10 Powerful Ways to Use Social Security Online

Chances are good that you use the internet or a cell phone app every day. Social Security has you covered. We’ve created online tools to make the lives of millions of people easier. We’ve put together a top ten list of easy-to-use resources for you.

Want access to our latest news, retirement planning tips, and helpful information? Visit our website. There, you can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where you can watch our popular videos.

Check out our online calculators, such as the Retirement Estimator, the Life Expectancy Calculator, and the Early or Late Retirement Calculator.

Apply for Social Security benefits online. This is the fastest, most convenient way to apply for retirement, spouses, disability, or Medicare benefits without visiting a local office or calling to speak to a representative.

Lost or missing your Social Security card? Find out how to get a new, replacement, or corrected card on our website. In fact, you may be able to quickly request a replacement card online with a my Social Security account, if you meet certain qualifications.

Verify your annual earnings and review estimates of your future Social Security benefits when you access your Social Security Statement, one of the many services available with a my Social Security account.

Do you have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits? How do you apply for Social Security retirement benefits? What is your full retirement age? Discover the answers to your Social Security related questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you own a business? The Business Services Online Suite of Services allows organizations, businesses, individuals, employers, attorneys, non-attorneys representing Social Security claimants, and third-parties to exchange information with Social Security securely over the internet.

Have you dreamed of moving abroad? Learn how Social Security makes international payments and how you can do business with us from around the world at our Service Around the World website.

Are you a veteran? Are you at mid-career? Maybe you’re new to the workforce. Find out how we fulfill your needs through life’s journey on our People Like Me page at www.socialsecurity.gov/people.

If you like to read and prefer to know all the details, our publications webpage is a library of helpful information. Access it at.

We make things simple, easy to use, and beneficial. And we’re always here to help you secure today and tomorrow.  Visit us today!



52 thoughts on “10 Powerful Ways to Use Social Security Online

  1. Everytime I try to get my Social Security account they denied me they say to I have to verify my identity identity how do I do that online

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  3. Applied for retirement benefits ->approved
    Approval letter -1st payment “on or about xx/xx/xxxx”
    which has come & gone (I understand the on or about part)
    Yet 3 weeks after approval website still says
    “Next payment $0.00, on ”

    How long does it take website to update benefits & pending payments & dates after approval? (NOT referring to a benefit verification letter)

    A simple question but no answer to be found.
    SS really needs to do a better job of website support
    The faqs are ok with general info, but sorely lacking with technical info.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi, I am a professional woodworking expert. I have a colleague who also works with me. In a sudden accident, he became disabled. But Social Security provides him with a source of income due to his disability.

    • Hi Robert, thank you for your question. First, realize you may not need a replacement card. You will rarely need to show it. Knowing your Social Security number is what is important. However, if you must get a replacement card, you may be able to apply online. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for details on how to apply for a replacement Social Security card. If you are unable to apply online and you do not want to mail in your documents, which will be returned, you may need to wait for the offices to reopen. Use our Social Security Office Locator to find your local office address. We hope this helps.

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