs of caring for a child with special needs.

You can find many of our publications about Social Security numbers, benefits, disability benefits, and health insurance at

Although popular baby names change over the decades, Social Security has, and always will, live up to its name, as we have for 80 years by providing a measure of financial security to children and their families.

See below if your name is one of the most popular.

This graphic shows two columns, one with boys names in order from 1 to 10, Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, James, Daniel, and a second column with girls names in order from 1 to 10, Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Embloily, Abigail, Madison, Charlotte

Tell us, in this blog’s comment section, what popular or unique name you gave your baby.

Don’t forget to check back often to join the conversation — and learn more about why Social Security Matters to you!


302 thoughts on “Two New Arrivals: Our New Blog and Top Ten Baby Names for 2014

  1. I’m due with a baby William any day now! A classic, strong, historic name with lots of nickname options.

    • Congratulations and thanks for being the first person to comment on our blog! Looking forward to some great conversations here on Social Security Matters.

      • My daughter and son in law are expecting the end of September. Her name will bee AVERY GRACE. It is through God’s grace that they are expecting this miracle little girl. We thank God every day that everything goes well

        • My granddaughter’s name is MaKylie Dawn. We were all so thankful her name was so different from others. A child’s name should be unique just like the child is unique.

          • Thank goodness you are smart enough to pick a name for your child that everyone else is not going to use! Great job!

          • everyone is going to make fun of the name, and not spell it correctly – a lifetime of hassle

          • This is a reply to all of you who are thanking God for their blessings, and for the person who seemed unhappy enough to make this a debate about the existence or non-existence of God. Not the time or place, one. Two if you are SO certain, go out on a limb and check out a few books by Lee Strobel. An atheist reporter set out to disprove God exist by interviewing top scientists in many fields. Happy reading, Lindy a grateful Christian & Biologist
            PS if I had been blessed with a child I would have went w/Clarisse (F) or Elisha (M)

          • I picked Douglas (m) Elizabeth (f) so my kids would not be classified as #1 2 or 3 in school

          • Mik, after reading your dribble, I can say with confidence that you are one of the most negative individuals I have ever had the opportunity to read.

        • Hello Denise, it does sound nice for the name but if it’s pronounced that way then it was spelled wrong in English terms. The way you spelled it is a language Indonesian for the word ‘is’. Just wanted to share that but it still is nice.

        • no one is going to be able to pronounce or spell it correctly and your kid is going to grow up having to explain her name to everyone and to all the teachers in school. big mistake on your part.

          • Mik, I feel very sorry for you. Is there any love in your life at all. It sounds like you have lots of pain in your life, I’m sorry for that, but this is America where people have the right to believe in God if they want to, so for you to become so upset about it that you have to spew such hatered on a website for baby names. Sorry for your losses.

          • Hey dude how many kids do you have….why are you on this site …get a job make yourself happy and satisfied….have you ever wondered about that feeling within you that is greater than your physical and even emotional feelings? That is your spirit…And though you do not help it to grow it is still there….waiting to be watered…..
            by the way my daughter’s name is CELI
            Huh? Chaylee!

        • if he is a junior, then he will never have his own name – he will be “little” aaron,or young arron, or people will call him some stupid name like buddy, or skip, to distinguish him from the other aaron.

          • Mr. or Ms. Haren! You obviouly didn’t get enough hugs as a child. You are certainly the most negative person I’ve seen on this site! My God you need some peace, joy and happiness. I pray you receive it soon! Geez… What’s it to you what people name their children??

      • i think my name its really really unique my name is YEYSHKIRA MARIE


      • This is such a great bit of information! When my daughter was small a lot of the girls she was in class with had the same name Stephanie I think was the most prominent. Then when my second daughter was born a lot of Jessica’s. Names should be thought out this is something that makes you an individual. When you are introduced you should have your own distinct personality ring through! Nothing like a fruit or object. Of all the millions of names FIND one the suits the little one you are carrying!

      • It’s very sad that my name has
        never been connected to anyone famous till here recently with the release of the Chris Kyle movie American Sniper. (his wife’s name) I was very surprised sitting in that theater. Wish her well !!

  2. My baby granddaughter has the name Sofia. Love this spelling. I have an Alexandra, Charlotte, Tabitha and a grandson Dominic. Thank you for the new blog.

  3. 3 Grandaughters Ambrosia, Ivy AnnaMarie, Cloie, and great-grandson Brannan.

