14 thoughts on “Three Steps for Women to Secure Their Financial Future

  1. None of the suggestions listed will do anything for pay gaps, longevity issues or the fact that women tend toward lower paying jobs and take time off to raise a family. So the 3 steps to secure a financial future are meaningless.

    • The spouse who is working should be paying in to the stay-at-home psrent’s retirement benefits, should anyone make that conscious decision to leave the (paid) work-force. Bringing other human beings into the world is truly an awesome responsibility. Preparaton is best done before the horse is out of the barn….in an ideal world.
      Incidentally, women start in the work force, up until the age of 30, making more money than males their same ages.

  2. Trouble is every person circumstances are different.
    Women do in fact have lower earnings that is a
    fact that no one can deny. Health is a major factor
    in people’s lives. Many are not married so that
    is a major factor. It would ideal if everything was
    as easy as they describe.

  3. Social Security, is still by an large the best program and return for the “majority” of Americans.
    That said, can it and should it be improved upon? Absolutely! Begin by mandating all American citizens and US businesses participate in and contribute to SS.
    Is there political return for political leadership to undermine and move more people away from Social Security?
    Absolutely! “Special Business Interest Groups and corporate investment interests”.

  4. Yes social security should be lower to 60, years instead of 65, most job if you’re working and health fail you, it’s hard to get what you paid in and no other job will hire you at that age. Think about that.

  5. Government Pension Offset (GPO) is unfair to teachers who are, historically, paid less than their required education and certification warrant. I am a retired teacher who paid into my state’s teacher retirement fund because SS was not offered. When my husband of 61 years died, I learned that I will receive “0” of his social security survivor’s benefits. He died on July 06, 2016, and today, May 6, 2017, I still have received NONE of his survivor’s benefits even though we worked together to rear a responsible currently contributing son, ran an Independent automotive parts store even though I also taught public school for 27 years of that time. I am on my own — a teacher’s retirement based on the low wages paid to teachers in my state.

  6. The GPO “Government Pension Offset” and WEP are unfair to teachers in public schools. The GPO reduces the teacher retirement allowance so that in many cases, teachers cannot receive their spouse’s Social Security Survivor’s Benefits (it’s all “double dipping” even though teachers paid into a separate fund. WEP keeps teachers who frequently hold extra jobs to supplement their historically low teacher salary from collecting their OWN Social Security funds if they also collect a teacher’s retirment.

  7. The WEP /GPO are very unfair to teachers especially and other public employees. There is current bipartisan action in the House and Senate ( HR 1205/S 915) Call your Rep. and Senators to support those bills and maybe we can get things to change!

  8. The big problem for everyone is congress. The worst possible money managers on the planet. The theft alone after the SS contributions were lumped into the general fund should be a major concern to every American worker. Then on top of that, numerous increase cost to the contributor. More cost because of poor managers. Then on top of that congress decided to tax your benefit because they know nothing or care about managing our money. If congress is serious about fixing what they broke, they should start with a payback plan of all the funds they “borrowed” over the years.
    Sad sorry situation. But don’t worry, congress has no worries about their cushy retirement ever running out of money.

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