    Thank you for letteing us share,
    Grandma Marilyn(:

  4. Our ten year old daughter is named Charlotte. It wasn’t even in the Top 150 names when we named her and my husband and I are surprised to see it spike in popularity over the last 10 years. No doubt due to SITC. We still love it and it’s a beautiful name.

  5. My children are named Marianne, Michael, Edward, Lisa, Mandy (not Amanda) Nico & Tierra. I have some Granchildren with unusual names like Sinead, Dalton, Kori, Ella, Landon & Emersyn.

      • Mik Harren

        Your comments are appalling! People like you attack by stoopidy remarks! I’m guessing you are still a child. The editor of this website needs to block unwelcoming comments and delete them and report these actions. Absolutely foolish Mik Harren. Please display his email so I can take action against him.

        • Someone should have told his parents about birth control. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right, but his rude comments are absurd and really not necessary. GOD BLESS all of you lovely people who are able to HAVE children and raise them with your husbands or independently. Also being in a free country or where ever you come from naming children, YOUR children whatever name you choose is your business and your right and no one can tell you different. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! FREEDOM OF RIGHTS! and daring Mik Harren ignorance is not a bliss it’s a flaw. No one judged your mother and father for having you, or naming you, maybe they did and you are upset. It’s okay, you do NOT have to take it out on a S.S website. I plan to have 4 children and maybe name them some weird ass name but that is my right. but thank you for inputting on EVERYONE’S comment!

          • Kim, I appreciate your comments. Wonder if Mik was an unwanted child & told often. Sad! I chose “common” names & spelled them the standard way. But I read a study that found that people with unusual, unique names often are achievers.
            More important is loving and raising them well, with GOD’S help & grace. The name will be loved and respected because of the kind of person they become.

          • The negative comments are being made just for attention. Please everyone stop replying to them and he will go away.

          • What the Heck kind of name is Mik? I bet his strife comes from constantly being confused with Mick, Mike or Mickey Mouse.

      • Mik Harren
        If you believe that the world is over populated, why don’t you be the first to step off it and make more room for the rest of us ?

  6. Our little Felix was born on 4/22/15. There is another Felix that we know born this March, so I am not surprised it moved up the list this year. His sisters, Jacinta, Serafina, Avila and Cosima have not yet reached the top 1000.

  7. my oldest child was named “william earl ray” but. god needed him back to do important work. and thats okay. so my oldest daughter’s name is “charmaign lutisha”. my 2nd son’s name is “benjamin james” . my 2nd daughter’s name is “mikayla kennedy” and my 3rd daughter’s name comes from 8 DIFFERENT women! her name is “perlmaeson marie” . the way you pronounce it is pearl-mason. every one of my kids names reflect family and heritage.

  8. I have 5 grandchildren under 10. Brenden Jacob, Shannon-Elizabeth Ruth, Ashlynn Grace, Madison Ruth and Abigail Brooke!!

    • I really like Declan. That is a name you do not hear of but has a wonderful sound.
      Wish your sons Lism and Declan great futures.

      • Ur name is dumb mik. Mike? mic? Mick? It’s stupid. Ur stupid.but correct about overpopulation. no more babies…lord.

      • Declan is a long-standing name with Irish roots–just like “Mick,” which I assume your name is from your username.

        Either that, or your name is something like Mike, Mickey (also Irish, btw), or perhaps even Mikayla.

        My point: who are YOU to criticize anyone’s name?

        Today’s unusual names can become tomorrow’s normals. Shannon used to be a boy’s name, and I’m sure it sounded strange with the first baby girls were given it. Things change. Babies are born. The population ebbs and flows. Get over it.

        More importantly, get over yourself. No one cares what you think about baby names, population growth, theology and the existence of God, or anything else, for that matter.

        Bye, Felicia.

  9. Ironically enough, my stepson’s name is Michael (10), and my birth son’s name is Landon (4) ….so together we have Michael Landon…completely unintentional 😛
    We’re trying for our third (and last) now…hoping we can get our girl so we can name her Willow Pearl…but if we do happen to get a third boy, I’m thinking either Oliver or Spencer 🙂

  10. Step-daughter: Lillian Grace “Lilly”
    Son: Morris Jackson “Mac”
    Daughter: “Shelby” Catherine

    My son is named after my father, Morris, whose initials were MAC. Jackson is the middle name to a man whose been like a second father to me. He had one child–a daughter, who was unable to bear children. We were honored to borrow his middle name for our son and Pop cried when we gave him an official copy of my son’s birth certificate.

    Catherine is a family name for my husband’s family and mine. Shelby just because we loved it!

  11. As a former Social Security claims representative who recently retired after 25 years with SSA, I applaud the agency’s decision to create this blog for public feedback. I hope that it will become a direct line of communication between members of the public (including current and former SSA employees) and upper management within the agency, which does not usually deal directly with the public on a regular basis. I intend to become a regular contributor because I see the potential of this social medium to help improve agency operations and inform the public about SSA’s programs and benefits. Thank you for providing this new channel to express our interests and concerns.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jack! Looking forward to hearing from you and others to help us better serve the public.

      • Hi,
        I just got my new born son’s SS card but, missing one of his name on the card. He have four names which are Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian & English.
        Is there anyway I can check if the name is on the system but, didn’t have enough space to put on the SS card?

        • Good question! For your security, we do not have access to information about your account in this venue. We do ask that members in our Blog community contact their local office with questions about their specific case. To find your local office, please visit our Social Security Office Locator. You can also call our toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You will generally have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. We hope this helps!

  12. I have two adult sons…ages 48 and 44. The oldest son is Kirk, and the youngest is Kyle. Neither name has been mentioned heretofore. I liked the names because they couldn’t be nicknamed. Good sturdy names.

    • My husband works in the title business and believes children should be named what they are going to be called to avoid legal issues in life and easily recognizable to pronounce correctly. Thus we have a Jake Alan, Jill Dene, and Joe Austin. Granddaughter Journey Faye and grandson Oden Douglas.

    • I Love the names ive given my children because they are names from the bible. But my next child will be called Kelly only because I love that name. God bless everyone

  13. I have 9 grandchildren: Alyssa Nicole, Molly, Logan Robert, Cameron Alexis, Keller John, Matthew Edward, McKynlea Drew, Jacob, and Cannon Joseph.
    Some of them are so different that you can’t find anything that has their name imprinted, Which is hard because if I get one something imprinted I feel I should be able to get them all the same thing, so I usually don’t buy anything.

      • Unusual names ARE a huge pain. My wife has one of those and it takes forever to explain her name when conducting official business (buying a home. applying for a credit card/loan, etc.). It is beyond annoying.

    • Some of my grandchildren’s names seemed odd to me, when my children announced them. But, no matter what they name them, you love that baby so much, you soon love the name, too, & it seems to fit them after a while.

  14. Avery Grace is my grand-daughter’s name. I’m so proud of her parents’ creativity in finding such a unique and beautiful name born from the love for this little one.

    • My daughter named her baby Adriana Rose. When I told a friend, she said, “Oh! She named her after the baby on (a popular soap opera).” I asked my daughter. She said, “OMG, are you kidding me? I thought I came up with a unique name. I don’t watch soaps!” (I don’t either; but I know a lot of babies’ names come from soaps, movies, TV shows, entertainers or sports stars.)

  15. I have a new granddaughter named Aurora Noelle. She has 3 boy cousins born in the past 6 months, 2 Aidens and a Hayden.


  17. My daughter was born in 1987 and we named her Katelyn Nicole. We chose our own spelling because we wanted it to be unique. Our son is Ryan Adam.

  18. My 1st grandchild which is now 23 and the oldest her name is Jarami Lyn I told my daughter every one will think she is a boy because u pronounce it Jeremy! I have 7 more a Sydney, Trenton, Alyssa, Eddie Jr, Braden and a LaLeacia Rose!!

  19. My oldest is named Jerrica –pronounced J-Ericka)
    and my son is Cooper Preston both unique names.
    for wonderful children

  20. My grandson was born last June and his parents named him: Maximus Jonathan. His brother is due in September and his name will be: Leonidas Daniel. Two strong and unique names!!

    • someone loves the movie 300! I like it too! Is that where they got the name from? In the movie he was a strong character; made you want to name a child that… he was all manly…


  22. How can we prevent people from ruining their child’s productive life when they give them ridiculous names like My’King, or Chlamydia? Do you guys reject names? Can a relative file a complaint?

    • Lol. I’ve always thought there should be some sort of baby naming committee that approves or rejects parents’ submissions. There are some on this blog that should never have happened. Poor kids….

    • I don’t think Chlamydia is a very common name. But, imagine somebody named their kid something quotidian and distasteful, like Blackmold. He’d probably go by a nickname — I’m guessing Billy — but people would run across his given name every so often. And they’d think, “Oh, what an unfortunate name.” And that would pretty much be it. Kids make fun of weak, vulnerable kids; I don’t think it matter what their names are. Certainly, we gave our boys strong, solid names of which they can be proud in the hopes on enriching their life experience. But, a bad name isn’t going to be that life-limiting.

  23. I have a five 5 yr. old named Issac and a 1 yr. old name Giselle. I wish they could have made the list. I’m a little

  24. I have a beautiful daughter 22 months, I named her Soleil means Sun in french, not in any list to be unique, and she is the sun of our lives. If I have another girl will be Summer, and for a boy Fernando. My nephew is Alejandro!!

  25. Three children: Thomas, Penny, Vanetta
    Seven Grandchildren: Danielle April, MaKayla Ja’na,
    Kamari Tashawn, Lydell Clinton, Amya Nylease, Ly’Nae Cierra, and Thomas Jakobie, love these names they all fit the personality of the owner. I love middle names, I think that’s because I don’t have one.

  26. Congrats on the new blog!

    Hope you don’t mind if I ask…why did the SSA stop releasing lists of popular twin names a few years ago? And, will the twin names ever come back?

    I’m a baby name blogger, and I miss seeing those twin lists every year! 🙂

    • Glad you like the blog, Nancy! Last year was the final year we provided the popular twin names because of a change in how Social Security numbers are assigned at birth. Previously, they were assigned consecutively to go along with surname and birthdate, so we could determine twins’ data. However, now the numbers are assigned randomly, so we don’t have the capacity to track the information.

  27. I named my son Jaman to honor the young pastor of a church I used to go to back in Indiana. The pastor was murdered at his church by a woman who apparently had a history of mental illness.

  28. My daughter is 23. She has her great-grandmother’s name (Vessie). When I told my father what I had picked for her name his eyes teared up.. Priceless
    My daughter’s name is Leeah Vessie and she is very, very proud of her name.

  29. My grand children’s names are ; Bradyn, Jaxsyn, Addilyn, Coralyn & Londyn..My greats are; Alaina, Kynadie, Kacen & Kendrick…Love my babies as you all do love your’s! God bless!

  30. Lets see i have a Dominic James,Cecilia Lucia,Josephine Alejandra, Joslyn Alexandra i like names that not everyone has

  31. I named my baby girl “Kalea Faith” she was born 10/08/2014 Kalea is a Hawaiian name and has a very important meaning to me as it means “Joy and Happiness” and that’s why I also chosed Faith as her second name because we all have to have faith in each other in order to have joy n happiness within!

    Valerie Ramirez

    • “KALEA”

      Questing a destiny along a variety of paths that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting or teaching; our entertainers, writers, litigators, teachers, salesmen, and composers. Kalea also has the destiny to sell herself or sell just about any product that comes along. Kalea is imaginative in her presentation, and Kalea may have creative talents in the arts, although these are more likely to be latent. Kalea is an optimistic person that seems ever enthusiastic about life and living. Kalea is friendly, loving and social, and people like Kalea because she is charming and such a good conversationalist. Her ability to communicate may often inspire others. It is her role in life to inspire and motivate; to raise the spirits of those around her. Kalea likes to dream and develop idealistic understandings, to study and analyze, to gain knowledge and wisdom. Kalea may be too laid back and withdrawn to really succeed in the business world, and Kalea will be much more comfortable in circumstances that are tolerant of her reserve, her analytical approach, and her desire to use her mind rather than her physical being.

  32. I have a 22 yr old son, Kevin Nathaniel, 3 grandsons, Nathaniel (just a coincidence-lol), Kaiden and Kody Benjamin and one grand-daughter, Trinity Rose.

  33. I have had two granddaughters this year with beautiful names, Raigon Sol and Camden Leigh. Of course the other six grandchildren all have perfectly lovely names also.

  34. My childrens names are Zaryn Michael (my little man) and Hazella Pearl (My beauty Queen) I do have an affection towards unique names however I am learning as i get older that my name is more common then when i was a child. WE shall see with my kids. Z&Z

  35. we are expecting our first and probably only grandchild any day now a boy his name will be nikolas aaron after his great grandfather and greatgreat grandmother that is what our religion says to do take the first initial from a deceased loved ones name and name a newborn child. it is an honor to them.

  36. iIhave 3 grandchildren, my oldest one her name is Jadalyn and the twins are Justin and Tatiana my 3 grandkids are from my youngest son. Then from my oldest son i have a grandaugther her name is Melania. I love them very much.

  37. My 13 yr old son’s name is Gavin, we named him after the lead singer of the 90’s band Bush – Gavin Rossdale.

  38. I named my daughter Paula and my son Samuel. Paula has always been the only Paula at every school she’s attended. I’m glad she’s a good kid because thanks to her “unique” name she’s always remembered.

  39. I had 3 kids with the names Sammael Balan, Rosetta Lynn and Jayden Michael my friends sons name is Zayden my other friends daughters name is Lilith “Lillie” and her sons name is Reiden so I say pick unique names and add a classic name that means something to you.

  40. My youngest daughter’s name is Dia Lauryn St Clair. I love it.. sounds like a super stars name.. feminine simple and beautiful!

  41. I’m from the 50s era and never meet anyone with my name, Garnet. We named our son Andrew, a more popular but fitting name. He shortened it to Drew, which I so prefer over Andy.

  42. I would love to know how popular my name is (Ayanna). As a child I always thought I had a strange name because my sister’s had what I considered normal name such as Katrina, Kim, Denise, Annette and a few other but they gave me Ayanna. Way back then I felt as if I was the only Ayanna in the world and today I feel as if several people now have the name Ayanna and I realize I loved being the only Ayanna. Sooooo how popular is my name?

    • You mean no social security number? That will be very difficult, when he/she gets old enough to have a bank account, get a job, or many other things.

  43. I have 6 Grands and 1 Great Grand. Grands are Lanee Euleeah, Nessa Imani, Savonna Enna, Anthony Tobias, Bryden Kayvon, Donovan Doyle, 1 Great , Rylei Alexandria. Love them all

  44. I cannot thank you enough for posting the annual list of popular baby names. It was essential 15 years ago when I named my kids. I like to avoid trends, and wanted to steer clear of the last names for first names trend, the customized spelling of a common name (which always ends up looking like the parents do not know how to read) trend and the naming your child after an object trend. So I opted for old tried but true names that did not show up on the top 500 list of names.

    There were a couple names that I liked that I am glad I did not pick as they are now showing up popular like Avery, Lilly, Lucy, Vivian, and Levi.

    And 15 years later, my kids are still the only ones with their names in their classes. They occasionally meet others with their classic names but all of the time….and their names are easy to spell and read by all.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to name my children classic names that are not top of mind or top of the list.

    • LOL – I liked your analysis of trends. Naming babies after cars, towns, states. . . The list goes on. And – I used to see “misspelled” names and think, it’s too bad their parents didn’t know how to spell the name when they put it on the birth certificate. Now I realize they meant to do that! (Maybe not always?) LOL

  45. We named our daughter Alexann. I wanted Ann, but Dad had sister and aunt named Ann. We both liked Alexandra, so I came up with Alexann — sneaky way to get my Ann. We googled once and discovered 12 other girls in U.S. named Alexann — I was surprised. She always gets compliments on her name.

  46. My son is Mitchell Ace short for Asa, a family name. I wanted to name my second son Drew Duece my my husband said no. No sense of humor.

    • Instead of Junior, dad wanted Michael Angelo. It was voted down, but dad still called him that anyway. Oh well.

    • LOL! My daughter’s first son is Stephen Tyler (+ last name). She wanted to name next son, Mick Jagger. Daddy said no. They did name him Michael Jamison. I wondered if she would call him Mick. She doesn’t.

  47. my first son, his name is Alexzavior. he is 13. since he was born i have had 2 people come to me to ask if i was ok with them using it. we call him lex for short. my 2nd son is angelo. my 3rd is my daughter ahnnalee. all A names.

  48. I’m raising my beautiful grand-daughter, my daughter passed away in 2012. I love the name she chose for my baby before she passed, Jaylen Hope. There is always hope in good times and bad. I will try to make sure all of Jaylen Hope’s are good!

  49. I may have missed it, but I did not see a Jeremiah? My friends grandson is named Jeremiah and like someone else said about another name, you usually cannot buy anything that already has his name on it.
    I like this site. I do not know why a couple of people had to be negative, but I do not think it hurts anyone.

  50. My very unique daughter who is now 4, was 19yr waiting a miracle,I named her PROMISE ANNE !!! As It as unique story behind her name,from a childhood memory .,After 19yrs in waiting for a little girl to put the name i always new I would use, The name also then became of two unique reasons my childhood memory and then when she finally arrived I looked @ her and she then became my lil PROMISE TO KEEP!!! and anne is a family middle name that suits promise beautifuly

  51. It’s really nice to see we have gotten off the “Aden, Hayden, Braden” train a bit.

    However, some of these names are going to cause the children such issues. It would be interesting to know how many people with usual (“unique”) names change them later on.

    I am far more of a fan of traditional names. After all, Irene and James had Nancy and James, Nancy and David had David and Jennifer, David and Sarah had Frank.

    With these names, there’s no pause as you try and figure out how to pronounce or spell them (though I have gotten a few oddities with “Jennifer”–Jeniffer, mainly, and Jenn instead of “Jen”).

  52. I have a few names of my children.
    Chance, Samantha, Kyle, Koby, Zachary, Logan, Jacob. Hope this helps! Congrats to new mom’s and dad’s!

  53. Cute names 😍 I have Identical twin girls..Names are Hailey Michelle & Kailey Adrianna..My Nieces names are Leah Jade and Kiara Jane very cute names as well 💕

  54. My 3year old daughter name is very unique its Don’Nylla Shantae Monae Dixon after her two aunts and her father.

  55. Hello !!
    I have 13 months old daughter and her name is SIYA. We always keep meaningful names. Siya is name a name of lord rama’s wife (Indian lord). There is a long history behind lord Rama and his wife Sita (Siya). My husband gave that name to her. She is so pritty, cute, very smart and everybody loves her eyes and smile …god gave us really beautiful gift!!!

    Indian names are really hard to pronounce . That’s why we kept her name with less letters, different and meaningful..

  56. Hello !!
    I have 13 months old daughter and her name is SIYA. We always keep meaningful names. Siya is a name of lord rama’s wife (Indian lord). There is a long history behind lord Rama and his wife Sita (Siya). My husband gave that name to her. She is so pritty, cute, very smart and everybody loves her eyes and smile …god gave us really beautiful gift!!!

    Indian names are really hard to pronounce . That’s why we kept her name with less letters, different and meaningful..

  57. Since everyone is sharing their unique baby names I’ll jump in with one I’ve yet to see. I didn’t want my son to be a Jr. So I named him Second and made his middle name his dad’s name Tyrone. Second Tyrone Jackson hopefully he’ll stick with this trend and name his son Third Jackson.

  58. I named my Daughter Heather (meaning a Wild flower), at that time a name you never heard, my Son I named Heath, also a name then not often heard. My one Granddaughter is named Allyson, a name as unique as she is. Plus another named Madison, and Katelyn all beautiful and , Grandsons Tyler, Michael (like his Dad ( no Jr.), our newest is Jensen, and my step sons sons are Damion & Parker. So proud and blessed a Grandmother I am.

  59. my oldest granddaughter name is Gracelyn Nevaeh I love her name its Gracelyn heaven backwards
    and I have a riley Gavyn and thea my son and his wife made good choices in names

  60. My son is Tyler Dean and my daughter is Teagan Rylee. We are trying for a 3rd child and if it’s a girl she will be Tinsley Jasmine. 🙂 We’re still trying to think of a boy name.

  61. We have 3 sons Travis Byron, Trent Leeand Tylor Bryce.They have given us 4 grandchildren Camron Lee,Bryce Lyndon and Alyssa Rose.our 4th grandson is Luxton Denis Kenneth.we thought our sons names were unique,but our Grandson Luxton IS unique .the best






  63. I have a B.A. in English and I just want to say things in defense of spelling variations… partly because I like the name “Abigayle”!

    1. It’s so “American”! America has varied the spelling of several words from their original British English spelling to help create our own culture after leaving the commonwealth. Favour became favor, colour color, etc.

    2. Some names have had spelling variations pretty much as long as they have existed. Katherine (Catherine) for instance. Even last names (Brown or Browne). Perhaps this is what got the ball rolling on creativity with other names.

    3. It IS someone’s personal moniker not just a word. There is nothing more personal than an individual’s name. Honestly we could just go by our social security numbers for the sake of simplicity but it would be so impersonal.

    4. It’s American! We love individuality. Isn’t it France where they have a list of acceptable child names a parent must choose from? Besides we have a population of 300 million. How many times do you want to see “Abigail”?

    5. It’s cool, creative, clever and interesting. I remember during the 2014 Olympics I saw a Canadian figure skater named “Kaetlyn” and I thought “How cool were here parents!?” I had never seen that spelling, and would have never thought of that.

  64. Look at a website of 20,000 names that includes variations and the meaning of the name. It is surprising how many that we use in English that are borrowed from other languages and how positive are the meanings.

    Use first name as what your baby is to be called, I was born called by my middle name. Legally it is a pain.

    • So how does Jr and third go together. Never heard of a dual surname. But I do know a Junior, Sr and a Junior, Jr (last names Junior).

  65. My oldest is Brandaeyjiah (Bran-day-ja), then the twins are (girl) Scevynne and (boy) Sieveign both pronounced 7 like the number. Confusing to you not to us. Meaning behind (all) their names (they each have two middle names).

  66. I have my first twn who is 10 and his name is Kristopher Michael
    my other twin is Charles Edmund
    My third son is Aiden Owen
    My daughter’s name is Kennedi Addison

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  70. I am going to be a new mom and would like to know if babies in the U.S. should be named only after the dad’s last name or can they also be named after their dad’s first name? Would naming a baby’s last name with the dad’s first name cause any issues legally as to name mismatch between family name?? With regards to records in school, ssn, tax filing, etc.??? Please help I’m clueless…

    • First of all, congratulations! Choosing your baby’s name can be a challenging task for many parents, and the ultimate decision is yours. We suggest you contact your local government agencies and seek legal advice about this issue. For Social Security purposes, you can show whichever name you would like on your baby’s original Social Security card, as long as you have evidence of his or her legal name. For more information, please read our publication, Social Security Numbers For Children.

  71. I was named after my Mother and my Father. My mother Opal and my Father Clyde. My name: OPAL CLYDENE.
    I think I was supposed to be a Clyde Jr., but 60 yrs ago they didn’t have ultra sound machines. It is an unusual name and I have to always spell it and pronounce it for people. I think parents should think long and hard when taking a common name and spelling it completely different!! I see it all the time these days and I feel sorry for the kids. My children James Bryan, and Kimberly Suzanne. My Grand children Jessica Shea, and Justin David. My Great Grandson is Chase Keokalani. He is part Hawaiian and they live in Oahu!!
    We will love them all no matter what they name them. Like I tell my husband, “THEY DONT ASK US WHAT WE THINK”. LOL

  72. My son was named after his father. Instead of making him a Jr., we switched the first and middle names. So Paul Steven became Steven Paul. Now he has two children: Son Arron Daryl (Daryl was his grandfather’s name) and Elizabeth Georgette after his wife’s family names. My Daughter we named Danielle Denise (Denise is her aunt). She named her two Thadeus Samuel Jr. and Allison Elizabeth. I love that my two granddaughters are Allie and Elllie!

  73. My great grandfather was Charles, not sure of his middle name, my grandfather was Frank Charles, my father was Charles Frank, My older brother is Frank Charles and his son is Frank Charles, my name is Charles Emilio, my son is Charles Frank, his son my grandson is also Charles E. and they have a boy on the way who will have my middle name as his first (Emilio) and the middle name of Santino. (that one came out of nowhere LOL. I love that name; Emilio Santino. It’s very ethnic and much in line with my heritage.

  74. My name is Rickie Ann. My father was Richard and my mother was Anna. My kids are Houston, Shamarae, Austina, Brandee, Guy and Evan. Since I have 24 grandchildren I won’t go there.

  75. I have a granddaughter whose first and middle names are True McKinley. They used the familial name of my daughter’s best friend for True’s middle name.

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  77. My children’s first initial actually spells my nickname ‘SHEL’. Their names are Samori, Hasaani, Erskine, and ,y princess LavendaSkye. But social security and vital statistics messed up her name and made it as if it is two separate names although it is one name no hyphen should really be necessary.

  78. Are children are grown, and we have 9 grand children.
    Our first boy has his dads first name and our second boy has dads middle name and my daughter has a partial middle name after her grandma. all three children start with K’s like my name. One son Karl, second son, Kary and Daughter Kristine. Her middle name I had to get creative with because her grandmas name was Genevieve, so I came up with Genette for her middle name.

  79. my sisters name is dorlea pronoused door-lee-ah mine is candie mom loved unusal names sister middle name is tornice pronounced tour-nice I JUST LOVE UNUSAL NAMES AND NO NEVER HAD POLEMS AT SCHOOL….

  80. I have the name of Treasure. I have had 42 years of jokes, snide comments, etc. But i’ll tell you, its one of the best things because it’s have a GREAT conversation starter.

  81. Hello, I am a very proud grandmother. I have 6 children , my youngest is 19 , her name is Katlyn , then 23 Taylor girl , boy 24 Tyler , girl 25 Blake , boy 26 Travis , girl 35 Trina. I have 5 grandchildren right now oldest 5 Kaydence her brother 3 months Ryder, girl Cyria 4 , boy Jayden 3 his brother 13 months Brayden , My daughter Trina is expecting twins 10 weeks pregnant , so she hasen’t picked names yet still in shock but so very gratful about having twins. Twins do not run in our family and her husband did not think they ran in his. Then after checking way back his great great great grandfather had twin boys. This is such a miracle Trina had two miscarriages , after lots of test on both her mostly but some on husband due to a medical problem is way she was having them, also before the miscarriages she could not get pregnant . So that is way she is her age just now having children. Believe me this women deserves children more than anyone I know. We are praying everything goes well , She has done everything the doctor has told her to do . She had to be on the medication for 2 years before she could start trying to get pregnant also. I am so blessed and I hit my knees everyday thanking him for my life ,

  82. I have 6 children I named my daughter Kristie Lynn (34) and spelled it with an ie, because my grandmother never spelled my cousin and my name correctly Sherri & Kerrie… I have 4 boys Joseph James(32) after his G-grandfathers, Naaman Lee (25) his name was given to me from the Lord, because I had no idea what I was going to name him. It means pleasant and he has lived up to his name, Joshua Kamron (24) his sister named him, because he was a girl until he was born, she was so disappointed! Levi Sebastian (21) and my baby boy he is just a joy. My last child I lost at 20 weeks her name was Madison Leigh, She would have my book end and I was divested when I lost her. She would have been a senior last year. I have 8 Grand child 2 boys, 6 girls and finally another boy on the way: Creed Austin & Chloe’ Savannah (12), Luke Oliver & Hosannah Esther (9), Sophie Katherine (6), Alyssa Noelle (3) , Hadleigh Jean & Langston Paige (2) & Jasper Ryan is on his way here and will arrive in February 2016!! So excited

  83. My older daughter Hannah, 25 was named before it became so popular, also, my daughter Emma just turned 21, again before becoming so popular.
    Both ageless and lasting names.

  84. I have 3 Children Armando Salvador(10) Alexa Ximena(4) and Alessandra Nicole (2) and I’m expecting my 4th I’m not due till Feb, so I’m searching for a name but since this will be my last baby its kind of hard, I’ve found many that I really like but not one that I love.

  85. I named my daughter, Genevieve. What a hard time the teachers had, but I would do it all over again. She is named after my mother, who passed away when I was 18 months old. She is 27 Y/O and she loves her name.

  86. Most parents would love to name their babies by popular baby names, Popular baby names have evergreen demand and people are looking for popular baby names at large that’s why they always check the popularity ranking of each name they have chosen.

  87. We have grandsons: Jacob, Liam, and Ethan and a granddaughter: Ava(all on this list). My first wife’s name was Charlotte, but she preferred going by her middle name: Suzanne. We named our daughters: Alyssa, Andria, and Amber (all A names). Andria was purposely spelled with an “i” instead of an “e” to be different.

  88. Landon Lee (son)
    Logan Cooper (son)
    Hallie Maree (step-daughter)
    Moira Grace (step-daughter)
    Baby coming any day now….
    Jaxie Isla-Rose (daughter)
    CLEARLY a daddy of all girls likes uncommon names. I didn’t realize Moira was Wendy’s middle on Peter Pan.

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    For boy babies: Landon, Mark or Marcus, Jonathan, Evan, Grand, Russell, Dallon, Dalton, Everett, Lindon, Grant, Royal, Steven, David, Oak, …and some place names like Houston, Dallas, etc..

  94. I liked that you said that one thing to consider if you are having trouble picking out a baby name is to look at the most popular baby names for the year that you are in to help give you some ideas. My husband and I have been struggling to come up with a baby name and are getting worried that we won’t pick one in time. I will be sure to look at the most popular baby names for this year to give us some more ideas.

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